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the best hike in every (US) state

výborná vizualizácia dát – the sleep blanket, každý riadok je jeden deň

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the woman with 200 kids

Hrabanie sa v databáze

Ako učiteľka s dvoma malými deťmi nie som v lete v práci veľa. A keď som, tak je v nej pokoj a dá sa robiť na veciach, ku ktorým sa človek inokedy nedostane. Áno, áno, mala by som robiť na článku, ktorý nám zamietli a teda ho musíme prerobiť, alebo na tom druhom, kde nám v prvom kole na presubmission inquiry povedali, že áno, radi by ho videli vo full verzii… Ale nie vždy sa mi chce.

Čo sa mi dnes chcelo, bolo otvoriť si kurz SQL, na ktorý som už nejaký čas tak platonicky myslela. Naučiť sa trochu robiť s databázami také tie SELECT niečo FROM niekiaľ WHERE niečo platí… A dostala som sa k databáze Svetovej banky (v ktorej som za svojich mladých čias chvíľu pracovala). Určite je tam ešte kopa iných zaujímavostí, ale našla som napríklad tieto (údaje sú spriemerované za roky 2010-2017):

Krajiny s najväčším rastom počtu obyvateľov (% za rok):

krajiny podľa podielu obyvateľstva 0-14 rokov (v %), zoradené od najmenšieho:

a od najväčšieho:

krajiny podľa podielu žien (v %), zoradené od naväčšieho:

a od najmenšieho:

Na tomto ma zaujali tri veci. Jedna je, že Čína a India nie sú síce úplne tam, kde majú byť, ale z toho, že zvyknú uprednostňovať synov pred dcérami, som očakávala ešte horšie čísla (ale samozrejme, keď zoberieme 2% z miliardy obyvateľov Indie a vyše miliardy obyvateľov Číny, tak je to veľa chýbajúcich dievčat a žien). Druhá, že čo sa stalo chlapom z Ruska a okolitých krajín? A tretia, Qatar rastie najrýchlejšie na svete, ale má málo detí a najmenej žien, ako to teda robia? (Na Slovensku sme mali za toto obdobie priemerne 51.44% žien.)

najviac %HDP na vzdelanie (Slovensko má 4.06%, Nemecko 4,91%, USA 5.23%):

podiel používateľov internetu (Slovensko má 77.55%):

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Seven ways the world is not designed for women

The results were consistent and rather worrying. As women’s breast sizes grew, their participation in physical activity declined, particularly if that exercise was vigorous. Few very-large-breasted women jogged, for example.

Viagra Might Relieve Period Cramps, but Male Pharmaceutical Execs Don’t Care

When Viagra — sildenafil citrate — was tested initially as heart medication, its well-known properties for men were discovered. “Hallelujah,” said Big Pharma, and research ceased. However, in subsequent tests the same drug was found to offer total relief for serious period pain over four hours. This didn’t impress the male review panel, who refused further funding, remarking that cramps were not a public health priority. (Zvýraznenie moje) 

Päť argumentov proti plošnému rušeniu malých pôrodníc

Iniciatíva Baby Friendly Hospital: po 25 rokoch stále na začiatku

Despite what you may think, Mercury is on average the closest planet to Earth

The country has doubled its forest cover in the last 30 years, after decades of deforestation, so that half of its land surface is now covered with trees.

Plastic pollution: One town smothered by 17,000 tonnes of rubbish

Malaysia has become one of the world’s biggest plastic importers, taking in rubbish the rest of the world doesn’t want.

Ako som v Singapure objavil skutočnú konkurenciu pre liberálnu demokraciu

No, data is not the new oil

Let’s consider this Coen brothers–esque thought experiment: Thanks to some eccentric, long-lost uncle, I inherit the Phoenix Beacon, a 50,000-ton, Panamanian-registered crude oil tanker. The thing is filled to the brim with petroleum and the captain awaits my orders. To realize my newfound wealth, I’d call refinery offloading ports and oil-futures brokers in Chicago. After much drama, I’d monetize my inheritance at the prevailing price for West Texas Intermediate light, sweet crude, multiplied by the number of barrels in the ship (minus lots of fees).

