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ako predýchať šestonedelie

Keď mal Hugo tri týždne, sedela som na posteli, plakala od bolesti, únavy, samoty a pocitu márnosti. Prikladala som dieťa k svojmu boľavému prsníku s ragádami na bradavkách, ruky zatínala v päste, nohou búchala do zeme a – zapla diktafón.

Po stlačení tlačidla STOP som tú nahrávku až do dnešného dňa nepočula. Počúvam svoj zmenený hlas prelínajúci sa s Hugovým mrnkaním a premýšľam, či opäť plakať s mojím ja spred niekoľkých mesiacov, alebo sa smiať a jasať, že je to dávno za nami. Rozhodnutie je však jasné. Prepísať tých pár minút bolesti, strachu a zúfalstva a posunúť ďalej. Tak autenticky, ako sa len dá.

I Found the Outer Limits of My Pro-choice Beliefs

I was almost not brave enough to write this piece. In the United States, there are only two sides to abortion, and there is outrage on both. Anti-abortion activists will say that I’m a murderer, or an accessory to murder, because of the work I do.

I also hesitated for the opposite reason: Any time a pro-abortion-rights provider admits to any doubts, her ambivalence may be used to limit abortion care. One expert I interviewed for this piece said, “If you write how hard it is to counsel about abortions, please know this: Somewhere, someone will use that to stop women from getting the procedures that they need.” After that, I couldn’t write for weeks.

If Sapiens were a blog post

Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover

Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová: RTVS je pre mňa stále bolestivou témou a ešte jeden rozhovor s ňou, na feministické témy 

Možno to bude znieť hlúpo, ale pre mňa je feminizmus tak veľmi prirodzený, že skôr naopak, nechápem, že niekto nie je feminista alebo feministka. A ak nie je, zrejme je to len preto, že o tom málo vie.

Ja mám tú výhodu, že nie som v podriadenej pozícii napríklad s politikmi a na konci dňa mám v reportáži alebo v diskusii nad nimi istú moc, ktorú bežne ženy napríklad v asistentských pozíciách nemajú. Preto si myslím, že mám až povinnosť o tom viac hovoriť, pretože ma za to nikto nevyhodí ani nepotrestá. Komplimenty v práci sú pre mňa neprijateľné, sú na to úplne iné platformy – napríklad, ak ma osloví muž v bare, je to ok. To je miesto, kde to pokojne niekto urobiť môže. Ale v práci? Prečo? Prečo by ma malo zaujímať, čo si môj šéf myslí dnes o mojej sukni? Veď nech si to pomyslí, ale neobťažuje ma s tým.

The World War II Diet That Saved Britain

As Hitler planned to starve the Brits to death, one man was given total power to design their menu. It produced the healthiest generation in history and has lessons for today.

