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Dnes opäť corona a ne-corona časť. Vyberte si tú svoju.

odborný článok z roku 2007, posledné dve vety: 

The presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb. The possibility of the reemergence of SARS and other novel viruses from animals or laboratories and therefore the need for preparedness should not be ignored.

less wrong info-databáza


Is Barbarism with a Human Face Our Fate? 

What this means is that our reaction to it should also be to do the impossible – what appears impossible within the coordinates of the existing world order. The impossible happened, our world has stopped, AND impossible is what we have to do to avoid the worst, which is – what?

good judgement forecasts 

ochráň svojho lekára/ku

‘Since I Became Symptomatic’

The day I realized I was sick, I posted a sign for my neighbors downstairs warning them I’ve got the plague. I’m still up at night with the vector’s guilt. Everyone who is sick is someone else’s patient zero.

kométa Atlas (C/2019 Y4) možno bude o pár týždňov viditeľná aj voľným okom (pandémia, nové svetlo na oblohe, čo je ďalší znak apokalypsy?)

When astronomers first spotted Comet ATLAS in December, it was in Ursa Major and was an exceedingly faint object, close to 20th magnitude. That’s about 398,000 times dimmer than stars that are on the threshold of naked-eye visibility. At the time, it was 273 million miles (439 million kilometers) from the sun.

But comets typically brighten as they approach the sun, and at its closest, on May 31, Comet ATLAS will be just 23.5 million miles (37.8 million km) from the sun. Such a prodigious change in solar distance would typically cause a comet to increase in luminosity by almost 11 magnitudes, enough to make ATLAS easily visible in a small telescope or a pair of good binoculars, although quite frankly nothing really to write home about.

Except, since its discovery, the comet has been brightening at an almost unprecedented speed. As of March 17, ATLAS was already magnitude +8.5, over 600 times brighter than forecast. As a result, great expectations are buzzing for this icy lump of cosmic detritus, with hopes it could become a stupendously bright object by the end of May.

the price of discipline

If we want to raise healthy, high-agency children, we should give them the freedom to make decisions without removing them from the consequences of those decisions.

Skip the small talk

Hey from the future


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Skúsim to dnes rozdeliť na corona a necorona časť. Predpokladám, že corony majú všetci dosť, ale informácie (na rozdiel od vírusov) šíriť treba a zároveň treba aj na chvíľu na ne zabudnúť. Asi to nevyjde pol na pol, uvidíme.

Here we go, first things first:

The Hammer and the Dance

I call the months-long period between the Hammer and a vaccine the Dance because it won’t be a period during which measures are always the same harsh ones. Some regions will see outbreaks again, others won’t for long periods of time. Depending on how cases evolve, we will need to tighten up social distancing measures or we will be able to release them. That is the dance of R: a dance of measures between getting our lives back on track and spreading the disease, one of economy vs. healthcare.

What US Government should do regarding Covid-19

Visualizing the History of Pandemics

Tieto videá sme pozerali s deťmi:  

ako vyrobiť ochranné rúško (stroj mám na Slovensku, tak som musela ručne)

Školu doma zatiaľ zvládame, ale je jasné, že dlhodobo to bude ťažké. S trochou nadsázky: We are closing our homeschool  

We know there are parents out there who can both love their children unconditionally and also teach them Common Core mathematics. If this global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we are not those parents. Just because we chose to close our homeschool, it does not mean your mother and I do not love you. It means we love you enough to know we can either love you or teach you algebra, not both.


Povolání spisovatelka. Neptejte se, jak zvládá práci a rodinu

Když nobelistka a kanadská povídkářka Alice Munro vyprávěla, proč nikdy nenapsala román, mluvila o tom, že mezi prací a péčí o rodinu nikdy neměla dost času, aby se na tak komplexní útvar mohla soustředit. Povídky byly maximum, na čem dokázala pracovat. Zatímco některým autorům se poštěstí, že jim jejich okolí vytvoří podmínky vhodné pro psaní, ženy stále tvoří stranou až potom, co si odbydou „svoje“ jiné povinnosti.

vizuálne príjemné a motivačné na trpezlivosť (pozrite aj iné jej videá):

Be a lady, they said:

Smithsonian Open Access

krátky seriál podľa výbornej knihy:

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the best hike in every (US) state

výborná vizualizácia dát – the sleep blanket, každý riadok je jeden deň

predvolebné diskusie

Gandalf písal blog

the woman with 200 kids

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How Google Got Its Employees to Eat Their Vegetables

Over the past five years, the company has taken a typically Google-ish approach to the food it serves — methodical, iterative — to create the largest and most ambitious real-world test of how to nudge people to make healthier choices at mealtime.

