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Dnes len krátko: jeden film, jedna kniha, jedna fotka.

Pozerali sme Arrival:

čo samozrejme viedlo ku googleniu kadečoho. Hádajte kto a v čom programoval pre tento film? most interesting… a ešte aj tento článok, ako vymýšľali jazyk pre mimozemšťanov, je zaujímavý Jediná výhrada: “Mommy and Daddy are talking to animals”???

Už minule som knihu, ktorú som dočítala, dala len ako linku v surfovaní a nie ako samostatný článok, lebo bola síce zaujímavá a mala muchy, kvôli ktorým som ju nechcela priamo odporúčať. Tentokrát z úplne iného dôvodu, ale zase: Getting more – kniha o vyjednávaní. Veľa užitočného, ale nie vždy je autor sám so sebou konzistentný a trpí na klasickú chorobu amerických self-help books: celá by sa dala bez straty informačnej hodnoty zmestiť na tretinu svojho počtu strán.  

a fotka: tá najväčšia na tejto stránke sa mi páči

Víkendové surfovanie

My feminist marriage: a father’s perspective

What really changed everything for me was having children. When we decided to become parents, we agreed that we’d love a parent to stay home with the kids while they were little. And it quickly became obvious that that parent should be me. I worked as a freelancer, so taking a few years off was no problem, while my wife’s career would’ve collapsed if she took years off. I’m a little more patient and willing to “do nothing” with babies, so personality-wise it made sense too. So we took the plunge, and I became an at-home dad (with a few part-time jobs to keep my freelancing options open in later years).

Our friends and family were outwardly very supportive of that decision, but suddenly so many feminist issues became entirely unavoidable. Strangers would tell me how great it was that I was “babysitting” that day, when I was actually my kids’ primary childcare. Or family would call me “the most amazing dad EVER” when I was just doing what parents all over the world do every day, AND what they also meant to do was make my wife feel bad for abdicating her motherly responsibilities. Resources for at-home parents were almost entirely “moms only,” so I found myself advocating for including dads in parenting discussions. And so, after the whole world hit me over the head with the need for feminism, I finally started to call myself a feminist. I became an outspoken feminist. In a feminist marriage.

teaching to fail

Instead of just touting the importance of failing, I now tell students that if they want to earn an A, they must fail regularly throughout the course of the semester — because 5 percent of their final grade is based on their “quality of failure.” Would such a scheme provoke a change in attitude? Absolutely — with this grading practice in place, students gleefully take more risks and energetically engage in discussions.

ženy a maratóny – ešte aj za behanie bolo treba bojovať

While attending college, Switzer entered and completed the race in 1967, five years before women were officially allowed to compete in it.

the best jobs for smart but lazy people