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Podávam trestné oznámenie na Najväčšieho Slováka (táto show je problematická z veľa dôvodov, Natália Blahová píše o jednom z nich)

This Conversation Between A Passenger And An Airline Should Absolutely Terrify You

I just boarded an international @JetBlue flight. Instead of scanning my boarding pass or handing over my passport, I looked into a camera before being allowed down the jet bridge. Did facial recognition replace boarding passes, unbeknownst to me? Did I consent to this?

Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

Sometimes they hear recordings they find upsetting, or possibly criminal. Two of the workers said they picked up what they believe was a sexual assault. When something like that happens, they may share the experience in the internal chat room as a way of relieving stress. Amazon says it has procedures in place for workers to follow when they hear something distressing, but two Romania-based employees said that, after requesting guidance for such cases, they were told it wasn’t Amazon’s job to interfere.

“We take the security and privacy of our customers’ personal information seriously,” an Amazon spokesman said in an emailed statement.

Prestaňte sa pýtať, kde sme boli doteraz

V depresii, ďakujem za opýtanie.

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Seven ways the world is not designed for women

The results were consistent and rather worrying. As women’s breast sizes grew, their participation in physical activity declined, particularly if that exercise was vigorous. Few very-large-breasted women jogged, for example.

Viagra Might Relieve Period Cramps, but Male Pharmaceutical Execs Don’t Care

When Viagra — sildenafil citrate — was tested initially as heart medication, its well-known properties for men were discovered. “Hallelujah,” said Big Pharma, and research ceased. However, in subsequent tests the same drug was found to offer total relief for serious period pain over four hours. This didn’t impress the male review panel, who refused further funding, remarking that cramps were not a public health priority. (Zvýraznenie moje) 

Päť argumentov proti plošnému rušeniu malých pôrodníc

Iniciatíva Baby Friendly Hospital: po 25 rokoch stále na začiatku

Despite what you may think, Mercury is on average the closest planet to Earth

The country has doubled its forest cover in the last 30 years, after decades of deforestation, so that half of its land surface is now covered with trees.

Plastic pollution: One town smothered by 17,000 tonnes of rubbish

Malaysia has become one of the world’s biggest plastic importers, taking in rubbish the rest of the world doesn’t want.

Ako som v Singapure objavil skutočnú konkurenciu pre liberálnu demokraciu

No, data is not the new oil

Let’s consider this Coen brothers–esque thought experiment: Thanks to some eccentric, long-lost uncle, I inherit the Phoenix Beacon, a 50,000-ton, Panamanian-registered crude oil tanker. The thing is filled to the brim with petroleum and the captain awaits my orders. To realize my newfound wealth, I’d call refinery offloading ports and oil-futures brokers in Chicago. After much drama, I’d monetize my inheritance at the prevailing price for West Texas Intermediate light, sweet crude, multiplied by the number of barrels in the ship (minus lots of fees).

Now, let’s consider a different inheritance: Amazon sends a delivery van to my home filled with hard drives containing all its sales and user browsing data for the past year. What do I do with it?

How personalized medicine is transforming your health care

The team also extracted a sampling of immune cells called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and tested them to see which ones recognized her tumor’s genetic defects. The scientists reproduced the winning lymphocytes by the billions and infused them into Perkins, along with a checkpoint inhibitor, pembrolizumab. More than two years later, Perkins, a retired engineer from Florida, shows no signs of cancer.

How women photographers access worlds hidden from men

Underwater photographer of the year

This is what AI looks like (as sketched by AI)

The self-portrait raises questions about the nature of creativity and human expression.

The first step was conceptual. The AI read thousands of NYT articles to derive representative concepts. The winning concept was the notion of a robot shaking hands with a human.


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ako lepšie variť cestoviny

let’s talk rules of engagement. For every sauce, there’s a perfect shape, and there are some guidelines for the pairings: The chunkier the sauce, the stubbier the pasta (little ear-shaped orrechietti with sausage and broccoli). The thinner the sauce, the thinner the noodle (long and skinny capellini with garlic and butter). The thicker, the thicker (spaghetti carbonara).

