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Stop asking me ‘what about men?’ (h/t Zuzine za linku)

Women do not read a campaign about male mental health or male abuse or male cancers and furiously tweet back ‘what about women, you cunt?!’ because they didn’t think about themselves when they read it. They didn’t see the campaign as two fingers up to women.

‘Whataboutery’ comes from a place of misogyny. An arrogant, derailing technique used to respond to a campaign, video, research study, intervention, organisation or communication that screams ‘I don’t care about women, talk about men!!’ 
And the proof is in the pudding for me. Because when I do all those things with a focus on boys and men, I’m a fucking hero. But when I do all of those things and focus on girls and women, I’m a fat, ugly feminist

When I write a tweet about women being murdered or raped, I didn’t forget men. I didn’t forget they could be murdered or raped. I didn’t accidentally miss them off my tweet. I simply CHOSE to talk about the experiences of females. It is not helpful, or clever, or promoting ‘equality’ to write to a researcher specialising in women’s studies and tell her in three paragraphs why she should focus on men. 

The female price of male pleasure

For all the calls for nuance in this discussion of what does and doesn’t constitute harassment or assault, I’ve been dumbstruck by the flattening work of that phrase — specifically, the assumption that “bad sex” means the same thing to men who have sex with women as it does to women who have sex with men.

The studies on this are few. A casual survey of forums where people discuss “bad sex” suggests that men tend to use the term to describe a passive partner or a boring experience. (Here’s a very unscientific Twitter poll I did that found just that.) But when most women talk about “bad sex,” they tend to mean coercion, or emotional discomfort or, even more commonly, physical pain. Debby Herbenick, a professor at the Indiana University School of Public Health, and one of the forces behind the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, confirmed this. “When it comes to ‘good sex,'” she told me, “women often mean without pain, men often mean they had orgasms.”

We’re so blind to pain being the giant missing term in our sexual discussions that ABC News’ epic 2004 “American Sex Survey,” which includes an amazing 67 questions, never once mentions it. It doesn’t even show up as a possible reason for orgasm-faking.

But next time we’re inclined to wonder why a woman didn’t immediately register and fix her own discomfort, we might wonder why we spent the preceding decades instructing her to override the signals we now blame her for not recognizing.

lego patent má 60 rokov

táto kočka má 16 rokov

parádne fotky z Marsu

How much money has been spent attempting to bring Matt Damon back from distant places?

Movie Budgets
Courage under Fire: $46m
Saving Private Ryan: $70m
Titan AE: $75m
Syriana: $50m
Green Zone: $100m
Elysium: $115m
Interstellar: $165m
The Martian: $108m
TOTAL: $729m

Fictional Costs (My estimates, costs are in 2015 currency)
Courage Under Fire (Gulf War 1 helicopter rescue): $300k
Saving Private Ryan (WW2 Europe search party): $100k
Titan AE (Earth evacuation spaceship): $200B
Syriana (Middle East private security return flight): $50k
Green Zone (US Army transport from Middle East): $50k
Elysium (Space station security deployment and damages): $100m
Interstellar (Interstellar spaceship): $500B
The Martian (Mars mission): $200B
TOTAL: $900B plus change

Object Arranger

The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True in 2017

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bitcoin a iné kryptomeny – dobre napísané (v piatok som mala o nich debatu aj s prvákmi na informatike… a nie, ja som ju nezačala)

rozhovor so Zuzanou Límovou, ktorá natočila film o slovenských pôrodniciachk tomu táto hrôza 

Nebudem vám rozprávať o nepeknom prostredí či starom zariadení, lebo cez to sa človek prenesie. Čo ale riešite, je zúfalstvo, že s vami nikto nekomunikuje, že sa k vám správajú ako ku kusu mäsa.

a pritom to môže byť takéto parádne

A contraction duly arrives, Laura pushes and roars. Screams and contorts her face. Amazingly she doesn’t swear but uses Enid Blyton curse words like ‘golly!’ and ‘gosh!’, and a melodic and beautiful wailing, it is like siren song, here she is, in water, crying out in primal pain with harmony, harmony with herself, with the sound, with birth.

I’ve heard new fathers say, ‘I never knew such love was in me,’ but I always knew, I just didn’t know what to do with it. When I saw her I knew. I knew her and I knew what to do.