Michelle Obama: Becoming

Žiadne vysokohodnotné umelecké dielo to nie je, ale človek sa dozvie veľa malých zaujímavostí (americké reálie). Už len pre ne sa túto knihu oplatí prečítať. Ale okrem toho na mňa urobili dojem dva motívy, ktoré sa tiahli prakticky celým rozprávaním. 
Prvý je ten, že záleží na tom, koho poznáš a kto Ťa pozná. Obamovci si cieľavedome a prakticky stále budovali sieť ľudí. Aj v tomto kontexte zrejme platí to outlierovské ponaučenie, že na to, aby bol človek výnimočný, tak si to na jednej strane musí odmakať, ale na druhej musí vedieť rozpoznať a využiť príležitosť, lebo tá sa nutne niekde pri tom odmakávaní naskytne.  
A ten druhý, feministicky neprehliadnuteľný, je ten, ako sa Michelle prispôsobovala Barackovej kariére (nevyhnutne, vedome), ako to vnímala (ťažko, nespravodlivo) a ako sa s tým vysporiadala. To posledné ma zarazilo najviac. Len jeden príklad za všetky.
My s Mišom nie sme ani zďaleka tak vyťažení ako Obamovci, ale aj tak je pre nás problém nájsť si čas, aby sme mohli športovať (odkedy máme deti). Boli obdobia, keď som športovala ja a vtedy sa on prakticky nehýbal. Teraz je obdobie, že Mišo pravidelne behá a ja sa neviem dostať na plaváreň ani raz do týždňa. Akoby to boli spojené nádoby, spoločný objem času, ktorý sa dá na toto minúť a keď jeden z nás vyčerpá, druhému neostáva. Chce to nemalú vedomú snahu, aby to tak nebolo, ongoing negotiation bez konca na dohľad, lebo život stále beží so svojimi nepravidelnosťami, ktoré akúkoľvek vyhovujúcu dohodu za chvíľu zmetú zo stola.
A čo spravili v rovnakej situácii Obamovci? Barack nič. Žil si ďalej svojím životom. Ostalo na Michelle, aby sa s tým vysporiadala. To, že ak si chcela zacvičiť, musela vstávať brutálne skoro ráno, musela jej mama vstávať brutálne skoro ráno, aby k nim prišla a postrážila zatiaľ deti, to sa jeho nedotklo. 
A takéto situácie tam boli ako gorálky na šnúrke jedna za druhou. Ťažko sa mi čítali. 
Advice, when she offered it, tended to be of the hard-boiled and pragmatic variety. “You don’t have to like your teacher,” [mother] told me one day after I came home spewing complaints. “But that woman’s got the kind of math in her head that you need in yours. Focus on that and ignore the rest.”
[Michele’s mother] listened, but she didn’t absolve him from the choice at hand. Instead, she returned him to his agony with a blithe shrug of her shoulders. “Handle it how you think best,”
Now I think it’s one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child—What do you want to be when you grow up? As if growing up is finite. As if at some point you become something and that’s the end.
But as I’ve said, failure is a feeling long before it’s an actual result.
It was as close as I’d come to understanding what motivated Barack. The world as it should be.
I knew I was no smarter than any of them. I just had the advantage of an advocate. I thought about this more often now that I was an adult, especially when people applauded me for my achievements, as if there weren’t a strange and cruel randomness to it all.
Barack was hoping to ride all the way to school with the girls, but he knew it would create too much of a scene. His motorcade was too big. He’d become too heavy.
In our life before children, such frustrations might have seemed petty, but as a working full-time mother with a half-time spouse and a predawn wake-up time, I felt my patience slipping away until finally, at some point, it just fell off a cliff.
I now tried out a new hypothesis: It was possible that I was more in charge of my happiness than I was allowing myself to be. I was too busy resenting Barack for managing to fit workouts into his schedule, for example, to even begin figuring out how to exercise regularly myself.
It went back to my wishes for them to grow up strong and centered and also unaccommodating to any form of old-school patriarchy: I didn’t want them ever to believe that life began when the man of the house arrived home. We didn’t wait for Dad. It was his job now to catch up with us.
Our decision to let Barack’s career proceed as it had—to give him the freedom to shape and pursue his dreams—led me to tamp down my own efforts at work.
I thanked her again, hung up, and sighed. None of this had been my choice in the first place. None of this was my choice at all.
I didn’t understand how he could look at Sasha and Malia, now five and eight, with their pigtailed hair and giggly exuberance, and feel any other way. It hurt me sometimes to think that he did.
Barack and I had been through five campaigns in eleven years already, and each one had forced me to fight a bit harder to hang on to my own priorities. Each one had put a little dent in my soul and also in our marriage.
In general, I felt as if I couldn’t win, that no amount of faith or hard work would push me past my detractors and their attempts to invalidate me. I was female, black, and strong, which to certain people, maintaining a certain mind-set, translated only to “angry.” It was another damaging cliché, one that’s been forever used to sweep minority women to the perimeter of every room, an unconscious signal not to listen to what we’ve got to say.
I was now starting to actually feel a bit angry, which then made me feel worse, as if I were fulfilling some prophecy laid out for me by the haters, as if I’d given in. It’s remarkable how a stereotype functions as an actual trap. How many “angry black women” have been caught in the circular logic of that phrase? When you aren’t being listened to, why wouldn’t you get louder? If you’re written off as angry or emotional, doesn’t that just cause more of the same?
Tu je ešte jeden rozhovor s Michelle.

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Seven ways the world is not designed for women

The results were consistent and rather worrying. As women’s breast sizes grew, their participation in physical activity declined, particularly if that exercise was vigorous. Few very-large-breasted women jogged, for example.