The idea here is to cook the pasta for its final 2 minutes in the sauce, while adding more water, a few tablespoons at a time, to moisten the mixture as the noodles soak up the sauce. The starch from the pasta acts as an emulsifier, binding the water and fat together so the sauce coats the noodles properly. 

ako sme si blízki

Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online (ht Katka)

porozprávajme sa s knižkami: talk to books

People Asked To Cover Up Their Scars And Birthmarks, And Tattoo Artists Nailed It

pri príležitosti 50teho výročia upálenia Jána Palacha HBO sprístupnilo prvý diel Horiaceho kra:

Science funding is a mess. Could grant lotteries make it better? (ht Ondro)

one Canadian peer review and approval process is more expensive than just fulfilling every single qualified grant

mravce stavajú most:

ešte z decembra: Nevážim si kolegov, ktorí nechávajú prejsť plagiáty, vysmievajú sa z mojej práce 

Nature’s 10

How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects (ht Andrej)

Here’s what scientists searched for in 2018: AI is up, stress is down

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Takto sa podporuje veda na Slovensku

Papier znesie všetko: návrh nových personálnych normatívov MZ SR

J. K. Jemisin: The evaluators: To trade with aliens, you must adapt

h/t Andrejovi:

What Does It Mean to ‘Speak as a Woman’?

He probably wouldn’t react in the same way if he were discussing a topic that touched on physics, and his interlocutor said, “As a physicist …” In that case, she has expertise that he is likely to recognize as conversationally relevant. Even if he knew she was a physicist before the conversation began, he might find it reasonable for her to preface some of her assertions with a reminder that she is speaking from a position of special knowledge.

Being a physicist gives a person a certain standing in conversations that have something to do with physics. So why shouldn’t being a woman give me a certain standing in conversations that have something to do with gender?

Dress for respect (Brazília)


Democracy of convenience, not of choice: why is Eastern Europe different

There are, in my opinion, two considerations that are almost never taken into account when the reluctance, or outright refusal, of East European countries to accept African and Asian migrants, many of them Islamic, is discussed.  They are the history of these countries over the past two centuries, and the nature of the 1989 revolutions.

skryté utrpenie žien – časť 1, časť 2, časť 3

Prečítate si rozprávanie ženy, ktorá po nástrihu hrádze (časť tela medzi vagínou a konečníkom) trpela niekoľko rokov, kým sa jej podarilo nájsť lekára ochotného pomôcť. Tento príbeh ilustruje, do akej miery môže narásť utrpenie, ak sa bolesť ženy zľahčuje a nepripisuje sa jej dostatočná vážnosť.

Chorvátske ženy: dosť bolo násilia pri pôrode

Pred pár dňami Ivana Ničević Lesandrić, členka chorvátskeho parlamentu, prejavila nesmiernu odvahu, keď pred celým parlamentom a ministrom zdravotníctva rozpovedala svoju osobnú skúsenosť s násilím pri pôrode. 

„Moje tehotenstvo skončilo potratom. V nemocnici mi uviazali ruky a nohy a začali robiť kyretáž bez akejkoľvek anestézy. Manuálne čistenie maternice prebiehalo bez akéhokoľvek tíšenia bolesti. Bolo to najmučivejších tridsať minút v mojom živote. Dokázala by som vám popísať každú sekundu, pretože to bolo najhroznejších tridsať minút. Tridsať minút potupy za každú jednu z tisícov žien, ktoré podpísali petíciu, aby tento spôsob „starostlivosti“ skončil raz a navždy.

Ako keby to bolo málo, že žena, ktorá práve stratila svoje dieťa, prežíva enormný emocionálny stres. Ako keby to nestačilo, musí byť dorazená ešte aj fyzicky na gynekologickom oddelení. Moja otázka je jasná – plánujete niekedy zmeniť tento stav? A kedy?”

Elektronické schránky – trest pre podnikateľov – treba čítať aj s diskusiou

The Moral Machine experiment (článok o článku) Myslím, že informatikom by sa zišla etika ako povinný predmet… Nie nejaké konkrétne svetonázory, ale ako príležitosť nad rôznymi otázkami rozmýšľať. A to nielen v life-or-death situáciách, ale aj v iných. Má aplikácia, ktorá niečo optimalizuje (napríklad navigácia, ktorá ma vedie cez zápchu), optimalizovať môj čas alebo celkový čas všetkých používateľov, alebo nejakej skupiny?

The Moral Machine took that idea to test nine different comparisons shown to polarize people: should a self-driving car prioritize humans over pets, passengers over pedestrians, more lives over fewer, women over men, young over old, fit over sickly, higher social status over lower, law-abiders over law-benders? And finally, should the car swerve (take action) or stay on course (inaction)?

how a bench and a team of grandmothers can tackle depression

Chibanda … is one of just 12 psychiatrists practising in Zimbabwe – a country of over 16 million. Such grim statistics are typical in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the ratio of psychiatrists and psychologists to citizens is one for every 1.5 million.

Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week

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in praise of mediocrity

But there’s a deeper reason, I’ve come to think, that so many people don’t have hobbies: We’re afraid of being bad at them. Or rather, we are intimidated by the expectation — itself a hallmark of our intensely public, performative age — that we must actually be skilled at what we do in our free time. Our “hobbies,” if that’s even the word for them anymore, have become too serious, too demanding, too much an occasion to become anxious about whether you are really the person you claim to be.

