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o paparazzi kultúre a Kate Middleton opaľujúcej sa hore bez

The story prompts questions about why there is such a market, and therefore audience, for these pictures. As others have pointed out, it is not as though there is any dearth of bare breasts, consensually exposed and shared, on the internet. The answer involves a familiar combination of desire and humiliation. There is an interest in seeing not just any breasts, but all breasts, a sense that female bodies are public property, fair game – to be claimed, admired and mocked.

the argument goes: “‘You shouldn’t have given those pictures to that person’, or ‘You shouldn’t have been sunbathing in a private residence’, or ‘You should never, as a woman, take off your clothes in any context where anybody could possibly ever have a camera’. That’s been shocking to me, that people aren’t just outraged and furious about this, but they’re actually making excuses for this behaviour, and blaming women for ever being sexual any time, at all.

“Even in a completely private setting, within a marriage – it couldn’t be any more innocuous than the Middleton situation – and yet people are still saying things like: what was she expecting, she’s famous and she’s got breasts, and therefore she’s got to keep them covered up all the time. I do think it’s a rage against women being sexual on their own terms. We’re perfectly fine with women being sexual, as long as they are objects and they’re passive, and we can turn them on, turn them off, download them, delete them, whatever it is. But as soon as it’s women who want to have any kind of exclusionary rights about their intimacy, we hate that. We say, ‘No, we’re going to make a whore out of you’.”


Douglas uses ‘milkmother’ to ‘denote the pregnant, birthing, and physiologically, or metaphorically lactating woman’. She argues that ‘lactating’ not only incorporates its literal meaning — secreting breast milk for the consumption of an infant — but also a metaphorical meaning  – ‘offering the particular minute-by-minute physical nurturance that very young children require, regardless of feeding method’. Lactating in this metaphorical meaning, therefore, involves the giving of the self to one’s child in the myriad of ways that is demanded of mothers: touching, cleaning, holding, cuddling, stroking, feeding, dealing with illness, rocking to sleep, constantly thinking about and meeting the child’s needs.

The concept of the milkmother for me encapsulates the blurring of the boundaries of the body/self a woman experiences during pregnancy, childbirth and caring for infants and young children.

Keď stretnete nových ľudí a poviete im, čo robíte (aké je vaše zamestnanie), aké sú najbežnejšie reakcie?

denník malého decka – smiala som sa až mi tiekli slzy

rodič nie je animátor (h/t Katke za linku)

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detská lebka predtým, ako začnú vypadávať mliečne zuby:

lebka so zubami

dve poznámky: 1. ufff, zdá sa, že okolo 6tich rokov úder do spodnej časti tváre znamená, že sa to celé rozsype. Kúsok kosti bol zjavne odobratý, aby bolo tie zuby a zubné zárodky vidno, ale aj tak mi to pripadá, že to celé ledva drží pokope. 2. trochu mi to nesedí. Bolo to síce už dávno, ale čo si ja pamätám, tak mliečne zuby nemali také veľké korene, ako vidno tu. Či?

Alanis Morissette: Guardian

ukradli môj nápad spred 15tich rokov

americkí olympionici – niektoré z tých fotiek sú parádne

5 najviac sexistických kostýmov pre superhrdinky; čitatelia si autora si v komentároch poddali a tak sa rozhodol odpovedať článkom 8 najhlúpejších obhajob pri obvineniach zo sexizmu

If you think hot women have it easy because everyone wants to have sex at them, you’re both wrong and also the reason you’re wrong. Most people don’t base their quality of life around how hard it is to get laid, because they actually do get laid, and it isn’t that hard to do. Being a straight male is tremendous fun and sexuality’s lowest difficulty setting: You know what you want and everyone else in your demographic will praise you for being able to do it. No one else on the spectrum of sexual orientation can say that. If women hate you for cursing about how stupid “bitches” are, it’s not because you’re the victim of an anti-male conspiracy: It’s because you’re you.

Zaujímavé to slovné spojenie v citáte vyššie – lowest difficulty setting. Natrafila som naň aj v inom článku Biely heterosexuálny muž – Najľahšia možná obtiažnosť

Dudes. Imagine life … is a massive role playing game, like World of Warcraft except appallingly mundane, where most quests involve the acquisition of money, cell phones and donuts, although not always at the same time. Let’s call it The Real World. You have installed The Real World on your computer and are about to start playing, but first you go to the settings tab to bind your keys, fiddle with your defaults, and choose the difficulty setting for the game. Got it?

Okay: In the role playing game known as The Real World, “Straight White Male” is the lowest difficulty setting there is.

You can lose playing on the lowest difficulty setting. The lowest difficulty setting is still the easiest setting to win on. The player who plays on the “Gay Minority Female” setting? Hardcore.

veci niekedy nie sú také ako sa zdajú (sú toho necelé dve minúty, pozrite si to celé):

o kojení na verejnosti z pohľadu otca

When my wife began breastfeeding I faced my hard reality.  The boob was not for my sexual pleasure.  It was to feed our hungry daughter.  Over and over my wife would ‘whip it out’ for the purposes of motherhood.  At times I caught myself resenting this scourging of the sexuality of this thing.  This milk-producing breast.  This non-sexual breast.  The sexual breast was all I ever knew.

My evolution as a man was healthy.  I learned respect for mothers.  For all the other roles of women.  My own internal dissonance helped me understand the difficulty women have being accepted as anything else than a funnel for sex.

a ešte raz o kojení z pohľadu otca ako reakcia na nedávnu titulku časopisu Time

It’s puritanical, and all based on highly subjective feelings. There are simply no facts (that I’m aware of) that show nursing after a certain age is bad for a kid.  Since it’s such a personal thing, maybe we should just leave it up to the mother and child to decide what’s best. Women are already fighting enough battles over what they’re allowed to do with their bodies. Let’s not add another one.

6 mýtov o niekoľkoročnom kojení (schválne nepíšem dlhodobom, v tom článku vám povedia, že prečo)