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Včera som so študentami na fakulte riešila Sendvič. Bolo dobre, pozrite úlohy

Women Do Like to Compete — Against Themselves

Maybe females don’t like playing zero sum games… How do we know that the reason is ‘lack of confidence’? Maybe women are less likely to see winning as a desirable goal. They might prefer to be partners instead of competitors. But when it comes to competing with her past self, a better performance can be viewed as ‘growth’ rather than leaving someone behind in the dust.

moja švagriná v Mexico City

Julia set fractal

Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber


Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding pictures: Why were they controversial?

…mothers of newborns are “set up to fail”.

Ms Ashmore said official advice that “breast is best” is unhelpful when women who want to nurse feel unable to do so openly.

“It’s a lethal combination,” she said. “It makes them feel really guilty about it.”

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snehové vločky rastúce pod mikroskopom

why schools are failing our boys

The lack of movement and rigid restrictions associated with modern schooling are killing my son’s soul.

moja kamarátka Zuzina to po štyroch rokoch zabalila v Ugande, vybrala sa na pár týždňov do Argentíny, potom zavítala aj na Slovensko (to, že sme skoro do druhej v noci klábosili pri vínku jej nebráni, aby na druhý deň vyliezla v snehu na Suchý) a ja som už teraz zvedavá, kam ju najbližšie vietor zaveje

nové NICE (UK) odporúčania pre tehotné ženy

Advise low‑risk multiparous [and nulliparous with additional explanation] women that planning to give birth at home or in a midwifery‑led unit (freestanding or alongside) is particularly suitable for them because the rate of interventions is lower and the outcome for the baby is no different compared with an obstetric unit.

kojenie v Sixtínskej kaplnke – keď sa už môže tam, v prítomnosti pápeža, tak to už by sa mohlo všade inde, nie?

hluché dvojročné dievčatko sa rozpráva s mamou:

pri príležitosti The theory of everything aj niečo na čítanie

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Prosím, vyplňte tento prieskum o dojčení v slovenských pôrodniciach, ktorý robia Ženské kruhy v spolupráci s OZ Mamila. Naozaj to má zmysel. Zistenia z posledného dotazníka (ktorý sa týkal šitia poranení hrádze) sa dostali do povedomia ľudí, ktorí majú šancu iniciovať zmeny a ľady sa začínajú hýbať. Tentokrát ide o posvietenie si na dodržiavanie povinností nemocníc, ktoré sa hrdia titulom Baby Friendly Hospital.

ovce.sk – projekt, na ktorom sa podieľala moja sesternica, sa zameriava na bezpečnosť detí a mládeže, najmä na riziká internetu, mobilov a nových technológií. Pre nižšiu vekovú kategóriu detí projekt pôsobí ako prevencia, mládeži vtipne nastavuje zrkadlo ich nevhodného správania sa a dospelých chce projekt poučiť. Okrem iného sú jeho súčasťou takéto kratučké rozprávky:

pri príležitosti včerajšej návštevy hvezdárne: putting time into perspective, putting distance into perspective

výroky Linusa Torvaldsa, za všetky aspoň tieto

…the Linux philosophy is “laugh in the face of danger”. Oops. Wrong one. “Do it yourself”. That’s it.

Really, I’m not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.

Theory and practice sometimes clash. And when that happens, theory loses. Every single time.

Software is like sex; it’s better when it’s free.

800 wooden balls shape-shift into a perfect spiral

Men just don’t trust women. And this is a problem

This conversation is how, after five months of marriage, eight months of being engaged, and another year of whatever the hell we were doing before we got engaged, I realized I don’t trust my wife. 

When the concept of trust is brought up, it’s usually framed in the context of actions; of what we think a person is capable of doing. If you trust someone, it means you trust them not to cheat. Or steal. Or lie. Or smother you in your sleep. By this measure, I definitely trust my wife. I trust the shit out of her. I also trust her opinions about important things. I trusted that she’d make a great wife, and a trust that she’ll be a great mother. And I trust that her manicotti won’t kill me.

But you know what I don’t really trust? What I’ve never actually trusted with any women I’ve been with? Her feelings.

If she approaches me pissed about something, my first reaction is “What’s wrong?

My typical second reaction? Before she even gets the opportunity to tell me what’s wrong? “She’s probably overreacting.” 

My typical third reaction? After she expresses what’s wrong? “Ok. I hear what you’re saying, and I’ll help. But whatever you’re upset about probably really isn’t that serious.”

I’m both smart and sane, so I don’t actually say any of this aloud. But I am often thinking it. Until she convinces me otherwise, I assume that her emotional reaction to a situation is disproportionate to my opinion of what level of emotional reaction the situation calls for. Basically, if she’s on eight, I assume the situation is really a six.

