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žalujem… moja manželka pribudla do štatistík a ešte rozhovor s autorom

the blackest material in the world

the return of the DIY abortion

In other words, there appear to have been some missing pregnancies in parts of the country where it was hardest to get an abortion.

data science of the facebook world

I have to say that as I look at the plots above, I’m struck by their similarity to plots for physical processes like chemical reactions. It’s as if all those humans, with all the complexities of their lives, still behave in aggregate a bit like molecules—with certain “reaction rates” to enter into relationships, marry, etc.

pozrieme s deťmi, keď bude:

peňazí v slovenskom školstve je zúfalo málo – jeden z mála článkov o nedávnom učiteľskom štrajku, kde sa píše o učiteľkách a nielen o učiteľoch

ľudia už po šachoch a dáme prehrali aj go

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