If you’re a jogger, it is no longer enough to cruise around the block; you’re training for the next marathon. If you’re a painter, you are no longer passing a pleasant afternoon, just you, your watercolors and your water lilies; you are trying to land a gallery show or at least garner a respectable social media following. When your identity is linked to your hobby — you’re a yogi, a surfer, a rock climber — you’d better be good at it, or else who are you?

pendulum and marble

platiť sa dá aj osobnými údajmi

Zajtra ráno prednášam informatikom o konečných stavových automatoch a Turingových strojich. Pri tej príležitosti

It’s rare for a CS major to graduate without getting a healthy dose of NP-completeness and Turing machines, two beautiful areas of theory that would be enjoyable if they didn’t end up creating bad instincts. One biologist asked me to solve a problem in DNA sequence matching and I came back to him with the claim that it was NP-complete, a class of problems that can take a very long time to solve. He didn’t care. He needed to solve it anyway. And it turns out that most NP-complete problems are pretty easy to solve most of the time. There are just a few pathological instances that gum up our algorithms. But theoreticians are obsessed with the thin set that confound the simple algorithms, despite being rarely observed in everyday life.

The same problem happens with Turing machines. Dutiful CS students learn nihilistic results like Rice’s Theorem, which shows that we really can’t analyze computer algorithms at all. But Turing machines are a pretty bad model for how our regular machines operate and it’s often very easy to create software that does smart things with our code. Any CS major who doesn’t take these theoretical results with a healthy dose of salt risks giving up when a perfectly usable answer is close at hand.

Visualizing street orientations on an interactive map … tu sú niektoré svetové mestá a tu je Žilina:

improve in foreign languages by reading books in parallel

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The radical moral implications of luck in human life

It’s not difficult to see why many people take offense when reminded of their luck, especially those who have received the most. Allowing for luck can dent our self-conception. It can diminish our sense of control. It opens up all kinds of uncomfortable questions about obligations to other, less fortunate people. Nonetheless, this is a battle that cannot be bypassed. There can be no ceasefire. Individually, coming to terms with luck is the secular equivalent of religious awakening, the first step in building any coherent universalist moral perspective.

Nerozumieš? Ani ľudia v roku 1968 nerozumeli

everything is alive

veľkosť krajiny podľa veľkosti populácie:

wireless tracking?

suchá voda

Dry water actually consists of 95% liquid water, but the silica coating prevents the water droplets from combining and turning back into a bulk liquid.

information is beautiful

šifrovačka na september

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Lego Wants to Completely Remake Its Toy Bricks

It wants to eliminate its dependence on petroleum-based plastics, and build its toys entirely from plant-based or recycled materials by 2030. The challenge is designing blocks that click together yet separate easily, retain bright colors, and survive the rigors of being put through a laundry load, or the weight of an unknowing parent’s foot. In essence, the company wants to switch the ingredients, but keep the product exactly the same.

toto video sa Kike a Kubkovi veľmi páčilo:

She made the discovery, but a man got the Nobel. A half-century later, she’s won a $3 million prize.

tento seriál si určite pozriem (dúfam, že nepokazí dojem z knižiek):

klišé na instagrame (mysleli ste si, že ste originálni?)

Pozri sa tým deťom do očí a povedz im, že je to ich chyba a Dievča vyhralo bežeckú súťaž v balerínkach, v Moldave nad Bodvou sa tomu nečudujú

Proč si myslím, že Janova vražda nikdy nebude vyšetřena (h/t Katke)

Po půl roce se lidé, kteří selhali, vracejí na politicky exponovaná místa – Róbert Krajmer, policista, který na místě činu neměl co dělat, a přece na něm byl mezi prvními, jde na slovenské ministerstvo vnitra. Na ministerstvo vnitra míří i Tibor Gašpar, policejní prezident, který byl nucen na nátlak veřejnosti odstoupit. Stal se poradcem slovenské ministryně vnitra Denisy Sakové (SMER – sociálna demokracia). A aby toho nebylo málo, Gašpar se stal poradcem i českého ministra vnitra za sociální demokracii Jana Hamáčka. Protože SMER se vždycky dokázal postarat o „Svoje lidi“. A „Naši lidé“ na oplátku konají, když nemají, a nekonají, když mají.

Celodenný vstup do novoobjaveného aquaparku na planéte Mars úplne ZADARMO!

