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our mothers as we never saw them

The old photos of her are even more compelling than the stories because they’re a historical record, carrying the weight of fact, even if the truth there is slippery: the trick of an image, and so much left outside the frame. These photos serve as a visual accompaniment to the myths. Because any story about your mother is part myth, isn’t it?

Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science (celá kniha, free)

Paul Lockhart: A Mathematician’s Lament 

In fact, if I had to design a mechanism for the express purpose of destroying a child’s natural curiosity and love of pattern-making, I couldn’t possibly do as good a job as is currently being done [by] contemporary mathematics education.

Neuralink (a venture to merge human brain with AI) and The Boring Company – Elon má nejako veľa voľného času…

Seeing theory – výborné, budem ukazovať budúci školský rok prvákom a prváčkam

British food, explained (sorta)

Unless it’s a pie that is a pudding, like a mince pie, which doesn’t involve mince, which is meat that’s been minced, but does involve mincemeat, which doesn’t involve meat. You could put what you think of as pudding on this type of pie, which is a pudding.

slovenské nemocnice nie sú Baby-Friendly (už ani formálne)

Study: Accomplished female scientists often overlooked

One, the composition of the organizing committee matters. I looked at all the neuroimmunology conferences held in 2016 worldwide, and I found that as you approach 50 percent women on the organizing committee, you approach 50 percent female invited speakers. So if you want gender parity in speakers, first you need to include more women in organizing and planning committees. Two, speaking out about gender balance makes a difference.

lyrebird – vytvoria imitáciu vášho hlasu z jednominútovej nahrávky

jahňatá narodené s použitím umelých materníc – fascinujúce, strašidelné, úžasné

kto sponzoruje (slovenské) konferencie pediatrov? Kto by mal? A kto by nemal?

Dievčatá sa o vedu a technológie začínajú zaujímať neskôr, ich záujem prudko klesá

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superbabies don’t cry

by eight months Fiona developed a love for clapping. At nine months she had her first grand mal seizure. At eleven months she rolled from front to back. At one year old she weighed twelve pounds. During that first year, her syndrome revealed itself to be simultaneously life-altering and, in some strange way, just fine. A new normal. Her medical issues were manageable. The problem, it became clear, was mine: I wanted her different. The daily prayer inside me was an impossible wish to scrounge the earth and find that missing bit of her fourth chromosome. I imagined it was buried among fossils in an ancient, surreal sand dune.

Je tu niekto? Nepočujem. Ako Dávid a Karolína pripravili najväčšiu demonštráciu proti korupcii

podvodný umelec:

Hillary Clinton odpovedá na 40 rokov sexistických poznámok:

staré, ale ten obrázok, ktorý je pri článku ma tak dorazil, že to musím nalinkovať

Lucky Chinese babies will be fed pure Irish formula, just like the babies who were being bottle-fed in the arms of Taoiseach Enda Kenny, European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan and Glanbia’s Jim Bergin for a publicity shot last week that nearly cost me my breakfast.

napíšte list do budúcnosti (mňa viac fascinuje písať do minulosti)

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Minulý týždeň sme tu mali celoštátne kolo matematickej olympiády. Dve doobedia počítali, poobede ich bolo treba niekam zobrať. Výlet mi zatrhli (lebo, že vraj sa nedá spoľahnúť na počasie a nechceme improvizovať na poslednú chvíľu), tak som na jedno poobedie vybavila prehliadku mesta (hore na Burianovu vežu, dole do katakomb), ale to olympionikov vôbec nenadchlo. Kolega na druhé poobedie vybavil návštevu KIA a to sa im páčilo. (fascinujúce to bolo a nie úplne pozitívnym spôsobom)

Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative na Slovensku zlyháva

iba 18% žien uvádza, že im bol umožnený  kontakt koža na kožu so svojím dieťaťom po pôrode… Už v prvých dňoch po pôrode je umelou výživou kŕmená polovica detí… ani jedna nemocnica na Slovensku momentálne nespĺňa ani jedno z 10 kritérií iniciatívy baby friendly.

talking about miscarriages

A lovely nurse held my hand and told me to cry now, instead of holding back the tears for a later date. She was right of course.

lokálne potra­viny v deb­ničke až pred dvere (h/t Didimu za linku)

jedna poviedka z tejto knihy ma rozplakala… 

semafory na zemi

a Dutch town is trying out a pilot program to put traffic lights where everyone is already looking. On the pavement.

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výborné video delenia buniek (time lapse video of the cells in a tadpole egg dividing over a period of 33 hours)

woman facts

Once women who lived unconventional lives were seized as witches and burned. Now people just say to them, “You look tired.”
– – –
Large numbers of women can be caught by baiting a trap with a crying infant. Though only one woman may fall into the trap, hundreds of others will gather to criticize everything she does with the child.

Aerial Shots of the Bright and Colorful Goods Sold by Street Vendors in Vietnam – parádne

a toto je hrôza: President Trump’s Interview With TIME on Truth and Falsehoods 

I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not. You know.

omeletu za 34 euro by som vynechala, ale zámok by som si išla pozrieť

the Matilda effect 

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What It’s Like to Be Rihanna’s Personal Chef

So here’s a little story

Anyway I was getting sick of his shit when I noticed something. Thanks to our shared inbox, I’d been signing all communications as “Nicole”

‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

“The King’s life is moving peacefully towards its close,” was the final notice issued by George V’s doctor, Lord Dawson, at 9.30pm on the night of 20 January 1936. Not long afterwards, Dawson injected the king with 750mg of morphine and a gram of cocaine – enough to kill him twice over – in order to ease the monarch’s suffering, and to have him expire in time for the printing presses of the Times, which rolled at midnight.