I climbed into the pool. Laura talks to her daughter: ‘Hello. I’m your mummy. I’m your mummy and you’ve done so well.’ She doesn’t cry but we do. Not sobbing or weeping, tears run as if a newly acquired altitude is wringing them from our faces.

Maria Svarbova a jej fotky z bazénov

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Včera vo veku 40 rokov na rakovinu zomrela Maryam Mirzakhani, matematička iránskeho pôvodu, jediná žena, ktorá dostala Fieldsovu medailu (keď sa dávali naposledy, v roku 2014). Mala českého manžela a malú dcéru.

To her dismay, Mirzakhani did poorly in her mathematics class that year. Her math teacher didn’t think she was particularly talented, which undermined her confidence. At that age, “it’s so important what others see in you,” Mirzakhani said. “I lost my interest in math.” The following year, Mirzakhani had a more encouraging teacher, however, and her performance improved enormously. “Starting from the second year, she was a star,” Beheshti said.

A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World

When you teach, you do something useful. When you do research, most days you don’t.

That Huh would achieve this status after starting mathematics so late is almost as improbable as if he had picked up a tennis racket at 18 and won Wimbledon at 20. It’s the kind of out-of-nowhere journey that simply doesn’t happen in mathematics today, where it usually takes years of specialized training even to be in a position to make new discoveries. Yet it would be a mistake to see Huh’s breakthroughs as having come in spite of his unorthodox beginning. In many ways they’re a product of his unique history — a direct result of his chance encounter, in his last year of college, with a legendary mathematician who somehow recognized a gift in Huh that Huh had never perceived himself.

Teaching to fail – vďaka Ondrovi za linku

The most common errors in undergraduate mathematics – aj táto je dobrá a tiež Ondrova

You Don’t Need Blue Apron to Teach You to Turn On Your Oven

Whenever I write a recipe for a magazine or newspaper my editors demand more measurements and cooking times. This phony precision undermines the heart, and joy, of cooking. Chefs sample their dishes multiple times as they cook because cooking happens by taste and by eye, not by time and temperature. Baking is the fussy one where you need measurements, while cooking is for slobs like me.

Does that look like enough pasta? Does this taste as salty as you like? That sauce looks thin — let’s throw in some more tomatoes. People become dependent on cooking times and temperatures because they don’t understand how cooking works, they know only how to follow a recipe.

Datascapes – atlas for the end of the world; somewhat related: Summary of Solutions by Overall Rank

The tragedy of men

The biggest problem with masculinity, Perry proffers, is that it’s based on a model that’s several thousands of years old, when survival depended on physical strength and male power. Or, as he puts it, “masculinity is to chase things and fight things and to fuck. Everything else is a bit of a mismatch.” This framework for men has remained remarkably persistent even as society has evolved past it, with modern jobs and relationships requiring a very different set of skills. Feminism, Perry observes, is forward-thinking, wondering how women can change themselves and their lives for the better. But masculinity is regressive, always “harking back to some mythical golden age (for men), when men were ‘men.’” The easiest thing in the world to sell to men who feel disenfranchised from modern life, he says, is nostalgia—a promise that the world can change to fit them rather than the other way around. That men can be great again.

s kým trávime čas – trochu smutné grafy; zaujímavé by bolo pozrieť, či/ako sa slovenské podobajú na tie americké

meet Ruby and her friends

Snow leopard

About me: I’m the most beautiful, polite and well-mannered Snow leopard I know. I often have fights with the robots. (Which is kind of pointless, since we are similar in the end.) 
Birthday: June 8th
Interests: Solitude, Zen, and pirates
Pet peeve: People think I’m tough, but I’m really cuddly. 
Favorite expression: Think different
Secret superpower: Boundless beauty

Mladá osobnosť vedy Tomáš Bertók: Ľuďom chýba súdnosť a kritické myslenie

what bullets do to bodies

Early in my medical training, I learned that it is not the bullet that kills you, but the path the bullet takes. A non-expanding (or full-metal-jacket) bullet often enters the body in a straight line. Like a knife, it damages the organs and tissues directly in its path, and then it either exits the body or, if it is traveling at a slower velocity, is stopped by bone, tissue or skin.

