Víkendové surfovanie

kruhový objazd pre peších (vďaka Borke za tip)

Kruhový objazd

počty narodených detí v jednotlivé dni roka (vďaka Renči za linku)

ako si internet predstavujú väzni, ktorí s ním nikdy neprišli do kontaktu

Through books, presentations, and printouts, they gained a theoretical understanding of the web, but not a practical one. While they still haven’t been online, this basic understanding made it easier for them to articulate just how far off their first impressions were. Here’s what they told me:

I envisioned the web to be like this infinite space filled with information about everything under the sun. I was confused about how you got from one piece of info to the next and I was clueless in terms of the lingo used to describe it all… The technical aspects of it make me go, Hmmmm? I realize everything is getting faster and moving toward mobile, so I often wonder about who’s doing all this stuff and where is it all taking place?

—Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal, 44; entered prison in 1994

unlikely… but not impossible

Turecký premiér chce, aby mali ženy “aspoň tri deti, najlepšie päť” Hádajte akým spôsobom to chce dosiahnuť?

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