Viagra Might Relieve Period Cramps, but Male Pharmaceutical Execs Don’t Care

When Viagra — sildenafil citrate — was tested initially as heart medication, its well-known properties for men were discovered. “Hallelujah,” said Big Pharma, and research ceased. However, in subsequent tests the same drug was found to offer total relief for serious period pain over four hours. This didn’t impress the male review panel, who refused further funding, remarking that cramps were not a public health priority. (Zvýraznenie moje) 

Päť argumentov proti plošnému rušeniu malých pôrodníc

Iniciatíva Baby Friendly Hospital: po 25 rokoch stále na začiatku

Despite what you may think, Mercury is on average the closest planet to Earth

The country has doubled its forest cover in the last 30 years, after decades of deforestation, so that half of its land surface is now covered with trees.

Plastic pollution: One town smothered by 17,000 tonnes of rubbish

Malaysia has become one of the world’s biggest plastic importers, taking in rubbish the rest of the world doesn’t want.

Ako som v Singapure objavil skutočnú konkurenciu pre liberálnu demokraciu

No, data is not the new oil

Let’s consider this Coen brothers–esque thought experiment: Thanks to some eccentric, long-lost uncle, I inherit the Phoenix Beacon, a 50,000-ton, Panamanian-registered crude oil tanker. The thing is filled to the brim with petroleum and the captain awaits my orders. To realize my newfound wealth, I’d call refinery offloading ports and oil-futures brokers in Chicago. After much drama, I’d monetize my inheritance at the prevailing price for West Texas Intermediate light, sweet crude, multiplied by the number of barrels in the ship (minus lots of fees).

Now, let’s consider a different inheritance: Amazon sends a delivery van to my home filled with hard drives containing all its sales and user browsing data for the past year. What do I do with it?

How personalized medicine is transforming your health care

The team also extracted a sampling of immune cells called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and tested them to see which ones recognized her tumor’s genetic defects. The scientists reproduced the winning lymphocytes by the billions and infused them into Perkins, along with a checkpoint inhibitor, pembrolizumab. More than two years later, Perkins, a retired engineer from Florida, shows no signs of cancer.

How women photographers access worlds hidden from men

Underwater photographer of the year

This is what AI looks like (as sketched by AI)

The self-portrait raises questions about the nature of creativity and human expression.

The first step was conceptual. The AI read thousands of NYT articles to derive representative concepts. The winning concept was the notion of a robot shaking hands with a human.


Nedávne knižky

Yuval Noah Harari: 21 lessons for the 21st century – 21 krátkych kapitol, každá na inú tému: vzdelanie, terorizmus, migrácia, náboženstvo, úpadok liberálnych demokracií, pokrok v umelej inteligencii a biotechnológiách, všetko s vyhliadkou na niekoľko desiatok rokov do budúcnosti. Harari je historik, ale v tejto knihe sa snaží interpretovať súčasnosť a poukázať, kam smerujeme a čo z toho vieme (a čo nevieme) ovplyvniť. Ak by ste mali čítať práve jednu knihu z tohto zoznamu, tak túto.

Most people who go on identity quests are like children going treasure hunting. They find only what their parents have hidden for them in advance.

If we are willing to make such efforts in order to understand foreign cultures, unknown species and distant planets, it might be worth working just as hard in order to understand our own minds. And we had better understand our minds before the algorithms make our minds up for us

Questions you cannot answer are much better for you than answers you cannot question

because liberalism is losing credibility exactly when the twin revolutions in information technology and biotechnology confront us with the biggest challenges our species has ever encountered. The merger of infotech and biotech might soon push billions of humans out of the job market and undermine both liberty and equality

You might object that people were asked ‘What do you think?’ rather than ‘What do you feel?’, but this is a common misperception. Referendums and elections are always about human feelings, not about human rationality. If democracy were a matter of rational decision-making, there would be absolutely no reason to give all people equal voting rights

it would perhaps be helpful to view immigration as a deal with three basic conditions or terms:
Term 1: The host country allows the immigrants in.
Term 2: In return, the immigrants must embrace at least the core norms and values of the host country, even if that means giving up some of their  traditional norms and values.
Term 3: If the immigrants assimilate to a sufficient degree, over time they become equal and full members of the host country. ‘They’ become ‘us’.

