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staré IKEA katalógy

Is It a Cheetah?

However, schools are to extraordinarily intelligent children what zoos are to cheetahs. Many schools provide a 10 x 12 foot cage, giving the unusual mind no room to get up to speed. Many highly gifted children sit in the classroom the way big cats sit in their cages, dull-eyed and silent. Some, unable to resist the urge from inside even though they can’t exercise it, pace the bars, snarl and lash out at their keepers, or throw themselves against the bars until they do themselves damage.

MasterWiki – “ukradnuté” z MasterClass, stručné ale zadarmo 

Neuralink demonstrates its next-generation brain-machine interface

Optimal Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

So, how do we make optimal peanut butter and banana sandwiches? It’s really quite simple. You take a picture of your banana and bread, pass the image through a deep learning model to locate said items, do some nonlinear curve fitting to the banana, transform to polar coordinates and “slice” the banana along the fitted curve, turn those slices into elliptical polygons, and feed the polygons and bread “box” into a 2D nesting algorithm.

The Pandemic Isn’t Forcing Moms Out of the Workforce — Dads Are

We also need to recognize that the way women get dragged into the role of primary caregiver isn’t always explicit — it’s insidious. Maybe a husband tells his wife that she’s just “better” at handling the toddler’s tantrums, or that the 10-year-old won’t listen to him the way she listens to her mom. He doesn’t remember the name of the kids’ pediatrician — because he’s not the parent who takes off of work when they’re sick — to make their appointment, so his wife might as well do it. He has no idea what his daughter’s shoe size is, or even that she needs new shoes at all. It’s the myth of the “male bumbler” — the absurdity of men believing themselves fit to run the world, but unable to figure out how to do the laundry or put a child down for a nap.

When Women Crowdfunded Radium For Marie Curie

She needed the radium for her ongoing research. But the element was expensive, and Curie was living off a single professor’s salary while supporting her two teenage daughters. Her husband and collaborator Pierre, with whom she shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics, had died in 1906.

The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary – čítali sme s deťmi, páčilo sa im

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Predčasne narodené deti sú už týždne bez rodičov, podpíšte sa pod otvorený list

Na Slovensku bolo hlavným hygienikom vydané rozhodnutie o zákaze návštev hospitalizovaných pacientov a pacientiek. Mnohé nemocnice teraz na základe tohto rozhodnutia úplne zakázali prístup rodičom k svojim deťom, čím došlo k hrubému zásahu do povinností a práv rodičov, ako aj do práv hospitalizovaných detí. Takýto zásah je z ľudskoprávneho hľadiska a z pohľadu medzinárodných dohovorov, ktorých je Slovenská republika signatárom, neproporcionálny, a to aj v čase pandémie. Súčasne je tento zásah protiprávny i v zmysle platných právnych predpisov Slovenskej republiky. Zamedzovanie ľudskému kontaktu medzi rodičmi a deťmi vnímame ako nesmierne necitlivé až kruté opatrenie, so závažnými dopadmi na zdravie detí a psychické zdravie rodičov a celých rodín.

Pueyo: How to Do Testing and Contact Tracing

We can reopen the economy again if we do a few things right, including testing and contact tracing. We need to test all people with symptoms and their contacts, which means at most 3% of our tests should turn out positive.

Relaxing All Social Distancing Behaviors Now Is a Huge Mistake

The 30 days will be blissful because people won’t pay the price for May’s experiment until June.

what happens next? play/read 30 mins (nič nové, ale to, čo vieme, vo výbornej forme)

For builders: Build tests. Build ventilators. Build personal protective equipment for hospitals. Build tests. Build masks. Build apps. Build antivirals, prophylactics, and other treatments that aren’t vaccines. Build vaccines. Build tests. Build tests. Build tests. Build hope.

“She gets frustrated every time we start,” one mother emailed her last week, “and then I get irritated and she gets irritated and it usually ends in me saying we should take a break and then the cycle repeats. One or both of us typically ends up in tears by the time it’s all said and done and no work is completed.”

All your questions about the pandemic, answered. Sort of.

Your kids are living through a crisis. It’s all right if they feel anxious, or if you can’t maintain routines or keep up with regular school schedules. Just make sure they don’t fall behind, and remember that kids thrive on routine. So stick to a schedule, but give them space, and stay inside, and go outside, and use technology to connect with teachers and friends, and limit screen time.

Ako zaškrtíš Desdemonu, keď si dva metre od nej? Lasom?

O mocenských hrách s webkamerou

Tí, ktorí mlčia a ostávajú skrytí, tak iste činia z rôznych pre nich dobrých dôvodov – od mocenskej hry, cez pohodlnosť, až po osobnostné nastavenie, túžbu po zachovaní súkromia svojej izby, či aktuálne osobné problémy. To však nič nemení na situácií, že  disponujú veľkou, často neuvedomenou silou: slobodou neprejaviť sa  a nič zo seba nedať. Deje sa to aj offline, ale v dištančnom svete karantény dostal tento jav priestor sa nečakane vo veľkom materializovať – cez každodenné rukolapné rozhodnutia o zapnutí či vypnutí webkamery.

