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Lego Wants to Completely Remake Its Toy Bricks

It wants to eliminate its dependence on petroleum-based plastics, and build its toys entirely from plant-based or recycled materials by 2030. The challenge is designing blocks that click together yet separate easily, retain bright colors, and survive the rigors of being put through a laundry load, or the weight of an unknowing parent’s foot. In essence, the company wants to switch the ingredients, but keep the product exactly the same.

toto video sa Kike a Kubkovi veľmi páčilo:

She made the discovery, but a man got the Nobel. A half-century later, she’s won a $3 million prize.

tento seriál si určite pozriem (dúfam, že nepokazí dojem z knižiek):

klišé na instagrame (mysleli ste si, že ste originálni?)

Pozri sa tým deťom do očí a povedz im, že je to ich chyba a Dievča vyhralo bežeckú súťaž v balerínkach, v Moldave nad Bodvou sa tomu nečudujú

Proč si myslím, že Janova vražda nikdy nebude vyšetřena (h/t Katke)

Po půl roce se lidé, kteří selhali, vracejí na politicky exponovaná místa – Róbert Krajmer, policista, který na místě činu neměl co dělat, a přece na něm byl mezi prvními, jde na slovenské ministerstvo vnitra. Na ministerstvo vnitra míří i Tibor Gašpar, policejní prezident, který byl nucen na nátlak veřejnosti odstoupit. Stal se poradcem slovenské ministryně vnitra Denisy Sakové (SMER – sociálna demokracia). A aby toho nebylo málo, Gašpar se stal poradcem i českého ministra vnitra za sociální demokracii Jana Hamáčka. Protože SMER se vždycky dokázal postarat o „Svoje lidi“. A „Naši lidé“ na oplátku konají, když nemají, a nekonají, když mají.

Celodenný vstup do novoobjaveného aquaparku na planéte Mars úplne ZADARMO!

Britská kráľovná a jej brošne


invisible asymptotes

True, it’s often difficult for customers to articulate what they want. But what’s missed is that they’re often much better at pinpointing what they don’t want or like. What you should hear when customers say they want a faster horse is not the literal but instead that they find travel by horse to be too slow. The savvy product person can generalize that to the broader need of traveling more quickly, and that problem can be solved any number of ways that don’t involve cloning Secretariat or shooting their current horse up with steroids.

logicInk – programmable tattoos

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What It’s Like to Be Rihanna’s Personal Chef

So here’s a little story

Anyway I was getting sick of his shit when I noticed something. Thanks to our shared inbox, I’d been signing all communications as “Nicole”

‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

“The King’s life is moving peacefully towards its close,” was the final notice issued by George V’s doctor, Lord Dawson, at 9.30pm on the night of 20 January 1936. Not long afterwards, Dawson injected the king with 750mg of morphine and a gram of cocaine – enough to kill him twice over – in order to ease the monarch’s suffering, and to have him expire in time for the printing presses of the Times, which rolled at midnight.

…three of the Queen’s last four prime ministers were born after she came to the throne.

nové nórske bankovky majú zaujímavé druhé strany (celé sú s morskou tematikou)

Why STEM Majors Need the Humanities

The common element in all of this is knowing how to tell a story. Contrary to popular misconceptions about science and technology, a good piece of technical work is not a disembodied sequence of formulas and calculations, but rather is part of a narrative that has a long plot line and a large cast of characters.

picturing math – výstava v Met; ak ste v New Yorku, choďte. Pre nás, ktorí to teraz máme ďaleko, sú niektoré obrázky a komentáre tu

11:57:30 – the doomsday clock

There have been moves from five to six minutes before, to which this is proportional.  Also, the clock was at 11:57; it’s only been at 11:58 once before, after the US and Soviet Union did thermonuclear tests in close temporal proximity in 1953.  So unless they want to say it is literally the worst it has ever been, two and a half minutes to midnight it is.