Now, let’s consider a different inheritance: Amazon sends a delivery van to my home filled with hard drives containing all its sales and user browsing data for the past year. What do I do with it?

How personalized medicine is transforming your health care

The team also extracted a sampling of immune cells called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and tested them to see which ones recognized her tumor’s genetic defects. The scientists reproduced the winning lymphocytes by the billions and infused them into Perkins, along with a checkpoint inhibitor, pembrolizumab. More than two years later, Perkins, a retired engineer from Florida, shows no signs of cancer.

How women photographers access worlds hidden from men

Underwater photographer of the year

This is what AI looks like (as sketched by AI)

The self-portrait raises questions about the nature of creativity and human expression.

The first step was conceptual. The AI read thousands of NYT articles to derive representative concepts. The winning concept was the notion of a robot shaking hands with a human.

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Včera vo veku 40 rokov na rakovinu zomrela Maryam Mirzakhani, matematička iránskeho pôvodu, jediná žena, ktorá dostala Fieldsovu medailu (keď sa dávali naposledy, v roku 2014). Mala českého manžela a malú dcéru.

To her dismay, Mirzakhani did poorly in her mathematics class that year. Her math teacher didn’t think she was particularly talented, which undermined her confidence. At that age, “it’s so important what others see in you,” Mirzakhani said. “I lost my interest in math.” The following year, Mirzakhani had a more encouraging teacher, however, and her performance improved enormously. “Starting from the second year, she was a star,” Beheshti said.

A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World

When you teach, you do something useful. When you do research, most days you don’t.

That Huh would achieve this status after starting mathematics so late is almost as improbable as if he had picked up a tennis racket at 18 and won Wimbledon at 20. It’s the kind of out-of-nowhere journey that simply doesn’t happen in mathematics today, where it usually takes years of specialized training even to be in a position to make new discoveries. Yet it would be a mistake to see Huh’s breakthroughs as having come in spite of his unorthodox beginning. In many ways they’re a product of his unique history — a direct result of his chance encounter, in his last year of college, with a legendary mathematician who somehow recognized a gift in Huh that Huh had never perceived himself.

Teaching to fail – vďaka Ondrovi za linku

The most common errors in undergraduate mathematics – aj táto je dobrá a tiež Ondrova

You Don’t Need Blue Apron to Teach You to Turn On Your Oven

Whenever I write a recipe for a magazine or newspaper my editors demand more measurements and cooking times. This phony precision undermines the heart, and joy, of cooking. Chefs sample their dishes multiple times as they cook because cooking happens by taste and by eye, not by time and temperature. Baking is the fussy one where you need measurements, while cooking is for slobs like me.

Does that look like enough pasta? Does this taste as salty as you like? That sauce looks thin — let’s throw in some more tomatoes. People become dependent on cooking times and temperatures because they don’t understand how cooking works, they know only how to follow a recipe.

Datascapes – atlas for the end of the world; somewhat related: Summary of Solutions by Overall Rank

The tragedy of men

The biggest problem with masculinity, Perry proffers, is that it’s based on a model that’s several thousands of years old, when survival depended on physical strength and male power. Or, as he puts it, “masculinity is to chase things and fight things and to fuck. Everything else is a bit of a mismatch.” This framework for men has remained remarkably persistent even as society has evolved past it, with modern jobs and relationships requiring a very different set of skills. Feminism, Perry observes, is forward-thinking, wondering how women can change themselves and their lives for the better. But masculinity is regressive, always “harking back to some mythical golden age (for men), when men were ‘men.’” The easiest thing in the world to sell to men who feel disenfranchised from modern life, he says, is nostalgia—a promise that the world can change to fit them rather than the other way around. That men can be great again.

s kým trávime čas – trochu smutné grafy; zaujímavé by bolo pozrieť, či/ako sa slovenské podobajú na tie americké

meet Ruby and her friends

Snow leopard

About me: I’m the most beautiful, polite and well-mannered Snow leopard I know. I often have fights with the robots. (Which is kind of pointless, since we are similar in the end.) 
Birthday: June 8th
Interests: Solitude, Zen, and pirates
Pet peeve: People think I’m tough, but I’m really cuddly. 
Favorite expression: Think different
Secret superpower: Boundless beauty