Herculean dimorphism

30 rokov mobilných telefónov:


Mayim Bialik o kojení

Mayim Bialik, ktorá mimochodom aj v skutočnom živote má PhD v neuroscience, hrá Amy v seriáli Big Bang Theory. Tu je s ňou jedno fajn interview a komentár k tomu, že počas jazdy v newyorskom metre kojila syna, ktorý už nie je úplne malé bábätko:

What I like to point out is that was the best way for that subway ride to be pleasant for everyone.

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tento legový fotograf je výborný

Lego fotograf

výborný je aj tento dizajn knihy Farenheit 451fahrenheit451

Fahrenheit 451 is a novel about a dystopian future where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house that contains them. The story is about suppressing ideas, and about how television destroys interest in reading literature. I wanted to spread the book-burning message to the book itself. The book’s spine is screen-printed with a matchbook striking paper surface, so the book itself can be burned.

Druhý posudok môže zachrániť život – zase raz bulvárny titulok na sme, ale článok o zakladateľovi diagnose.me ma zaujal

IKEA uses 1% of world’s commercial wood supply?

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen launches app

Program allows people to play chess against younger versions of world champion Magnus Carlsen… The aim is to promote chess among as many people as possible to make the sport more popular and accessible. “The good thing is that you can play me at any age. At age five, anyone has a chance to beat me,” Mr Carlsen said.

So what is it like for Mr Carlsen to play against his younger self? “He is really tricky,” the champion said. “Even Magnus at 11 years old was a very gifted tactician. A while ago I played as a test Magnus [aged] 14. I outplayed him at some point positionally. And just boom, boom, he tricked me tactically. “But he makes mistakes as well, so I just have to be patient.”

seven months pregnant and working in the fields (Nepál, h/t Zuzine za linku, a ešte varovanie: píše sa tam aj o tehotenstve, ktoré nekončí dobre)

the self-reflecting pool – ja tomu hovorím, že si takto chodím vymývať mozog

We enter the meditative state induced by counting laps, and observe the subtle play of light as the sun moves across the lanes. We sing songs, or make to-do lists, or fantasize about what we’re going to eat for breakfast. Submersion creates the space to be free, to stretch, without having to contend with constant external chatter. It creates internal quiet, too.

25 historical images that normalize breastfeeding

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kojenie popri… hocičom inom (zase jedna fotka tohto druhu 🙂 , odtiaľto)

Kojenie v kúpeľni

a ešte neviditeľné prilby (vďaka Didimu za linku)

Embarrassed od Hollie McNish

Ak je to príliš rýchle, tu sú slová (zvýraznenie moje):

At first
I thought it was ok
I could understand their reasons
They said ‘There might be a man or a nervous child seeing’
this small piece of flesh that they weren’t quite expecting
so I whispered and tiptoed with nervous discretion.
But after six months of her life sat sitting on lids
Sipping on her milk nostrils sniffing up piss
Trying not to bang her head on toilet roll dispensers
I wonder whether these public loo feeds offend her?
Cos I’m getting tired of discretion and being ‘polite’ as my baby’s first sips are drowned drenched in shite,
I spent the first feeding months of her beautiful life
Feeling nervous and awkward and wanting everything right.
Surrounded by family until I stepped out the house
It took me eight weeks to get the confidence to go into town
Now the comments around me cut like a knife
As I rush into toilet cubicles feeling nothing like nice.
Because I’m giving her milk that’s not in a bottle
Wishing the cocaine generation white powder would topple
I see pyramid sales pitches across our green globe
and female breasts banned. Unless they’re out just for show.
And the more I go out, the more I can’t stand it,
I walk into town feel I’m surrounded by bandits
Cos in this country of billboards covered in ‘tits’
and family newsagents’ magazines full of it
Whsmith top shelves out for men – Why don’t you complain about them then?
In this country of billboards covered in ‘tits’
and family newsagents magazines full of it
Whsmith top shelves out for men, I’m getting embarrassed 
In case a small flash of flesh might offend.
And I’m mot trying to ‘parade’ this, I don’t want to make a show
But when I’m told I’d be better just staying at home
And when another friend I know is thrown off a bus
And another woman told to get out the pub
Even my grandma said maybe I was ‘sexing it up’.
And I’m sure the milk makers love all this fuss
All the cussing and worry and looks of disgust
As another mother turns from nipples to powder
Ashamed or embarrassed by comments around her and
As I hold her head up and pull my cardy across and she sips on the liquor made by everyones God, I think
For God sake, Jesus drank it
So did Sidhartha, Muhammed and Moses and both of their fathers
Ganesh and Shiva and Brighid and Buddha and I’m sure they weren’t doing it sniffing up piss as their mothers sat embarassed on cold toilet lids
In a country of billboards covered in ‘tits’
In a country of low cut tops cleavage and skin
In a country of cloth bags and recycling bins and as I desperately try to take all of it in,
I hold her head up
I can’t get my head round
The anger towards us and not to the sounds
of lorries offloading formula milk
into countries where water runs dripping in filth
In towns where breasts are oasis of life
now dried up in two for one offers, enticed by labels and logos and gold standard rights
claiming ‘breastmilk is healthier powdered and white’
packaged and branded and sold at a price so that nothing is free in this money fuelled life.
Which is fine
If you need it or prefer and can afford to use bottles, where water is clean and bacteria boiled,
but in towns where they drown in pollution and sewage
bottled kids die and they knew that they’d do it
In families where pennies are savoured like sweets
We’re now paying for one thing that’s always been free
In villages empty of hospital beds
babies die, diarrhoea fuelled that breastmilk would end
So no more will I sit on these cold toilet lids
No matter how embarrassed I feel as she sips
Cos in this country of billboards covered in ‘tits’
I think I should try to get used to this.

