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The seven people killed on a World Central Kitchen mission in Gaza on Monday were the best of humanity. They are not faceless or nameless. They are not generic aid workers or collateral damage in war.

Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha, John Chapman, Jacob Flickinger, Zomi Frankcom, James Henderson, James Kirby and Damian Sobol risked everything for the most fundamentally human activity: to share our food with others.

Their work was based on the simple belief that food is a universal human right. It is not conditional on being good or bad, rich or poor, left or right. We do not ask what religion you belong to. We just ask how many meals you need.

World Central Kitchen, led by a humanitarian chef, has fed crisis zones for years (aj na Slovensku)

The organization said the convoy had been traveling in a deconflicted zone, in armored cars branded with their logo and after coordinating movements with Israel’s military, which now says it will conduct an investigation of the incident “at the highest levels.” Erin Gore, the CEO of World Central Kitchen, called it a “targeted attack.”

“This is not only an attack against WCK, this is an attack on humanitarian organizations showing up in the most dire of situations where food is being used as a weapon of war,” she said.

The U.S.-based organization, which was founded by celebrity chef José Andrés and his wife Patricia in 2010, delivers food to people on the front lines of natural and humanitarian disasters around the world.

It has been working on the ground in the region since Hamasled militants attacked Israel on Oct. 7 and killed more than 1,200 people, according to the Israeli government. Israeli’s military response in Gaza has killed more than 32,000 Palestinians, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, displaced an estimated 1.7 million and left the territory on the brink of famine.

WCK said last week that it had provided some 42 million meals to people in Gaza over 175 days, calling the situation there “the most dire we’ve ever seen or experienced in our 15 year history.”

The internet, as anyone who works deep in its trenches will tell you, is not a smooth, well-oiled machine.

It’s a messy patchwork that has been assembled over decades, and is held together with the digital equivalent of Scotch tape and bubble gum. Much of it relies on open-source software that is thanklessly maintained by a small army of volunteer programmers who fix the bugs, patch the holes and ensure the whole rickety contraption, which is responsible for trillions of dollars in global G.D.P., keeps chugging along.

Last week, one of those programmers may have saved the internet from huge trouble.

This is the story of the deadliest infectious disease of all time. It’s been with us for 3 million years, since before humans were homo sapiens. We have evidence of it in the mummies of ancient Egypt, and it’s mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.

We’ve made extraordinary medical advances. Vaccines, antibiotics, and clean water have saved millions of lives. And yet despite that, in 2022, this disease killed more people than malaria, typhoid, cholera, homicide, and war…combined.

It has gone by many names. In ancient China, it was known as huaifu, meaning “destroyed palace.” In ancient Hebrew, “schachepheth,” meaning wasting away. The 19th-century term: “consumption,” for the way it seemed to consume the body. Today, we call it tuberculosis.

táto IKEA kampaň sa mi veľmi páči 

Public discourse is polluted with overconfident claims that carry zero repercussions if wrong. The list of topics is endless: this country lied, that candidate cheated, this food treats a sickness, that convict is innocent.

While spurious claims are often harmless, the phenomenon becomes more concerning when wrong information causes people, organizations, and governments to support or adopt harmful policies.

stabilizačná guľa v taiwanskom mrakodrape počas zemetrasenia

Typically, the tuned mass dampers, a kind of seismic vibration control technology, are huge concrete blocks mounted in skyscrapers or other structures and moved in opposition to the resonance frequency oscillations of the structures by means of some sort of spring mechanism. Taipei 101 skyscraper needs to withstand typhoon winds and earthquake tremors common in its area of the Asia-Pacific. For this purpose, a steel pendulum weighing 660 metric tons that serves as a tuned mass damper was designed and installed atop the structure. Suspended from the 92nd to the 88th floor, the pendulum sways to decrease resonant amplifications of lateral displacements in the building caused by earthquakes and strong gusts.

zbaviť sa baktérií, ktoré spôsobujú zubné kazy? Vyzerá to dobre, len by to chcelo nejaké štúdie, či to naozaj funguje a či to nemá nejaké vedľajšie účinky. FDA požadovala prakticky neprevediteľný design, takže to ponúkajú ako probiotikum. Budem sledovať, uvidíme, ale toto je biohack, do ktorého by som išla.

V US mali teraz nedávno zatmenie. My by sme sa mohli za ďalším vybrať v lete 2027. Španielsko v lete 2026 nevyzerá veľmi sľubne, lebo to bude až o pol deviatej večer, tesne nad západným horizontom. 

We see stars all the time, so we’re well-acquainted with our reality living in outer space (even if it’s easy to forget during the day). But when I looked up at the sky during the total eclipse, it was the first time I had experienced another, totally different way to see with my eyes that I lived in outer space. I saw one sphere positioned in front of another sphere, with two other spheres—Venus and Jupiter—floating nearby. More than ever before, it felt obvious that I was standing on the edge of a fifth sphere. For the first time in my life, I was looking at the Solar System.  

why Moms should get their pictures taken

They span important years, these missing photos; they contain milestones and holidays and later, grandkids. She died too early, and she missed out on so many years with her grandchildren. And I’m angry that the time they did have with her is not documented anywhere. I’m angry that our society values the work that grandmothers do, but not the way that they look. I’m angry that my daughter has so few pictures of herself with her grandmother.

Now, when someone raises a camera to take a picture of me or my daughter wants a selfie, I always say yes. I try to worry less about how tired I look or how much makeup I’m wearing, and more about just letting somebody take the damn picture. I bought my daughter a camera and yes, I let her take shots of me from below, hulking and ridiculous. But there I am, existing!

of top-notch algorithms and zoned-out humans

This problem is sometimes termed “the paradox of automation”. An automated system can assist humans or even replace human judgment. But this means that humans may forget their skills or simply stop paying attention. When the computer needs human intervention, the humans may no longer be up to the job. Better automated systems mean these cases become rare and stranger, and humans even less likely to cope with them.

Politický marketér Znášik z Korčokovho tímu: Treba sa oklepať a skúsiť to znovu

V živote som už nejaký outdoor objednával, viem, koľko stojí to, čo mali vylepené. Preto hovorím, že už len samotný outdoor bol nad zákonný limit. Ale sú tu aj ďalšie dôvody. Peter Pellegrini je ideálnym kandidátom na prezidenta Slovenskej republiky, lebo je to človek, ktorý má presne taký názor, ako práve treba. Aj keď každých päť minút iný. Nemá farbu ani chuť, je nekonfliktný a čiernu robotu zaňho urobí vždy niekto iný.

Harvard has halted its long-planned atmospheric geoengineering experiment 

The basic concept behind solar geoengineering is that the world might be able to counteract global warming by spraying tiny particles in the atmosphere that could scatter sunlight. 

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