Mladá osobnosť vedy Tomáš Bertók: Ľuďom chýba súdnosť a kritické myslenie

what bullets do to bodies

Early in my medical training, I learned that it is not the bullet that kills you, but the path the bullet takes. A non-expanding (or full-metal-jacket) bullet often enters the body in a straight line. Like a knife, it damages the organs and tissues directly in its path, and then it either exits the body or, if it is traveling at a slower velocity, is stopped by bone, tissue or skin.

This is in contrast to expanding bullets, especially if shot from an assault rifle, which can discharge bullets much faster than a handgun. Once they enter the body, they fragment and explode, pulverizing bones, tearing blood vessels and liquefying organs…

Two years ago, a group of doctors wrote in the Annals of Internal Medicine: “It does not matter whether we believe that guns kill people or that people kill people with guns — the result is the same: a public health crisis.” In the war zone of the E.R., we don’t see partisanship or politics. We see the devastation that happens when our society normalizes tools of total bodily destruction.

este raz (dlhšie a ťažké čítanie)… a tu je to celé v dvoch vetách

She started talking about the 2012 murder of 20 schoolchildren and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Goldberg said that if people had been shown the autopsy photos of the kids, the gun debate would have been transformed. “The fact that not a single one of those kids was able to be transported to a hospital, tells me that they were not just dead, but really really really really dead.

akčné fotky a fotky spod mikroskopu

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Melinda Gates: Current data is sexist and To close the gender gap, we have to close the data gap first

write less code

but the best code is no code at all. Every new line of code you willingly bring into the world is code that has to be debugged, code that has to be read and understood, code that has to be supported… If you love writing code– really, truly love to write code– you’ll love it enough to write as little of it as possible.

Incredible “Day to Night” Photography

Svalbard global seed vault – Sýria si už nejaké semená musela vyžiadať aj naspäť


I no longer understand my PhD dissertation (and what this means for Mathematics Education)

Anxiety, Meds, and Words from the Horizon. (So to Speak.)

Love and regret: mothers who wish they’d never had children

Does Your Daughter Know It’s OK To Be Angry?

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žalujem… moja manželka pribudla do štatistík a ešte rozhovor s autorom

the blackest material in the world

the return of the DIY abortion

In other words, there appear to have been some missing pregnancies in parts of the country where it was hardest to get an abortion.

data science of the facebook world

I have to say that as I look at the plots above, I’m struck by their similarity to plots for physical processes like chemical reactions. It’s as if all those humans, with all the complexities of their lives, still behave in aggregate a bit like molecules—with certain “reaction rates” to enter into relationships, marry, etc.

pozrieme s deťmi, keď bude:

peňazí v slovenskom školstve je zúfalo málo – jeden z mála článkov o nedávnom učiteľskom štrajku, kde sa píše o učiteľkách a nielen o učiteľoch

ľudia už po šachoch a dáme prehrali aj go

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keď prasknete vzduchový balón pod vodou:

a balón s vodou na vzduchu:

(zaujímavé, že chvíľku trvá, kým gravitácia “zafunguje”)

A Sydney mother’s stand against homework

Free play is usually the first activity to be pushed down the priority list. It’s infuriatingly unstructured. It can’t be scheduled within neat half-hour blocks.  It relies on the alchemy of a couple of kids, space and make-believe. It doesn’t seem to achieve anything.

But it does, and I will fight to protect that precious time.

It’s also important that my kids help set the table for dinner and entertain their baby brother. I think this falls under the key learning area of “life skills”.

And the most valuable literacy ‘homework’ of all? Reading a book for sheer pleasure – preferably flopped on the lounge. Now that’s a lifetime habit to encourage.

What’s surprising is how little I have to press my case with the teachers during my annual homework meeting. They nod in sympathy at my nervously delivered spiel. They know how much kids need to rest and reboot. But they all say the same line: “The other parents would complain if we didn’t give homework.”

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