This is in contrast to expanding bullets, especially if shot from an assault rifle, which can discharge bullets much faster than a handgun. Once they enter the body, they fragment and explode, pulverizing bones, tearing blood vessels and liquefying organs…

Two years ago, a group of doctors wrote in the Annals of Internal Medicine: “It does not matter whether we believe that guns kill people or that people kill people with guns — the result is the same: a public health crisis.” In the war zone of the E.R., we don’t see partisanship or politics. We see the devastation that happens when our society normalizes tools of total bodily destruction.

este raz (dlhšie a ťažké čítanie)… a tu je to celé v dvoch vetách

She started talking about the 2012 murder of 20 schoolchildren and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Goldberg said that if people had been shown the autopsy photos of the kids, the gun debate would have been transformed. “The fact that not a single one of those kids was able to be transported to a hospital, tells me that they were not just dead, but really really really really dead.

akčné fotky a fotky spod mikroskopu

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The Goddesses of Venus: a topographic map

Large craters are named after famous women and I was happy to see a lot of names I recognised: Beatrix Potter, Rachel Carson, Virginia Woolf…

Keby na Zemi žilo iba 100 ľudí

The best medical science images of the year

Emma Watson hides feminist books for International Women’s Day

Why it’s so important for girls to find role models in female scientists

Prečo je politika podpory dojčenia dôležitá?

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Melinda Gates: Current data is sexist and To close the gender gap, we have to close the data gap first

write less code

but the best code is no code at all. Every new line of code you willingly bring into the world is code that has to be debugged, code that has to be read and understood, code that has to be supported… If you love writing code– really, truly love to write code– you’ll love it enough to write as little of it as possible.

Incredible “Day to Night” Photography

Svalbard global seed vault – Sýria si už nejaké semená musela vyžiadať aj naspäť


I no longer understand my PhD dissertation (and what this means for Mathematics Education)

Anxiety, Meds, and Words from the Horizon. (So to Speak.)

Love and regret: mothers who wish they’d never had children

Does Your Daughter Know It’s OK To Be Angry?

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wikipedia: unusual articles

2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest – súťaž ešte beží; niektoré z týchto fotiek sú úžasné

Švédske číslo:


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

SpaceX Wants to Go to Mars—and It Actually Can

sexual consent and tea (h/t Zuzine)

If they’re unconscious, they don’t want tea.

virtuálna realita – skúšali sme niečo podobné aj deťmi a bolo to presvedčivé – Kika sa bála, že spadne do vesmíru

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záleží aj na osobe, ktorá fotí, nielen na tom, koho fotia:

simulácie pomocou emotikonov – paráda (môžte aj meniť)

Why boys should read girl books (h/t Zuzine)

We read to experience a panoply of perspectives. We read to learn of people and situations outside and beyond ourselves, so we can deepen our connection and understanding. We read to prepare for life. It follows, then, that we are raising our boys to dismiss other people’s experiences, and to see their needs and concerns as the center of things. We are raising our boys to lack empathy.

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How Doctors Take Women’s Pain Less Seriously

“Female pain might be perceived as constructed or exaggerated”: We saw this from the moment we entered the hospital, as the staff downplayed Rachel’s pain, even plain ignored it. In her essay, Jamison refers back to “The Girl Who Cried Pain,” a study identifying ways gender bias tends to play out in clinical pain management. Women are  “more likely to be treated less aggressively in their initial encounters with the health-care system until they ‘prove that they are as sick as male patients,’” the study concludes—a phenomenon referred to in the medical community as “Yentl Syndrome.”

What It’s Like Living in the Coldest Town on Earth

The Importance of Recreational Math

In 1975, a San Diego woman named Marjorie Rice read in her son’s Scientific American magazine that there were only eight known pentagonal shapes that could entirely tile, or tessellate, a plane. Despite having had no math beyond high school, she resolved to find another. By 1977, she’d discovered not just one but four new tessellations — a result noteworthy enough to be published the following year in a mathematics journal.

How fast do living organisms move: Maximum speeds from bacteria to elephants and whales


…the maximum speed has rarely attracted the interest of physicists, despite its remarkable scaling property; it is roughly proportional to length throughout nearly the whole range of running and swimming organisms. We propose a simple order-of-magnitude interpretation of this ubiquitous relationship, based on physical properties shared by life forms of very different body structure and varying by more than 20 orders of magnitude in body mass.

dobrá fotka z ISS – vysvietené Times Square… a zaujímavé, ako viac svieti Hoboken (tam sme pár rokov bývali) oproti ostatným mestečkám v New Jersey

Head to head (Nájdu sa aj ženské alebo zmiešané dvojice?)

