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Kvízová otázka: kto naspieval originál? (hint: nie sú to Limp Bizkit)

o dochvíľnosti a PhD

o talente

čo napísala Marylin Monroe svojmu chirurgovi, keď jej išli vyberať slepé črevo (lístok si prilepila na brucho):

cut as little as possible I know it seems vain but that doesn’t really enter in to it. The fact I’m a woman is important and means much to me… For God’s sakes Dear Doctor no ovaries removed

ako to je a ako by to mohlo byť

As you will see, if you compare what should happen when a woman gives birth, versus what actually happens, you can appreciate how tough it can be for US women to breastfeed, but how much easier it could be if only things were a little different around here.

Mrs. O – ako sa oblieka Michelle Obamová

opäť raz otázka Sú ženy ľudia?

antikoncepcia v minulosti

hmyz, ktorý sa schovával 80 rokov – dobré video na konci – fascinujúce, ako také niečo dlhé bolo naskladané v takom malom “vajci”

špeciálna edícia Nature o Alanovi Turingovi pri príležitosti 100 rokov od jeho narodenia – je tam niekoľko zaujímavých článkov

na MIT môžete vyštudovať aj pirátstvo

As of this school year, the physical education department is formally conferring pirate status on students, printing certificates on faux parchment with diploma-esque calligraphy. Each paper, authorized by the “swashbucklin’ ’’ Massachusetts Institute of Technology, certifies that the named “salty dog’’ is entitled to a Pirate Certificate “with all its privileges and obligations thereof.’’


Bringing Down the House

By Ben Mezrich, 2002, 257 pages, partial text, amazon

Even tough the book boasts that this is “The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions” and was listed in the non-fiction list when it became a bestseller, large portion of it is indeed fiction. But even knowing this it is a very catchy reading.

“So you guys cheat at cards?” “Absolutely not. We don’t alter any of the rules or … the nature of the game. We use our brains to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Blackjack is beatable – so we beat it. We beat the hell out if it.”

Yes, there was an MIT Blackjack Team. Yes, they counted cards. Yes, they made money out of it. That’s what’s true and what the story is based on. Most of the rest is just the fantasy of the author. But a very entertaining fantasy that brings you to the world of MIT and Boston on one hand and shiny, “double layer” world of casinos and Vegas on the other.

Last year there was also a movie made, but it is as far from the book as the book is from the true story.