Bolero som prvýkrát počula, keď som mala 12. Po tme. Dodnes mám zimomriavky zakaždým, keď ho počujem. Aj v takejto verzii má niečo do seba: 

How Much Ambition Can One Relationship Take?

‘Couples tend to start out mutually supportive of each other’s ambitions,’ Petriglieri continues. ‘But then something happens (for example, sharing a home or having children) to tip the balance in favour of one of them (often, but not always, the man).

Slovenky menej športujú, viac sa starajú … ako Slováci

[In Slovakia] In total, 60 % of women cook and do housework every day for at least one hour, compared to only 16 % of men, with generally higher shares among women (85 %) and men (18 %) in couples with children.

Wealth shown to scale

Daniel Radcliff číta Harryho Pottera

IKEA meatballs

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Greetings, E.T. (Please Don’t Murder Us.)

The anti-METI movement is predicated on a grim statistical likelihood: If we do ever manage to make contact with another intelligent life-form, then almost by definition, our new pen pals will be far more advanced than we are. The best way to understand this is to consider, on a percentage basis, just how young our own high-tech civilization actually is. We have been sending structured radio signals from Earth for only the last 100 years. If the universe were exactly 14 billion years old, then it would have taken 13,999,999,900 years for radio communication to be harnessed on our planet. The odds that our message would reach a society that had been tinkering with radio for a shorter, or even similar, period of time would be staggeringly long. Imagine another planet that deviates from our timetable by just a tenth of 1 percent: If they are more advanced than us, then they will have been using radio (and successor technologies) for 14 million years. Of course, depending on where they live in the universe, their signals might take millions of years to reach us. But even if you factor in that transmission lag, if we pick up a signal from another galaxy, we will almost certainly find ourselves in conversation with a more advanced civilization.

It is this asymmetry that has convinced so many future-minded thinkers that METI is a bad idea. The history of colonialism here on Earth weighs particularly heavy on the imaginations of the METI critics. Stephen Hawking, for instance, made this observation in a 2010 documentary series: ‘‘If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.’’ David Brin echoes the Hawking critique: ‘‘Every single case we know of a more technologically advanced culture contacting a less technologically advanced culture resulted at least in pain.’’

Wrestling with the METI question suggests, to me at least, that the one invention human society needs is more conceptual than technological: We need to define a special class of decisions that potentially create extinction-level risk. New technologies (like superintelligent computers) or interventions (like METI) that pose even the slightest risk of causing human extinction would require some novel form of global oversight. And part of that process would entail establishing, as Denning suggests, some measure of risk tolerance on a planetary level. If we don’t, then by default the gamblers will always set the agenda, and the rest of us will have to live with the consequences of their wagers.

America made me a feminist

In America, a woman’s body seemed to belong to everybody but herself. Her sexuality belonged to her husband, her opinion of herself belonged to her social circles, and her uterus belonged to the government. She was supposed to be a mother and a lover and a career woman (at a fraction of the pay) while remaining perpetually youthful and slim. In America, important men were desirable. Important women had to be desirable. That got to me.

Every New York City Subway Line Is Getting Worse

Sci-Hub Ordered to Pay $15 Million in Piracy Damages

Elsevier says: the Sci-Hub activity ’causes irreparable injury to Elsevier, its customers and the public’ and US court agreed. That feels like a perfect crime. If you want to cause an irreparable injury to American public, what do you have to do? Now we know the answer: establish a website where they can read research articles for free,” she adds.

Previously, Elbakyan already confirmed to us that, lawsuit or not, the site is not going anywhere.

Miška píše z Iraku

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tento legový fotograf je výborný

Lego fotograf

výborný je aj tento dizajn knihy Farenheit 451fahrenheit451

Fahrenheit 451 is a novel about a dystopian future where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house that contains them. The story is about suppressing ideas, and about how television destroys interest in reading literature. I wanted to spread the book-burning message to the book itself. The book’s spine is screen-printed with a matchbook striking paper surface, so the book itself can be burned.

Druhý posudok môže zachrániť život – zase raz bulvárny titulok na sme, ale článok o zakladateľovi diagnose.me ma zaujal

IKEA uses 1% of world’s commercial wood supply?

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen launches app

Program allows people to play chess against younger versions of world champion Magnus Carlsen… The aim is to promote chess among as many people as possible to make the sport more popular and accessible. “The good thing is that you can play me at any age. At age five, anyone has a chance to beat me,” Mr Carlsen said.

So what is it like for Mr Carlsen to play against his younger self? “He is really tricky,” the champion said. “Even Magnus at 11 years old was a very gifted tactician. A while ago I played as a test Magnus [aged] 14. I outplayed him at some point positionally. And just boom, boom, he tricked me tactically. “But he makes mistakes as well, so I just have to be patient.”

seven months pregnant and working in the fields (Nepál, h/t Zuzine za linku, a ešte varovanie: píše sa tam aj o tehotenstve, ktoré nekončí dobre)

the self-reflecting pool – ja tomu hovorím, že si takto chodím vymývať mozog

We enter the meditative state induced by counting laps, and observe the subtle play of light as the sun moves across the lanes. We sing songs, or make to-do lists, or fantasize about what we’re going to eat for breakfast. Submersion creates the space to be free, to stretch, without having to contend with constant external chatter. It creates internal quiet, too.

25 historical images that normalize breastfeeding