Turner and Constable are not alone in the pantheon of epic rivalries between creative giants. Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, two of the most brilliant mathematicians and thinkers of the 17th century, laid claim to the development of calculus, the mathematical study of change. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla both invented electrical systems in the 1880s. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates went head-to-head as pioneers of the computer age. If you Google almost any famous figure along with ‘rivalry’, you’ll find some interesting results.

London Police ‘Super Recognizer’ Walks Beat With a Facebook of the Mind

Friends call Constable Collins Rain Man or Yoda or simply The Oracle. But to Scotland Yard, London’s metropolitan police force, he is known as a “super recognizer.” He has a special gift of facial recall powers that enables him to match even low-quality and partial imagery to a face he has seen before, on the street or in a database and possibly years earlier. The last time he had come face to face with Mr. Prince was during a fleeting encounter in 2005.

Akty v átriu

Máme v škole takú miestnosť, ktorá sa volá átrium. Je v nej kopa svetla, ratanové kresielka, zopár zelených kamarátov. Väčšinou je v nej voľne pohodených aj niekoľko študentov, ktorí majú medzeru medzi výučbou. Niekedy sa učia, niekedy sa hrajú na počítačoch, niekedy len tak kecajú.

A pred nejakým časom sa v nej na stenách začali objavovať fotky. Fajn nápad – prinášať trochu estetiky na technickú fakultu. Bola tam napríklad výstava, ktorá sa volala Moravské vlny, niečo v takomto duchu.

Keď som sa vrátila z Bornea, tak sa ma kolegyne, ktoré ma už vedia odhadnúť, pýtali, či som videla najnovšiu výstavu v átriu. Nie, mala by som? Samozrejme, že som sa išla pozrieť. Volala sa Z intímneho denníka, autor Vlado Bača. Bol s ňou už aj v Berlíne, v Moskve. Vraj umenie.

Teraz očakávaný disclaimer. Nevadí mi nahota. Nevadí mi nikoho sexualita (pokiaľ tým niekomu neškodí). Dokonca práve naopak, páči sa mi, keď sa ľudia cítia dobre vo svojich telách. Natoľko dobre, že im nevadí, keď ich iní vidia nahí. Páči sa mi, keď vedia, čo im prináša potešenie a nehanbia sa za to.

Ale tieto fotky mi vadili. Odhliadnuc od toho, že kontext bol zlý – (slovami jednej z tých spomínaných kolegýň) nepatrili do takéhoto verejného priestoru na akademickej pôde, určeného vpodstate na relaxáciu. Tých nie veľa dievčat, ktoré na fakulte (riadenia a informatiky) máme, ktoré sa aj za normálnych okolností nemusia cítiť práve suverénne na tejto škole, ostalo zarazených. Niektoré sa vyjadrovali, že sa teraz v átriu necítia dobre, že si tam nejdú sadnúť, že či by chalani boli ok s tým, keby tam boli po stenách rozvešané penisy? Páni sa na penisy síce okúňali, to by vraj bolo divné, ale až na pár výnimiek sa zástupcovia mužského pokolenia vyjadrovali, že výstava je pekná.

Ale odhliadnuc od nevhodného kontextu, tieto obrázky by mne osobne vadili aj v inom prostredí. A neviem úplne presne vyjadriť prečo (a verte mi, že počas tých diskusií o nich na fakulte som sa snažila si to hlavne sama so sebou ujasniť). Tie fotky zmazávali individualitu – žena na nich mala buď rozmazanú tvár, alebo odvrátenú, alebo hlava ani nebola na obrázku. Bolo tam telo a obrázok bol zaostrený na prsia. Alebo na rozkrok. Bol to objekt určený na niekoho (zjavne hlavne mužskú) konzumáciu. Nejde o to, či to telo je krásne (je!), ale o to, že je použité na potešenie niekoho ako keby to bola vec, bez citov, bez myšlienok, bez vlastných túžob, zameniteľné s hocijakým iným. Malo byť (bolo?) sexy – rola, ktorá zahŕňa príťažlivosť pre druhých, ale nevyžarovalo vlastnú sexualitu – to je porozumenie a zžitie sa s vlastnými túžbami.

