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realita spojená so známymi filmovými scénami (h/t Didi)


červená škvrna na Jupiteri sa zmenšuje

Historic observations as far back as the late 1800s gauged this turbulent spot to span about 41 000 kilometres at its widest point — wide enough to fit three Earths comfortably side by side. In 1979 and 1980 the NASA Voyager fly-bys measured the spot at a shrunken 23 335 kilometres across. Now, Hubble has spied this feature to be smaller than ever before.

“Recent Hubble Space Telescope observations confirm that the spot is now just under 16 500 kilometres across, the smallest diameter we’ve ever measured,” said Amy Simon of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA.

ako hovorí Stephen Hawking, to nie je náš najväčší problém

spurious correlations – o tom, že korelácia nerovná sa kauzalita


What’s the link between human rights and cooking, cleaning and caring and why does it matter? (h/t Zuzine)

if society recognized  unpaid care work as work – valuable work, significant work, a major occupation – then our policies would be very different. Our government budgets would be different, and our strategies for development would be different.


dobrá prednáška Dona Knutha

24 people who applied for the world’s toughest job were in for quite a surprise (h/t Zuzine za linku)

How my husband and I finally achieved equality at home

At first, it was easy. Tom and I supported each other in our work, shared the domestic drudgery equally, and always seemed to have time for each other and for fun. Life was not only good, it felt fair.

Then we had a son. And then a daughter. Like that frog in the science experiment who has the sense to jump out of a pot of boiling water but, plopped into tepid water, he doesn’t notice it gradually heating to boiling point until he is cooked, our division of labour through the years steadily grew laughably, ridiculously, irrationally, frustratingly unfair. Forget about having it all, it felt like I was doing it all.

“You are not the Lion King!” I would occasionally yell, usually after finding myself scrubbing an oven hood so clogged with grease that the smoke alarms wouldn’t stop screeching while he watched TV. “You don’t get to laze around while I do all the work!” He’d shoot back that my standards were too high. “You’re just like Marge Simpson. When her house was burning down, she found dirty dishes in the sink and stood there washing them,” he’d say.

When it came to the kids, I took them to all their medical appointments. Tom didn’t even know where the dentist’s office was. Without question, I was the one who stayed at home or rearranged my work schedule when they were sick. While Tom slept soundly or was off at work, I was the one still up at 2am baking cupcakes for the school or wrapping Christmas presents.

It had reached the point where I didn’t want to feel so hostile and resentful all the time, so I made a weird, lopsided bargain: I would do most of the child, house and garden work, taxes and drudge stuff. All I asked for in return, I told Tom, was this: “I just want you to notice – and say thank you.”

Mongolské dievča s orlom (pekné fotky)

Shaun the Sheep bude aj film (to by sme už možno mohli zobrať deti do kina): YouTube Preview Image

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Slovenka žijúca v Belgicku, u ktorej som an jeseň pár dní bývala počas konferencie, Marta Gal, organizuje v máji cykloakciu Aby sa deti rodili s láskou.

Gabriel’s Horn – má nekonečný povrch ale konečný objem

prečo UPS dodávky neodbočujú doľava

UPS engineers found that left-hand turns were a major drag on efficiency. Turning against traffic resulted in long waits in left-hand turn lanes that wasted time and fuel, and it also led to a disproportionate number of accidents. By mapping out routes that involved “a series of right-hand loops,” UPS improved profits and safety while touting their catchy, environmentally friendly policy.

Smithsonian – najlepšie fotky roka

So you think you’re smarter than a CIA agent?

For the past three years, Rich and 3,000 other average people have been quietly making probability estimates about everything from Venezuelan gas subsidies to North Korean politics as part of the Good Judgment Project, an experiment put together by three well-known psychologists and some people inside the intelligence community.

According to one report, the predictions made by the Good Judgment Project are often better even than intelligence analysts with access to classified information, and many of the people involved in the project have been astonished by its success at making accurate predictions.

The wisdom of crowds is a concept first discovered by the British statistician Francis Galton in 1906. Galton was at a fair where about 800 people had tried to guess the weight of a dead ox in a competition. After the prize was awarded, Galton collected all the guesses so he could figure out how far off the mark the average guess was. It turned out that most of the guesses were really bad — way too high or way too low. But when Galton averaged them together, he was shocked: The dead ox weighed 1,198 pounds. The crowd’s average: 1,197.

detailné kreslenie:

YouTube Preview Image

list of generic and genericized trademarks – heroin, videotape, escalator…

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dnes najprv hra/hlavolam – 2048 (vytvorte štvorček s číslom 2048)

zrýchlené video ako pavúk pletie pavučinu

the ‘cursed’ women living in shame (h/t Zuzine sa linku)

pekná myšlienka (reklama na duracel):

YouTube Preview Image

zaujímavá aplikácia, ktorá vám umožní rýchlejšie čítať

the world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use

aj na našej fakulte organizujeme Girl’s Day (akurát to pomenovanie sa mi zdá divné)

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Do we live in a computer simulation? UW researchers say idea can be tested

There’s a Name for That: The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

Wild Animals Practically Pose For Him – výborné fotky

vtipné odpovede rodičov na sms-ky svojich teenagerov

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary – h/t Zuzine za linku

He created a “uterus” from a football bladder by punching a couple of holes in it, and filling it with goat’s blood. A former classmate, a butcher, would ring his bicycle bell outside the house whenever he was going to kill a goat. Muruganantham would collect the blood and mix in an additive he got from another friend at a blood bank to prevent it clotting too quickly – but it didn’t stop the smell. He walked, cycled and ran with the football bladder under his traditional clothes, constantly pumping blood out to test his sanitary pad’s absorption rates. Everyone thought he’d gone mad.

