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The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary – h/t Zuzine za linku

He created a “uterus” from a football bladder by punching a couple of holes in it, and filling it with goat’s blood. A former classmate, a butcher, would ring his bicycle bell outside the house whenever he was going to kill a goat. Muruganantham would collect the blood and mix in an additive he got from another friend at a blood bank to prevent it clotting too quickly – but it didn’t stop the smell. He walked, cycled and ran with the football bladder under his traditional clothes, constantly pumping blood out to test his sanitary pad’s absorption rates. Everyone thought he’d gone mad.

While getting the message out to new areas of the country is still difficult, Muruganantham is sceptical about the effectiveness of TV advertising. “You always have a girl in white jeans, jumping over a wall,” he says. “They never talk about hygiene.”

Muruganantham also works with schools – 23% of girls drop out of education once they start menstruating.

toto by som si veľmi chcela ísť niekedy pozrieť; už ich majú dokonca aj v UK; pekné video o tom, ako vznikajú

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