Britská kráľovná a jej brošne


invisible asymptotes

True, it’s often difficult for customers to articulate what they want. But what’s missed is that they’re often much better at pinpointing what they don’t want or like. What you should hear when customers say they want a faster horse is not the literal but instead that they find travel by horse to be too slow. The savvy product person can generalize that to the broader need of traveling more quickly, and that problem can be solved any number of ways that don’t involve cloning Secretariat or shooting their current horse up with steroids.

logicInk – programmable tattoos


prisnilo sa mi – mne sa dnes prisnilo, že sme stratili Kuba v nejakom americkom zábavnom parku kríženom s AMNH plnom ľudí. Hľadali sme ho pol dňa, kým sme sa dostali k pultíku s lístkami, kde som ukecávala pani, aby mi dovolila po slovensky vyhlásiť do rozhlasu, čo má Kubko Jančiga spraviť. Nočná mora. Kubo pri raňajkách povedal, že by situáciu zvládol… ale od tejto spisovateľky musím zohnať nejakú knihu.

Porušili ste všetky moje práva, píše režisérka filmu o pôrodoch riaditeľovi nemocnice

Nespravodlivé je to, že Vaši zamestnanci a zamestnankyne porušili všetky moje práva, ako rodiacej ženy aj ako filmárky. Nebudem analyzovať, akým spôsobom sa v jednej z Vašich pôrodníc narodila naša dcéra. S následkami neprofesionality zdravotníckeho personálu sa vyrovnávame dodnes, rovnako ako tisíce ďalších rodín.

Nefér je tiež to, ako ma Vaši zamestnanci verejne osočovali, ako o mne klamali (prof. Borovský, Antolská), ako mi prehľadávali facebookový profil a vysmievali sa našim protagonistkám (doc. Záhumenský, Ružinov) alebo ako na tlačovej konferencii zneužili moju zdravotnú dokumentáciu (doc. Rusňák, Kramáre). Nezaslúžila som si ani vyhrážky konkrétnych pôrodníkov, ktoré sa ani neobťažovali posielať anonymne. Film síce vznikol za bývalého riaditeľa, ale toto všetko sa udialo pod Vaším vedením.

How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)

For most of us, a career (including ancillary career time, like time spent commuting and thinking about your work) will eat up somewhere between 50,000 and 150,000 hours. At the moment, a long human life runs at about 750,000 hours. When you subtract childhood (~175,000 hours) and the portion of your adult life you’ll spend sleeping, eating, exercising, and otherwise taking care of the human pet you live in, along with errands and general life upkeep (~325,000 hours), you’re left with 250,000 “meaningful adult hours”. So a typical career will take up somewhere between 20% and 60% of your meaningful adult time.

starší rozhovor s N. K. Jemisin, od ktorej teraz čítam druhú knihu (prvá bola táto)

“As a black woman,” Jemisin tells me, “I have no particular interest in maintaining the status quo. Why would I? The status quo is harmful, the status quo is significantly racist and sexist and a whole bunch of other things that I think need to change.”

o meteorite, ktorý vyhubil dinosaury (z tejto knihy):

“The meteorite itself was so massive that it didn’t notice any atmosphere whatsoever,” said Rebolledo. “It was traveling 20 to 40 kilometers per second, 10 kilometers — probably 14 kilometers — wide, pushing the atmosphere and building such incredible pressure that the ocean in front of it just went away.”

These numbers are precise without usefully conveying the scale of the calamity. What they mean is that a rock larger than Mount Everest hit planet Earth traveling twenty times faster than a bullet. This is so fast that it would have traversed the distance from the cruising altitude of a 747 to the ground in 0.3 seconds. The asteroid itself was so large that, even at the moment of impact, the top of it might have still towered more than a mile above the cruising altitude of a 747. In its nearly instantaneous descent, it compressed the air below it so violently that it briefly became several times hotter than the surface of the sun.

“The pressure of the atmosphere in front of the asteroid started excavating the crater before it even got there,” Rebolledo said. “Then when the meteorite touched ground zero, it was totally intact. It was so massive that the atmosphere didn’t even make a scratch on it.”

Unlike the typical Hollywood CGI depictions of asteroid impacts, where an extraterrestrial charcoal briquette gently smolders across the sky, in the Yucatan it would have been a pleasant day one second and the world was already over by the next. As the asteroid collided with the earth, in the sky above it where there should have been air, the rock had punched a hole of outer space vacuum in the atmosphere. As the heavens rushed in to close this hole, enormous volumes of earth were expelled into orbit and beyond — all within a second or two of impact.

Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

o trinástich v zatopenej jaskyni vedel celý svet (a je paráda, že sa im podarilo dostať von), ale čo tí, čo vo vode v tom istom čase umierali v Japonsku a iní?

a hack to catch typos (a funguje mi to aj v safari, nielen v chrome)

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