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odsávanie mlieka v práci

As unappealing as the public bathroom was, I still preferred it to my other option of checking in with the managing editor every morning to find an empty office. Everything about the plan horrified me — involving another human being in my private business on a daily basis, posting a sign on the door informing passers-by that I was expressing milk from my breasts. Please knock.

na tú istú tému, ale už nie s tak pozitívnym výsledkom (vďaka Táni za linku) – ak je kojenie alebo odsávanie mlieka v práci dôvodom na výpoveď, nie je to diskriminácia

Judge Hughes ultimately sided with Houston Funding by declaring that “lactation is not pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition,” which are the requirements for substantiating a sex discrimination claim.

opäť raz o work-life balance

Why are we so invested in saying that there are some careers that are incompatible with having a family, and trying to find that subset of “big” careers that just won’t work for mothers? I’ve heard people say that my schedule is all well and good for the sort of work that I do, but it wouldn’t fly at a start up (shhh… don’t tell, but I’ve worked at start ups, too, and kept essentially the same hours), or in XYZ industry.

Well, to be blunt, I think that is bullshit. If people have work limits, then they will have interests outside of work. Why should it matter so much if those interests are children? I do acknowledge that some companies and industries have cultures that do not accept that people have work limits- but I think that is short-sighted and frankly counter-productive. And there is nothing inevitable about those cultures. They are not dictated by some sort of natural law, like gravity. People made those cultures. We could change them if we wanted to, and I suspect that if we did, we’d actually get more done. So why don’t we want to?

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo – rozdiel medzi švédskymi a americkými plagátmi

magická hlbočina trochu inak

Are Women People?


“Mother, what is a Feminist?”
“A Feminist, my daughter,
Is any woman now who cares
To think about her own affairs
As men don’t think she oughter.”

sexizmus v literatúre

It took me years to realise that I had been educated to privilege men’s writing over women’s. Like a lot of girls educated in the ’70s and ’80s, I grew up reading a canon of ‘great literature’ written by men (and, primarily, for men) … At school we read almost exclusively male writers … our one woman author was Jane Austen.”

The trend continued at university, though more women authors were studied.

“Without realising it, I was being educated into the view that ‘good’ writing focused on something other than [what were then primarily] women’s interests and concerns — relationships, domesticity, ‘feelings’, the woman’s point of view (except as rendered by ‘masters’ like Henry James and D.H. Lawrence).  Subject matter concerning women was regarded as trivial, ephemeral, sloppy and sentimental,” Luehde writes…

Where would J.K.Rowling have got to, I wonder, if she’d written as Joan Rowling about the wizard heroine called Hermione?

k debate o tom, či bude zdravotné poistenie plne pokrývať cenu antikoncepcie – napriek tomu, že postoj žien je jasný, muži o tom rozhodujú, hlavne muži o tom hovoria v správach, muži, ktorí sľúbili dodržiavať celibát, lobujú za výnimky a telesná autonómia žien sa stáva politickým nástrojom… choré

Novinky z Virgínie – povinný ultrazvuk pred ukončením tehotenstva a keďže väčšina plánovaných ukončení tehotenstva sa udeje v prvých týždňoch, nejedná sa o ten klasický ultrazvuk, ktorý si väčšina ľudí predstaví – keď sa sondou behá po nagelovanom bruchu – ale o vaginálny ultrazvuk. Aj keď s tým, žena nesúhlasí. Aj keď vloženie hocičoho do ženinej vagíny proti jej vôli, či už je to penis, ruka alebo lekársky inštrument, je znásilnenie.

This week, the Virginia state Legislature passed a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before they may have an abortion. Because the great majority of abortions occur during the first 12 weeks, that means most women will be forced to have a transvaginal procedure, in which a probe is inserted into the vagina, and then moved around until an ultrasound image is produced. Since a proposed amendment to the bill—a provision that would have had the patient consent to this bodily intrusion or allowed the physician to opt not to do the vaginal ultrasound—failed on 64-34 votethe law provides that women seeking an abortion in Virginia will be forcibly penetrated for no medical reason. I am not the first person to note that under any other set of facts, that would constitute rape under state law.

…During the floor debate on Tuesday, Del. C. Todd Gilbert announced that “in the vast majority of these cases, these [abortions] are matters of lifestyle convenience.” (He has since apologized.) Virginia Democrat Rep. David Englin, who opposes the bill, has said Gilbert’s statement “is in line with previous Republican comments on the issue,” recalling one conversation with a GOP lawmaker who told him that women had already made the decision to be “vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant.” (I confirmed with Englin that this quote was accurate.)

That’s the same logic that animates the bill’s sponsor in the House of Delegates, Del. Kathy J. Byron, who insisted this week that, “if we want to talk about invasiveness, there’s nothing more invasive than the procedure that she is about to have.” Decoded, that means that if you are willing to submit to sex and/or an abortion, the state should be allowed to penetrate your body as well.)

Novinky z Oklahomy – aby senátorka poukázala na absurditu navrhovaného zákona, ktorý hovorí, že nenarodené dieťa v každom štádiu vývoja – vrátane práve oplodneného vajíčka v ženskom tele – je už občanom so všetkými právami (Personhood Bill, o ktorom som už trochu písala tu, aj keď vtedy sa jednalo o štát Mississippi), navrhla dodatok, podľa ktorého budú z tohto pohľadu posudzované aj mužské spermie:

provided, however, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.

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