The evolution of trust (časť sme skúšali aj s Kikou a Kubom)

It was Christmas 1914 on the Western Front.
Despite strict orders not to chillax with the enemy, British
and German soldiers left their trenches, crossed No Man’s Land,
and gathered to bury their dead, exchange gifts, and play games.

Meanwhile: it’s 2017, the West has been at peace for decades, and
wow, we suck at trust. Surveys show that, over the past forty years, fewer and fewer people say they trust each other. So here’s our puzzle:

Why, even in peacetime, do friends become enemies?
And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?

vedeli ste, že Venuša a Urán rotujú opačne ako ostatné planéty?

How Domestication Changed the Look, Texture, and Taste of Some Wild Fruits and Vegetables

now upon a time

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#girlpower trochu inak

The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation

having kids

The first step is the key to all the rest. Yes, our daily lives are undoubtedly contributing to climate change. But that’s because the rich and powerful have constructed systems that make it nearly impossible to live lightly on the earth. Our economic systems require most adults to work, and many of us must commute to work in or to cities intentionally designed to favor the automobile. Unsustainable food, clothes and other goods remain cheaper than sustainable alternatives.

And yet we blame ourselves for not being green enough. As the climate essayist Mary Annaïse Heglar writes, “The belief that this enormous, existential problem could have been fixed if all of us had just tweaked our consumptive habits is not only preposterous; it’s dangerous.” It turns eco-saints against eco-sinners, who are really just fellow victims. It misleads us into thinking that we have agency only by dint of our consumption habits — that buying correctly is the only way we can fight climate change.

My point is that the climate crisis is not going to be solved by personal sacrifice. It will be solved by electing the right people, passing the right laws, drafting the right regulations, signing the right treaties — and respecting those treaties already signed, particularly with indigenous nations. It will be solved by holding the companies and people who have made billions off our shared atmosphere to account.

We were never on the moon (prose poem)

We never went to the moon. Instead we grew roses and fed our neighbor pasta and fruit salad. We never put a man in space. Instead we bought him a suit, cut his hair and drove him to the unemployment office.

The sleep consultant (krátka poviedka)

tieto sme pozerali s deťmi:

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pozvánka (vstup voľný):

Former Go champion retires after declaring AI invincible

“With the debut of AI in Go games, I’ve realized that I’m not at the top even if I become the number one through frantic efforts,” Lee told Yonhap. “Even if I become the number one, there is an entity that cannot be defeated.”

Saková ženám nemá radiť, aby si dávali pozor. Nech povie mužom, aby nevraždili

beautiful news

Zadie Smith on fighting the algorithm

If you are under 30, and you are able to think for yourself right now, God bless you.

The Politics of Images in Machine Learning Training Sets

For reasons that are rarely discussed within the field of computer vision, and despite all that institutions like MIT and companies like Google and Facebook have done, the project of interpreting images is a profoundly complex and relational endeavor. Images are remarkably slippery things, laden with multiple potential meanings, irresolvable questions, and contradictions. Entire subfields of philosophy, art history, and media theory are dedicated to teasing out all the nuances of the unstable relationship between images and meanings.

nedávna prednáška u nás na fakulte:

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Milí muži…

Je to pořád dokola. Kdykoliv se u nás objeví nějaké významnější výročí, existuje jen jediná jistota: že ho budou interpretovat muži. Když se loni slavilo sto let od založení Československa, vypadalo to spíš jako povídání o české (nikoliv československé), bílé a mužské republice. Letos si pro změnu připomínáme „třicet let českého kapitalismu“ a průvodci českého vývoje po roce 89 jsou opět převážně muži. Je to frustrující. A taky k smíchu. Jenže kritizovat tyto pánské kluby a poukazovat skrz ně na strukturální nespravedlnosti znamená pokaždé to samé: opakující se sadu přezíravých argumentů, mezi které patří otřepané fáze „nejde o gender, jde přece o kvalitu“ (a ta je snad vždycky mužská), „když ty ženy nemají vůbec čas“ (proč asi), „tak si sestavte svou vlastní knihu, kdo vám brání“ (wtf) nebo „oslovily jsme dvě a odmítly, takže nechtějí“ (oslovit jich dvacet je blbej nápad přesně proč?). 