Hovorí sa tomu objektifikácia. A spoločnosť, ktorá také niečo toleruje je pomerne toxická pre dievčatá a ženy. Ženské telo je verejný majetok, ktorý sa môže používať, ktorý má slúžiť. Formuje to vzťahy, a to nielen medzi mužmi a ženami, ale aj medzi ženami a ich telami – v konečnom dôsledku všetky tie kritizovania, ako vyzeráme a čas strávený skrášľovaním sú ovplyvnené tým, že stále sa do veľkej miery do „hodnoty” ženy započítava to, ako vyzerá.

Preto mi vadí, keď napríklad v reklame na sťahovanie (už dlhodobo billboard v Žiline pri jednom veľkom obchoďáku) je nahý ženský zadok, z ktorého sa sťahujú nohavičky (slogan niečo v duchu o jednoduchom sťahovaní). Keď sú ledva zahalené prsia v reklame na pivo. Keď sa pozeráme na telo ako na objekt na niečo slúžiaci a nie ako na ženu, ktorej patrí. Kedy ste videli takto použité mužské telo? Nehovorím, že nie sú obrázky nahých chlapov. Sú. Mne pár rokov na intráku jeden taký visel v skrini. Ale tí chlapi nemajú odrezanú hlavu. Nie sú v pasívnej polohe.

Preto (asi) mi vadí, keď to telo vidím na fotkách v takejto podobe, aj keď nič nepredáva. Pretože predáva seba.

Autor má úplne iný pohľad. Preňho je to manželka, skutočná živá osoba, ktorú dobre pozná, ktorú má rád. S ktorou si tie fotky fotili pre svoju vlastnú potrebu. A dodatočne, po rokoch ich zverejnili. Ale pre mňa nie je. Ja dívajúc sa na takúto fotku sa s ňou nejakým spôsobom identifikujem, je to “žena ako ja”. A ja sa zrazu cítim viac odhalená, ale nie dobrým spôsobom, lebo to nebolo moje rozhodnutie.

Keď som si tú výstavu pozrela, tak som začala písať e-mail zodpovedným. Táto taktika sa mi prednedávnom celkom osvedčila, keď som protestovala proti jednému z prijateľných dôvodov na blokovanie rozvrhu: vraj matky s deťmi do 10 rokov si môžu pred rozdeľovaním výučby zablokovať rozvrh, aby nemuseli učiť skoro ráno alebo neskoro poobede/večer. Tak som vysvetľovala zjavné – prečo by tam mali byť rodičia a nie matky. Nebola som jediná a pravidlo už je oficiálne zmenené.

Takže aj tento raz som začala písať, niečo ako tento článok, ale trochu som sa krotila vo vyjadreniach. Samozrejme, že som sa nevedela vykoktať, tak som ho nechala rozpísaný s tým, že dokončím nasledujúci deň, snáď sa mi podarí lepšie vyjadriť to, čo chcem. Ale fotky do nasledujúceho rána zmizli. V átriu a priľahlých priestoroch sa konala First Lego League – lego súťaž pre žiakov základných škôl – a organizátorom sa nezdalo ok, aby sa pomedzi tieto fotky motali deti. A zjavne sa sťažoval aj niekto iný, lebo padlo rozhodnutie už ich nezavesiť naspäť, aj keď mala výstava pôvodne trvať do polovice decembra.

Som spokojná? Áno aj nie. Spokojná, že tam už nevisia. Nespokojná, že sa tam vôbec dostali a že chlapom v okolí sa nezdalo, že je tam nejaký problém. Ani po tom, čo sa ženy vyjadrili, že je.

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realita spojená so známymi filmovými scénami (h/t Didi)


červená škvrna na Jupiteri sa zmenšuje

Historic observations as far back as the late 1800s gauged this turbulent spot to span about 41 000 kilometres at its widest point — wide enough to fit three Earths comfortably side by side. In 1979 and 1980 the NASA Voyager fly-bys measured the spot at a shrunken 23 335 kilometres across. Now, Hubble has spied this feature to be smaller than ever before.

“Recent Hubble Space Telescope observations confirm that the spot is now just under 16 500 kilometres across, the smallest diameter we’ve ever measured,” said Amy Simon of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA.

ako hovorí Stephen Hawking, to nie je náš najväčší problém

spurious correlations – o tom, že korelácia nerovná sa kauzalita


What’s the link between human rights and cooking, cleaning and caring and why does it matter? (h/t Zuzine)

if society recognized  unpaid care work as work – valuable work, significant work, a major occupation – then our policies would be very different. Our government budgets would be different, and our strategies for development would be different.

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