…three of the Queen’s last four prime ministers were born after she came to the throne.

nové nórske bankovky majú zaujímavé druhé strany (celé sú s morskou tematikou)

Why STEM Majors Need the Humanities

The common element in all of this is knowing how to tell a story. Contrary to popular misconceptions about science and technology, a good piece of technical work is not a disembodied sequence of formulas and calculations, but rather is part of a narrative that has a long plot line and a large cast of characters.

picturing math – výstava v Met; ak ste v New Yorku, choďte. Pre nás, ktorí to teraz máme ďaleko, sú niektoré obrázky a komentáre tu

11:57:30 – the doomsday clock

There have been moves from five to six minutes before, to which this is proportional.  Also, the clock was at 11:57; it’s only been at 11:58 once before, after the US and Soviet Union did thermonuclear tests in close temporal proximity in 1953.  So unless they want to say it is literally the worst it has ever been, two and a half minutes to midnight it is.

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state of the species – ak dnes len jednu linku, tak túto… pár rokov stará výborná esej

More than 90 percent of the living matter on earth consists of microorganisms and viruses, she liked to point out. Heck, the number of bacterial cells in our body is ten times more than the number of human cells!

Bacteria and protists can do things undreamed of by clumsy mammals like us: form giant supercolonies, reproduce either asexually or by swapping genes with others, routinely incorporate DNA from entirely unrelated species, merge into symbiotic beings—the list is as endless as it is amazing. Microorganisms have changed the face of the earth, crumbling stone and even giving rise to the oxygen we breathe. Compared to this power and diversity, Margulis liked to tell me, pandas and polar bears were biological epiphenomena—interesting and fun, perhaps, but not actually significant. 

Does that apply to human beings, too? I once asked her, feeling like someone whining to Copernicus about why he couldn’t move the earth a little closer to the center of the universe. Aren’t we special at all?

This was just chitchat on the street, so I didn’t write anything down. But as I recall it, she answered that Homo sapiens actually might be interesting—for a mammal, anyway. For one thing, she said, we’re unusually successful. 

Seeing my face brighten, she added: Of course, the fate of every successful species is to wipe itself out.

humans of the year

cognitive bias cheat sheet (because thinking is hard)

SpaceX to send privately crewed Dragon spacecraft beyond the Moon next year 

Prečo testovať lieky aj na tehotných ženách (plus, ak ešte neviete, komu venovať 2% zo zaplatených daní za minulý rok, tak vás prosíme o podporu)

…mnohé budúce matky potrebujú užívať lieky. „Tehotné ženy môžu ochorieť a choré ženy môžu otehotnieť,“ hovorí Brian Cleary, hlavný farmakológ z Rotunda Hospital v írskom Dubline.

a tediously accurate map of the solar system

trickle down healthcare

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Včera som so študentami na fakulte riešila Sendvič. Bolo dobre, pozrite úlohy

Women Do Like to Compete — Against Themselves

Maybe females don’t like playing zero sum games… How do we know that the reason is ‘lack of confidence’? Maybe women are less likely to see winning as a desirable goal. They might prefer to be partners instead of competitors. But when it comes to competing with her past self, a better performance can be viewed as ‘growth’ rather than leaving someone behind in the dust.

moja švagriná v Mexico City

Julia set fractal

Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber


Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding pictures: Why were they controversial?

…mothers of newborns are “set up to fail”.

Ms Ashmore said official advice that “breast is best” is unhelpful when women who want to nurse feel unable to do so openly.

“It’s a lethal combination,” she said. “It makes them feel really guilty about it.”

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Dnes len krátko: jeden film, jedna kniha, jedna fotka.

Pozerali sme Arrival:

čo samozrejme viedlo ku googleniu kadečoho. Hádajte kto a v čom programoval pre tento film? most interesting… a ešte aj tento článok, ako vymýšľali jazyk pre mimozemšťanov, je zaujímavý Jediná výhrada: “Mommy and Daddy are talking to animals”???

Už minule som knihu, ktorú som dočítala, dala len ako linku v surfovaní a nie ako samostatný článok, lebo bola síce zaujímavá a mala muchy, kvôli ktorým som ju nechcela priamo odporúčať. Tentokrát z úplne iného dôvodu, ale zase: Getting more – kniha o vyjednávaní. Veľa užitočného, ale nie vždy je autor sám so sebou konzistentný a trpí na klasickú chorobu amerických self-help books: celá by sa dala bez straty informačnej hodnoty zmestiť na tretinu svojho počtu strán.  

a fotka: tá najväčšia na tejto stránke sa mi páči

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Carve the mark – nová kniha od Veroniky Roth, ktorá napísala trilógiu Divergent; sci-fi s no-nonsense hlavnou hrdinkou (tie sa ťažko hľadajú)… zaujímavé čítanie, aj keď miestami trochu problematické

keď už odkazujem na Amazon, tak ešte jedna útla knižočka, ktorá sa týka akcie, ktorú spoluorganizujem

literárne mapy nášho detstva

If I ruled the world, or at least a publishing company, all books would contain as much supplementary information as possible. Nonfiction, fiction — doesn’t matter. Every work would have an appendix filled with diagrams, background information, digressions and anecdata. And of course, maps. Lots and lots of maps.

xkcd: ako písať dobrý kód?

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Photos of the Women’s Marches Around the Worldvrátane Antarktídy, ešte jedna ďalšia

na CNN zatiaľ osem pánov a jedna dáma diskutujú, prečo tie ženy vlastne pochodujú… osem!

Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data

parádna šachová partia:

toto sme si chceli pozrieť, ale nestihli

tak sme si pozreli toto (v 2009 sme to mali kúsok od domu)

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