I am aware that many people might be upset by my equating religion with fake news, but that’s exactly the point. When a thousand people believe some made-up story for one month – that’s fake news. When a billion people believe it for a thousand years – that’s a religion, and we are admonished not to call it ‘fake news’ in order not to hurt the feelings of the faithful (or incur their wrath)

On the other hand, you cannot organise masses of people effectively without relying on some mythology. If you stick to unalloyed reality, few people will follow you 

Truth and power can travel together only so far. Sooner or later they go their separate ways. If you want power, at some point you will have to spread fictions. If you want to know the truth about the world, at some point you will have to renounce power

To run fast, don’t take much luggage with you. Leave all your illusions behind. They are very heavy.

[liberal narratives] assumed that as long as we give students lots of data and a modicum of freedom, the students will create their own picture of the world, and even if this generation fails to synthesise all the data into a coherent and meaningful story of the world, there will be plenty of time to construct a good synthesis in the future. We have now run out of time.

So what should we be teaching? Many pedagogical experts argue that schools should switch to teaching ‘the four Cs’ – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Most important of all will be the ability to deal with change, to learn new things, and to preserve your mental balance in unfamiliar situations

Ernest Cline: Ready Player One – Približne pred rokom som čítala tri knihy od Suareza, v ktorých sa zaujímavo prelínal skutočný svet s virtuálnou realitou. Aj som ich odporúčala niekoľkým ľuďom, ktorí majú radi podobné čítanie a na oplátku som dostala tip na túto knihu. (Nedávno bol k nej aj film, ktorý sa ale knihy nejako veľmi svedomito nedrží.) Nepáčila sa mi. (Ani ten film.) Je taká… pre zarytých fanúšikov (starých) počítačových hier.

For a bunch of hairless apes, we’ve actually managed to invent some pretty incredible things.

Ramez Naan: Nexus – Toto je úplne iné kafe. Tiež sci-fi, a tiež dosť akčné, ale veľmi zaujímavé na rozmýšľanie. Experimentálna nano-droga je schopná prepojiť ľudské mysle. Niektorí ju chcú vylepšiť a použiť na dobré účely, niektorí ju chcú zakázať a niektorí ju chcú zneužiť. Za povšimnutie stojí, že podobne ako v Suarezových knižkách, pokrok (nech už je definícia tohto slova akákoľvek) v tejto oblasti netlačí Amerika (ani Čína, ani Rusko), ale juhovýchodná Ázia. Je fajn, že má ešte dve pokračovania.

War between those who accept the limitations of “humanity” and those who embrace the power of the possible is inevitable.

Naomi Alderman: The Power – Náš vpodstate dnešný svet, ale niečo je v ňom iné. V mladých dievčatách sa zobudí sila. Dotykom môžu spôsobiť neskutočnú bolesť alebo aj smrť. Príbeh je porozprávaný z pohľadu štyroch postáv (troch žien a jedného muža) a prejde cez všeliake možné situácie, v ktorých sa muži, nie ženy, boja o svoju fyzickú bezpečnosť. Rozoberá aj terorizmus, náboženstvo, stereotypy. A na konci ukáže, že nevybalansovaná sila má nedobné dôsledky bez ohľadu na to, v koho rukách (doslovne) sa ocitne.

They’re doing it because they’ve been told to.’Tunde thinks, No, that’s not the reason. The reason is because they can

there are still places today where boy babies are routinely aborted, or have their dicks ‘curbed’. This can’t have happened to women in the time before the Cataclysm. We talked about evolutionary psychology before – it would have made no evolutionary sense for cultures to abort female babies on a large scale or to fuck about with their reproductive organs!

