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when patients read what their doctors write

Since I started sharing notes with my patients, they have made dozens of valuable corrections and changes, such as adding medication allergies and telling me when a previous medical problem has been resolved. We come up with treatment plans together. And when patients leave, they receive a copy of my detailed instructions. The medical record becomes a collaborative tool for patients, not just a record of what we doctors do to patients.

toto nie je diskriminácia, to len nefunguje

Isaac Asimov: Silly Asses

scientists and the social network

Woman legally forced to give birth by caesarian after being denied abortion

I liked everything I saw on Facebook for two days. Here’s what it did to me

Fieldsova medaila po prvýkrát pre ženu

Dostala ju Maryam Mirzakhani z Iránu.

The Fields Medal is given every four years, and several can be awarded at once. The other recipients this year are Artur Avila of the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics in Brazil and the National Center for Scientific Research in France; Manjul Bhargava of Princeton University; and Martin Hairer of the University of Warwick in England.
The 52 medalists from previous years were all men.

While women have reached parity in many academic fields, mathematics is still dominated by men, who earn about 70 percent of the doctoral degrees. The disparity is even more striking at the highest echelons. Since 2003, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Abel Prize, recognizing outstanding mathematicians with a monetary award of about $1 million; all 14 recipients so far are men. No woman has won the Wolf Prize in Mathematics, another prestigious award.


Diana Gabaldon o znásilnení

A tu je sľúbený druhý úryvok z knihy Outlander (nechcela som ho mať spolu s tým prvým). Ono totiž okrem všetkých tých chvál treba povedať, že miestami je tá kniha aj dosť drsná.

Diana Gabaldon však aj k znásilneniu pristúpila nie práve mainstreamovo. Obeťou nie je žena a zaoberá sa aj dopadom na psychiku a hojením – aj tým psychickým.

I think it’s as though everyone has a small place inside themselves, maybe, a private bit that they keep to themselves. It’s like a little fortress, where the most private part of you lives – maybe it’s your soul, maybe just that bit that makes you yourself and not anybody else…

You don’t show that bit of yourself to anyone, usually, unless sometimes to someone that ye love greatly…

Now it’s like… like my own fortress has been blown up with gunpowder – there’s nothing left of it but the ashes and a smoking rooftree, and the little naked thing that lived there once is out in the open, squeaking and whimpering in fear, trying to hide itself under a blade of grass or a bit o’ leaf, but not… but not… making m-much of a job of it…

Diana Gabaldon o tehotenstve

Spomínala som, že sa chystám čítať Outlander-ku. Som v polovici druhej knihy a môžem potvrdiť, že je to chytľavé, vtipné, zaujímavé čítanie. Sebestačná hlavná hrdinka s na 18-te storočie pomerne feministicky zmýšľajúcim partnerom. Odporúčam.

A dám dva úryvky. V tomto prvom jedna z vedľajších postáv popisuje tehotenstvo:

You feel as thought your skin is verra thin all over. You feel everything that touches you, even the rubbing of your clothes, and not just on your belly, but over your legs and flanks and breasts. They feel heavy and full… and they’re verra sensitive just at the tips. And of course you’re big and you’re clumsy. You take up more room than you’re used to…

In the early days, it’s a bit like belly-gas, like little bubbles, rippling through your belly. But then later, you feel the child move, and it’s like a fish on your line and then gone – like a quick tug, but so soon past you’re not sure you felt it…

They sleep, ye know, for hours at a time. Sometimes ye fear they’ve died, when there’s no movement for a long time. Then you try to wake them – her hand pushed in sharply at the side and was rewarded immediately by a push in the opposite direction – and you’re happy when they kick again. But it’s not just the babe itself. You feel swollen all over, near the end. Not painful… just so ripe you could burst. It’s as though you need to be touched, verra lightly, all over…

And in the last month or so, the milk begins to come in. You feel yourself filling, just a wee bit at a time, a little each time the child moves. And then suddenly, everything comes up hard and round. There’s no pain, then, just a breathless feeling, and then your breasts tingle as though they’ll explode if they’re not suckled…

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Colbie Caillat: Try (vďaka Táni za linku)

Women Destroy Science Fiction!

Functional programming comes to the Macintosh! Introducing Swift

How boys teach each other to be boys

She concluded that most of what we think of as “boy” behavior isn’t natural or authentic to boys, but is something they learn to perform. Boys aren’t stoic or aggressive or hierarchical; they aren’t bad at forming relationships or unable to express themselves. They pick up all these traditional traits of masculinity by adapting to a culture that expects and demands that they do so.

Facebook news feed experiment

The Facebook experiment was conducted for one week in 2012. It manipulated the content users saw in their news feeds to see if emotions could be spread. Some users saw positive updates from friends, others saw negative updates.


Deti vedeli, že ideme pozerať chalúpky. Keď si Kika jednu obzrela zblízka, tak povedala:
“Je drevená, nie perníková. Škoda.”


V piatok sa dve strelené maminy vybrali so štyrmi deťmi (2 x 5 rokov a 2 x 3 roky) z Fačkovského sedla na Reváň. Bolo nám jasné, že Kľak nedáme, Reváň bol tak na hrane a my sme to riskli. Tabuľa hovorí hodinu, my sme išli dve a pol, prevýšenie cca 400m. A kopa blata. Hore sme boli ako prasiatka.

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“Outlander” is the feminist answer to “Game Of Thrones” — And men should be watching it – pozreli sme si prvý diel a budeme pozerať aj ďalšie; kniha ma už čaká v Kindle

But back in 1991, it was marketed as a romance — a designation, as author Diana Gabaldon told BuzzFeed, to which she agreed to only at the urging of her agent, who told her that a science fiction best-seller was 50,000 copies…while a romance best-seller was more like 500,000. But Gabaldon, who worked as a scientist while crafting complicated, genre-bending narratives in her spare time, exacted a promise from the publisher: If the book became “visible” (e.g., it made its way to the New York Times best-sellers list), then they would re-situate it as “general fiction.”

in the details of yes – toto!

Besides sucking at the practice of No,  I am also incompetant at balance.   Personally I think balance is a pot of crap anyway, an illusion.  It’s really a practice of swaying in every direction while still knowing where the center is. Even if you stop by it only once in a while to take a big breath in or out or both, you know how to get there. I am also an expert in getting lost. Which isn’t always bad, but not always good either.  I tend to just lean all the way over to one edge until I fall so deep into the mystery, chucking the compass out the door, flying endless until exhausted or landing on a dirt road of a place I never expected to be. This is all fine. Until it’s not.

so you think you can dance? veľmi sa mi páči, ako tí chalani tancujú spolu, že je tam emócia, spolupráca, kostými, aké by sme možno čakali na ženách… skladba sa volá Wave

Paderewski and Hoover

pero, ktoré kreslí 3D

Mesiačiky a Mesiac v nás

Diana Fabiánová je slovenská režisérka. Natočila film o menštruácii Mesiac v nás a potom z neho vychádzala aj pri tvorbe krátkeho filmu – Mesiačiky – určeného pre dospievajúce dievčatá (celý film sa dá zadarmo pozrieť tu)

Mám zopár malých výhrad (k tomu, ako hovoria o čistení, o strate panenstva, o tom, že sa stačí rozhodnúť…), ale celkovo je film ladený veľmi pozitívne a je fajn, že vznikol.