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A Sydney mother’s stand against homework

Free play is usually the first activity to be pushed down the priority list. It’s infuriatingly unstructured. It can’t be scheduled within neat half-hour blocks.  It relies on the alchemy of a couple of kids, space and make-believe. It doesn’t seem to achieve anything.

But it does, and I will fight to protect that precious time.

It’s also important that my kids help set the table for dinner and entertain their baby brother. I think this falls under the key learning area of “life skills”.

And the most valuable literacy ‘homework’ of all? Reading a book for sheer pleasure – preferably flopped on the lounge. Now that’s a lifetime habit to encourage.

What’s surprising is how little I have to press my case with the teachers during my annual homework meeting. They nod in sympathy at my nervously delivered spiel. They know how much kids need to rest and reboot. But they all say the same line: “The other parents would complain if we didn’t give homework.”

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