Rebecca Solnit: Men explain things to me – Z feministických ešte táto. Malá knižka, zopár esejí, nie všetky rovnako dobré, ale tá prvá z nich by mala byť povinné čítanie pre všetkých.

but the out-and-out confrontational confidence of the totally ignorant is, in my experience, gendered. Men explain things to me, and other women, whether or not they know what they’re talking about. Some men.

not to speak of the countless women who came before me and were not allowed into the laboratory, or the library, or the conversation, or the revolution, or even the category called human

Milena Holcová: Lidi aneb Cestování je série omylů, ale jeden je zajímavější než druhý – staršia knižka od mamy českej novinárky, ktorá spolupracovala s Kuciakom. Sú to príbehy a postrehy z ciest po Kube, Pakistane, Afganistane a niekoľkých afrických krajinách. O ľuďoch, kultúre, predsudkoch a všeličom inom. Páčila sa aj Mišovi.

Na cestách jsem nezčernala ani si neoblíbila hedžáb (povinné zahalení žen), ani nepropadla šarmu Fidela Castra. Nepřivezla jsem si žádné suvenýry a obávám se, že ani zmoudření. Zůstávám hluboce zakořeněna ve střední Evropě, jsem jen poněkud zmatenejší. Ráda bych vás touto knížkou přesvědčila, že právě pochybnosti jsou to nejcennejší, co je možno si z cest přivézt.

Pak [Martina] čeká zoufale nudný den v mužské společnosti. Posedávání ve stínu a hledání důvodů, proč nic nejde.

Charles C. Mann: The wizard and the prophet – Dva prelínajúce sa životopisy a svetonázory. William Vogt, jeden z prvých ľudí, ktorí začali šíriť ekologické zmýšľanie, a pracovať na tom, aby rýchlo rastúca ľudská populácia nezdevastovala planétu. On a jeho nasledovníci sú v knižke pracovne nazvaní prophets. Na druhej strane Norman Borlaugh, človek ktorý dostal Nobelovu cenu za mier a odhaduje sa, že vďaka nemu miliarda ľudí nehladovala. Trpezlivo pracoval na tom, aby prekonával limity dané prírodou a veril, že ľudstvo má šancu na prežitie práve preto, že dokáže vymýšľať nové riešenia (wizards).

Moreover, the ship is too large to turn quickly. If the Wizardly route is chosen, genetically modified crops cannot be bred and tested overnight. Similarly, carbon-sequestration techniques and nuclear plants cannot be deployed instantly. Prophet-style methods—planting huge numbers of trees to suck carbon dioxide from the air, for instance, or decoupling the world’s food supply from industrial agriculture—would take equally long to pay off. Because backtracking is not easy, the decision to go one way or the other is hard to change.

middle section of this book, I invite the reader to put on, as it were, Vogtian and Borlaugian spectacles and look at four great, oncoming challenges: food, water, energy, and climate change. Sometimes I think of them as Plato’s four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Earth represents agriculture, how we will feed the world. Water is drinking water, as vital as food. Fire is our energy supply. Air is climate change, a by-product, potentially catastrophic, of our hunger for energy.

Why and how did humankind become “successful”? And what, to an evolutionary biologist, does “success” mean, if self-destruction is part of the definition? 

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Takto sa podporuje veda na Slovensku

Papier znesie všetko: návrh nových personálnych normatívov MZ SR

J. K. Jemisin: The evaluators: To trade with aliens, you must adapt

h/t Andrejovi:

What Does It Mean to ‘Speak as a Woman’?

He probably wouldn’t react in the same way if he were discussing a topic that touched on physics, and his interlocutor said, “As a physicist …” In that case, she has expertise that he is likely to recognize as conversationally relevant. Even if he knew she was a physicist before the conversation began, he might find it reasonable for her to preface some of her assertions with a reminder that she is speaking from a position of special knowledge.

Being a physicist gives a person a certain standing in conversations that have something to do with physics. So why shouldn’t being a woman give me a certain standing in conversations that have something to do with gender?

Dress for respect (Brazília)

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Lego Wants to Completely Remake Its Toy Bricks

It wants to eliminate its dependence on petroleum-based plastics, and build its toys entirely from plant-based or recycled materials by 2030. The challenge is designing blocks that click together yet separate easily, retain bright colors, and survive the rigors of being put through a laundry load, or the weight of an unknowing parent’s foot. In essence, the company wants to switch the ingredients, but keep the product exactly the same.

toto video sa Kike a Kubkovi veľmi páčilo:

She made the discovery, but a man got the Nobel. A half-century later, she’s won a $3 million prize.

tento seriál si určite pozriem (dúfam, že nepokazí dojem z knižiek):

klišé na instagrame (mysleli ste si, že ste originálni?)