101 ways to live sustainably

The dating market

Big Tech’s terrible diversity record, visualized using its logos

How does one survive atrocity? (ťažké čítanie)

That’s one psychiatrist for every 275,000 people. Iraqis have suffered under almost 40 years of continuous conflict — a torturous dictatorship, the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, the two gulf wars, years of devastating economic sanctions, a civil war, the Islamic State — and yet the country has almost no trained professionals to treat an epidemic of war-induced psychological disorders.

It’s so much more than cooking

Then, about a year ago, I had a sobbing meltdown in the kitchen in front of my spouse. It had started out innocently enough: He’d invited a friend over for dinner, but I was on a high-pressure work deadline and had no time or mental energy to spare. “I’ll make dinner!” he said. “You don’t have to do a thing.”

That evening, he waltzed through the door from work, bubbling with enthusiasm. I met him in the kitchen, exhausted and hungry. “Okay, I’m ready to start cooking,” he said. “What do we have in the fridge?”

I stared at him for a moment, and felt myself crumple in frustration. The strength of my reaction to this question surprised even me.

Športový psychológ: Nehovorte deťom, aby vyhrali. Povedzte im, nech si to užijú

hodnota rodičovstva

Alebo vtedy, keď počúvam, ako chcú všetci chrániť tradičnú rodinu, ale za tridsať rokov sme nedokázali ani zreformovať školstvo, nieto rozmýšľať nad tým, že už by bolo načase začať deti vzdelávať od útleho veku v oblasti vzťahov, aby jedného dňa vnímali vzťahové väzby za tak dôležitú súčasť rodičovstva ako je nakŕmenie dieťaťa, čím by sme aj skutočne podporili budúce rodiny (v akomkoľvek zložení).

Potom premýšľam o systéme, kde dieťa má hodnotu jedna a žena hodnotu nula. Tehotenstvo a pôrod sa točí okolo dieťaťa, opustením pôrodnice sa zaškrtnú príslušné kolónky, vyplnia sa štatistiky, ale to, čo sa následne deje, už nikoho nezaujíma, hoci to na ženu, jej partnera a dieťa má doživotný vplyv.


Úprimnejšia odpoveď, bližšie ku skutočnosti, je o pocitoch. Smútok ako najväčšia kamufláž. Hnevu, ale vlastne každého pocitu. Strachu, ostychu, túžby, nadšenia. Veľký ekvalizér, v tej temnej hladine sa rozpustí všetko, čím by som mohla vytŕčať. Narušiť.

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môj brat v novinách

Angela Merkelová o páde Berlínskeho múru

The different life experiences in eastern and western Germany are a reality. We should talk more about that and try harder to understand each other.

a ešte niečo navyše ku quantum supremacy

The Importance of Feelings

Photographer Spent Days Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match The Artworks They Observe, And it Was Worth It

Gabi Rizea:

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What I Don’t Tell My Students About ‘The Husband Stitch’

“He is not a bad man, and that, I realize suddenly, is the root of my hurt,” the narrator says. “He is not a bad man at all. To describe him as evil or wicked or corrupted would be a deep disservice to him. And yet — ”

Machado is teaching us that truth and logic only occasionally overlap. When you start poking at the idea of an absolute truth, a truth unfiltered through someone’s perception, it can fall apart entirely.

Učili nás, aby sme sa za chyby hanbili, chyba je pritom výzvou, vraví učiteľka

If Sapiens were a blog post (kniha zostrihaná na dlhý post)

Biologists the world over are locked in battle with the intelligent-design movement, which opposes the teaching of Darwinian evolution in schools and claims that biological complexity proves there must be a creator who thought out all biological details in advance. The biologists are right about the past, but the proponents of intelligent design might, ironically, be right about the future.

Tired of books written by authors? Try Booksby.ai Dajú sa kúpiť na Amazone a ešte aj recenzie sú písané neurónkami… 

Measuring actual learning vs feeling of learning in response to being actively engaged in the classroom 

Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World

The three big ones that stick out are demographics, inequality, and access to information.

Each of these Big Things will have a profound impact on the coming decades because they’re both transformational and ubiquitous. They impact nearly everyone, albeit in different ways. With that comes the reality that we don’t know exactly how their influence will unfold. No one in 1945 knew exactly how World War II would go on to shape the world, only that it would in extreme ways. But we can guess some of the likeliest changes.

Ministerka zdravotníctva Andrea Kalavská v parlamente o očkovaní

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