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Do we live in a computer simulation? UW researchers say idea can be tested

There’s a Name for That: The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

Wild Animals Practically Pose For Him – výborné fotky

vtipné odpovede rodičov na sms-ky svojich teenagerov

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary – h/t Zuzine za linku

He created a “uterus” from a football bladder by punching a couple of holes in it, and filling it with goat’s blood. A former classmate, a butcher, would ring his bicycle bell outside the house whenever he was going to kill a goat. Muruganantham would collect the blood and mix in an additive he got from another friend at a blood bank to prevent it clotting too quickly – but it didn’t stop the smell. He walked, cycled and ran with the football bladder under his traditional clothes, constantly pumping blood out to test his sanitary pad’s absorption rates. Everyone thought he’d gone mad.

While getting the message out to new areas of the country is still difficult, Muruganantham is sceptical about the effectiveness of TV advertising. “You always have a girl in white jeans, jumping over a wall,” he says. “They never talk about hygiene.”

Muruganantham also works with schools – 23% of girls drop out of education once they start menstruating.

toto by som si veľmi chcela ísť niekedy pozrieť; už ich majú dokonca aj v UK; pekné video o tom, ako vznikajú


Víkend sme strávili vo Vrátnej, tak linky tentokrát prichádzajú s malým oneskorením.

kvíz o knihách – v každom slove názvu je jedno písmenko zle (je to ťažšie, ako sa na prvý pohľad zdá…)

Stephen Hawking: Čierne diery nie sú

Most physicists foolhardy enough to write a paper claiming that “there are no black holes” — at least not in the sense we usually imagine — would probably be dismissed as cranks. But when the call to redefine these cosmic crunchers comes from Stephen Hawking, it’s worth taking notice. In a paper posted online, the physicist, based at the University of Cambridge, UK, and one of the creators of modern black-hole theory, does away with the notion of an event horizon, the invisible boundary thought to shroud every black hole, beyond which nothing, not even light, can escape.

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The pope urged mothers to breastfeed their babies in church or anywhere else “without thinking twice”

Cate Blanchett calls out red carpet camera, asking “Do you do this to the guys?” (dobré video)

Village council in India accused of ordering rape

A young woman in West Bengal was gang-raped this week on the order of a village council, to punish her for planning to marry a man from outside the village, according to the Indian police.

the cruelest pregnancy

It’s an artificially maintained ecosystem, an incubator for a fetus that has somehow been given precedence over all other concerns: the pain of Marlise’s husband and parents; their wishes to put an end to this; their best guess about what her desires would have been; her transformation, without any possibility of her consent, into a mere vessel.