Pozri sa tým deťom do očí a povedz im, že je to ich chyba a Dievča vyhralo bežeckú súťaž v balerínkach, v Moldave nad Bodvou sa tomu nečudujú

Proč si myslím, že Janova vražda nikdy nebude vyšetřena (h/t Katke)

Po půl roce se lidé, kteří selhali, vracejí na politicky exponovaná místa – Róbert Krajmer, policista, který na místě činu neměl co dělat, a přece na něm byl mezi prvními, jde na slovenské ministerstvo vnitra. Na ministerstvo vnitra míří i Tibor Gašpar, policejní prezident, který byl nucen na nátlak veřejnosti odstoupit. Stal se poradcem slovenské ministryně vnitra Denisy Sakové (SMER – sociálna demokracia). A aby toho nebylo málo, Gašpar se stal poradcem i českého ministra vnitra za sociální demokracii Jana Hamáčka. Protože SMER se vždycky dokázal postarat o „Svoje lidi“. A „Naši lidé“ na oplátku konají, když nemají, a nekonají, když mají.

Celodenný vstup do novoobjaveného aquaparku na planéte Mars úplne ZADARMO!

Britská kráľovná a jej brošne


invisible asymptotes

True, it’s often difficult for customers to articulate what they want. But what’s missed is that they’re often much better at pinpointing what they don’t want or like. What you should hear when customers say they want a faster horse is not the literal but instead that they find travel by horse to be too slow. The savvy product person can generalize that to the broader need of traveling more quickly, and that problem can be solved any number of ways that don’t involve cloning Secretariat or shooting their current horse up with steroids.

logicInk – programmable tattoos


Najprv na tému posledných týždňov: Tá kniha… tak tá kniha je už vonku z hlavy. Nie je ešte na papieri, ale v nedeľu v noci… hm, no dobre, v pondelok nad ránom… sme ju odovzdali. Teraz ju pozerá editor a nám zostali také milé činnosti ako doladiť obálku, vyrobiť index, škrípať zubami, koľko chýb tam ešte ostalo… hm, a pustiť sa do tej druhej, ktorá má vyliezť na svetlo do konca roka. 

Are Kids the Enemy of Writing?

Writing was a practice. The more you wrote, the better a writer you became and the more books you produced. Excellence plus productivity, that was the formula for sustained success, and time was the coefficient of both. Children, the great man said, were notorious thieves of time. Then there was the question of subject matter, settings, experiences; books were hungry things, and if you stayed too long in any one place, they would consume everything and everyone around you.

pretože (tento článkok sa volá What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men? a je v ňom ešte kopa iných vecí)

There are many qualities one must possess to be a working writer or artist. Talent, brains, tenacity. Wealthy parents are good. You should definitely try to have those. But first among equals, when it comes to necessary ingredients, is selfishness. A book is made out of small selfishnesses. The selfishness of shutting the door against your family. The selfishness of ignoring the pram in the hall. The selfishness of forgetting the real world to create a new one. The selfishness of stealing stories from real people. The selfishness of saving the best of yourself for that blank-faced anonymous paramour, the reader. The selfishness that comes from simply saying what you have to say.

Moms don’t need more mugs and wine glasses – neskoro, ale aj tak:

And there you have it, what moms would love on the big day: Get out of her hair (if the kids are little), spend time with her (if you’re a teen, but be sure to smile), and track her down in Greece (if you’re an adult). Moms are forged through the bubbling lava of no sleep, kindergarten graduations, slammed doors and 2 a.m. calls that begin, “I crashed the car, but I’m okay.”

planet or plastic?

Because plastic wasn’t invented until the late 19th century, and production really only took off around 1950, we have a mere 9.2 billion tons of the stuff to deal with. Of that, more than 6.9 billion tons have become waste. And of that waste, a staggering 6.3 billion tons never made it to a recycling bin.

Who is Losing the Nile?

175 meters high and 1800 meters wide, the new dam’s storage capacity is 67 billion cubic meters, nearly the equivalent of a year’s flow of river water.