While getting the message out to new areas of the country is still difficult, Muruganantham is sceptical about the effectiveness of TV advertising. “You always have a girl in white jeans, jumping over a wall,” he says. “They never talk about hygiene.”

Muruganantham also works with schools – 23% of girls drop out of education once they start menstruating.

toto by som si veľmi chcela ísť niekedy pozrieť; už ich majú dokonca aj v UK; pekné video o tom, ako vznikajú

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 PhD Comics: Wisdom from my 3 year old:

Wisdom I Wisdom II Wisdom III


design agency lets clients pay what they want

portréty matiek s ich jednodňovými bábätkami

amazon prime air

how to get good at chess, fast

úžasné fotky snehových vločiek

gender neutral parenting: 5 ways to avoid implicit sexism

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kojenie popri… hocičom inom (zase jedna fotka tohto druhu :) , odtiaľto)

Kojenie v kúpeľni

a ešte neviditeľné prilby (vďaka Didimu za linku)

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40 starých fotiek – na tejto je dieťa, ktoré “venčia” v klietke na paneláku, aby malo dosť slniečka a čerstvého vzduchu (okolo roku 1937)

Dieťa v klietke

Stephen Hawking zorganizoval party pre cestovateľov v čase. A dal o nej vedieť až potom, ako skončila:

YouTube Preview Image

Rodičia starajúci sa o deti na jednotke intenzívnej starostlivosti (Toronto) – kiežby sa to rozmohlo! (Len na porovnanie – jedna sestrička počas Kubkovo pobytu na Kramároch pred dvoma týždňami spomínala, že pre nedostatok miesta na oddelení (nie JIS) uvažujú, že by okrem kojacich matiek nepovoľovali pobyt rodičov. Teraz tam rodičia deti kŕmia, kúpu, uspávajú, hrajú sa s nimi, ukľudňujú ich… potom ich tam budú mať dvakrát viac a toto všetko bude robiť kto?)

Parents have long been encouraged to spend time with their babies in the NICU, but they were typically more observers than participants, often feeling helpless and lost as they sat by their child’s isolette watching every breath, trying to make sense of the monitors and startling at every bell or buzzer around them.

“With family integrated care, we have done something quite different,” explains Dr. Shoo Lee, pediatrician-in-chief and director of the Maternal-Infant Care Research Centre.

“What we’ve done is to say that for all babies in the NICU, the parents should be the primary caregivers, not the nurses. And the nurses are really teachers to the parents.”

The program was instituted following a 2011-2012 pilot project in which the parents of 40 newborns were asked to spend a minimum of eight hours a day in the NICU and tasked with the overall management of their child’s care.

That included bathing and changing diapers, monitoring the infant’s vital signs, and recording feedings and weight gain on their medical chart. Nurses were responsible for the medical side of care — looking after feeding tubes, adjusting ventilation apparatus and administering medications.

The babies’ progress was compared with those whose care was primarily provided by nurses, and Lee says “the results were phenomenal.”

“There was a 25 per cent improvement in weight gain of the babies who were looked after by the parents,” he says. “Breastfeeding rates doubled from 40-something per cent to over 80 per cent. Infection rates fell from 11 per cent in the nurse group to zero in the parent group. Treatment errors dropped by 25 per cent. Parental satisfaction went up, parental stress went down.

toto máme aj u nás:



Aj vďaka Kmotričkám sa z matiek stávajú sebavedomé ženy, ktoré sa dokážu postarať o seba a svoje dieťa.

making the political personal

When the judge asked me ‘What is the reason for this name change?’ I said ‘….Feminism?’ She smiled and said ‘So noted.’ When the judge asked Dave ‘What is the reason for this name change?’ he said ‘Because I love my wife.’

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kruhový objazd pre peších (vďaka Borke za tip)

Kruhový objazd

počty narodených detí v jednotlivé dni roka (vďaka Renči za linku)

ako si internet predstavujú väzni, ktorí s ním nikdy neprišli do kontaktu

Through books, presentations, and printouts, they gained a theoretical understanding of the web, but not a practical one. While they still haven’t been online, this basic understanding made it easier for them to articulate just how far off their first impressions were. Here’s what they told me:

I envisioned the web to be like this infinite space filled with information about everything under the sun. I was confused about how you got from one piece of info to the next and I was clueless in terms of the lingo used to describe it all… The technical aspects of it make me go, Hmmmm? I realize everything is getting faster and moving toward mobile, so I often wonder about who’s doing all this stuff and where is it all taking place?

—Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal, 44; entered prison in 1994

unlikely… but not impossible

Turecký premiér chce, aby mali ženy “aspoň tri deti, najlepšie päť” Hádajte akým spôsobom to chce dosiahnuť?

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je to smutné, keď to najlepšie, čo som tento týždeň čítala o Sýrii, bolo na The Onion (pre tých, ktorí cibuľu nepoznajú: ľudia, to je satira)

magická brada:

YouTube Preview Image

not a beautiful woman – úryvky z rôznych kníh… keď sú takto jeden vedľa druhého, je to hrozné

there’s more to life than being happy

how many people are in space right now – Keď som bola malá, tak som si myslela, že keď budem dospelá, tak toto číslo bude veľmi veľké. Stovky, tisícky. A ono je to 6.

your ancestors didn’t sleep like you – veľmi zaujímavé

Red Bull fotky

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