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Aj som sa tento týždeň chystala niečo napísať o profesorke, ktorá kojila na prednáške, ale natrafila som na tento výborný článok (aj obrázok je odtiaľ), ktorý zahŕňa nielen moje komentáre ale aj postrehy, ktoré ma nenapadli, tak vám ponúkam rovno ten.

In short, it seems to me that Pine did absolutely everything she could reasonably do to prevent the baby from interfering with her class. To ask more of her than that is unreasonable. What we should do, instead, is realize that it’s not a big deal to have to be in the same room as a baby once in a while. It might not be ideal. If the baby screams or cries, that’s annoying. But we’re grown-ups (or at least, we’re college students learning to become grown-ups). We should be able to deal with it graciously and then forget about it. That’s what life is like in a society in which women – even mothers with babies — are equal members of society. That’s what life is like in a society which accepts that babies are part of life.

86-ročná gymnastka

pre koho má zmysel predlžovať povinnú koncipientskú prax? (video, od Mirečka)

príbeh v dvadsiatich dvoch obrázkoch

1000 rokov vojny v piatich minútach

fotografická súťaž National Geographic-u 2012

Ježišova manželka alebo Dan Brown loboval?

Male Scientist Balancing Act – začala som čítať s nádejou, ale tá sa rozplynula hneď pri prvom odstavci… Idú zisťovať, ako ženy v akadémii hľadajú rovnováhu medzi kariérou a rodinou. Ako? Opýtajú sa mužov.

Elisabet Helsing (WHO) o kojení

If society hinders the optimal breastfeeding by mothers who work outside the home, society needs to change, not women.

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na Olympiádu v Pekingu sa nedostal o pol sekundy – jeho výraz, keď sa kvalifikoval do Londýna

séria článkov o sexuálnej objektifikácii – 1. časť (čo to je?), 2. časť (ako škodí?) a 3.časť (ako proti nej bojovať?)

prezident Obama a detinie je to prvýkrát, čo ma zaujala táto kombináciaa tu je ešte jedna variácia na danú tému

prečo vzpieračka nemá sponzorov

The twenty-three-year-old is the highest ranked weightlifter in the country, beat out every female and male American at the world championships last year, and can lift more than 568 pounds–which is apparently equivalent to one large adult male lion. And yet Robles scraps by on $400 a month from U.S.A. Weightlifting and donations from friends because she doesn’t the kind of body that secures lucrative endorsement deals.

Lego bábätká – modrá a ružová? a tie výrazy tváre… naozaj?

Naomi Wolf o posadnutosti diétami – citát

rôzne farby pleti – pozadia týchto obrázkov sú spravené tak, aby zodpovedali farbe pokožky

o skrytých formách sexizmu

We found that employed husbands in traditional marriages, compared to those in modern marriages, tend to (a) view the presence of women in the workplace unfavorably, (b) perceive that organizations with higher numbers of female employees are operating less smoothly, (c) find organizations with female leaders as relatively unattractive, and (d) deny, more frequently, qualified female employees opportunities for promotion.

vtipy o znásilnení nie sú smiešne; je tu síce ešte toto, ale aj tak…

I’m not condoning rape, obviously—you should never rape anyone. Unless you have a reason, like if you want to fuck somebody and they won’t let you.

Dobre, možno si to nerobí srandu z obete ale spoločnosti, ktorá takéto správanie dostatočne neodsudzuje… ale aj tak mám nepríjemný pocit z toho, že sú muži, ktorí sa nebudú smiať z tohto dôvodu ale preto, že sa viac či menej v takejto situácii ocitli…

platená dojka alebo otrokyňa? mení to niečo na pocitoch z tohto obrázku?