čo ak sa na telefóne stretnú dve takého:

Potom by už nemuseli telefonovať a mohli by si to vybaviť inak… začína to byť strašidelné. A ešte z inej strany, mali by sme vedieť, že tá entita na druhej strane telefónu nie je človek, keď zdvihneme? 

Tri – dva – jedna. Všetky oči na mňa.

Predstavte si, že máte stroj času. Predstavte si, že ste opäť dieťa a doma nemáte svoju izbu, stôl, na ktorom by ste sa učili. Nemáte tečúcu vodu, ani jednu knihu, vaši rodičia nevedia čítať. Predstavte si, že so všetkými súrodencami, s rodičmi a so starými rodičmi bývate v jednej miestnosti. Proste si predstavte, že by ste sa narodili v rómskej osade. Kde by ste boli dnes? A čo by vám pomohlo?

China, India grapple with the consequences of too many men

In the two countries, 50 million excess males are under age 20. Both nations are belatedly trying to come to grips with the policies that created this male-heavy generation. And demographers say it will take decades for the ramifications of the bulge to fade away.

parádne fotky polárnej žiary

pri príležitosti Svetového týždňa rešpektu k pôrodu krátke komentované ukážky z filmu Medzi nami: prvá, druhá, tretia, štvrtá

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Martin Mojžiš na Námestí SNP: Nech je nás počuť! – pozrite video

Stephen Hawking dies at 76; His mind roamed the cosmos


Obituary writing is more about life than death: the last word, a testament to a human contribution.

Yet who gets remembered — and how — inherently involves judgment. To look back at the obituary archives can, therefore, be a stark lesson in how society valued various achievements and achievers.

Since 1851, The New York Times has published thousands of obituaries: of heads of state, opera singers, the inventor of Stove Top stuffing and the namer of the Slinky. The vast majority chronicled the lives of men, mostly white ones; even in the last two years, just over one in five of our subjects were female.

Picture a leader. Is she a woman?

“People have these prototypes in their head about what a leader looks like,” Dr. McClean said. “When we see an individual, we ask, ‘Do they fit that?’” If they don’t — even if they are acting like a leader — it’s harder to identify them as one. This disconnect does not require assuming that “women are less competent than men in general (e.g., intelligent, smart, organized, levelheaded),”

how to raise a boy

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hlavne táto: ulice sú plné nahnevaných ľudí 

Slovensko nepotrebuje vidieť plný stôl bankoviek, to je cynizmus. Slovensko potrebuje vidieť charakterných ľudí, vodcov, ktorí dokážu s pokorou odísť zo scény, to je vodcovské a chlapské

Kto ohrozuje slovenské ženy?

Slovenské ženy neohrozuje „gender ideológia“. Ani homosexuáli. Ani medzinárodné dohovory. Ba dokonca ani migranti. Slovenské ženy ohrozujú slovenskí muži. A jediné náboženstvo, ktoré im u nás komplikuje prístup k ochrane, nie je islam, ale katolícke kresťanstvo…

Už tri roky vedie náš premiér fiktívnu vojnu s nejestvujúcimi „ucelenými moslimskými komunitami“, a pri tom nám nevadí, že iné náboženstvo preniká do zákonov,  transponuje pastierske listy do politických postojov, nárokuje si na zastúpenie v poradných orgánoch vlády.

Istanbulský dohovor: mýty a fakty

„Rod“ nie je sprosté slovo

Vďaka rodovým analýzam sa dnes môžeme – na pozadí tvrdých dát – pýtať, či je na Slovensku skutočne slobodnou voľbou žien ostávať doma s deťmi v predškolskom veku, doživotne opatrovať členov rodiny so zdravotným postihnutím či nevládnych starých rodičov, alebo či ide skôr o nevyhnutnosť, keďže na Slovensku nemáme vytvorenú potrebnú infraštruktúru služieb.

What terminally ill children taught this doctor about how to live

Simple acts of kindness were treasured and remembered until the very end

Women behind speculum redesign

Why project-based learning fails (h/t Ondrovi za linku)

So what am I advocating? I’m advocating that you actually think about what you’re trying to teach, and design drills for it. The first drills should focus on one thing at a time…

As an aside, this is why I believe in finding a competent private coach for every skill you really care about improving in.

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