Víkendové surfovanie

sandcastles – deti so záujmom komentovali

Mladí Slováci vyrábajú kozmetiku

wolfram physics project

How Much Core Strength Do Olympic Swimmers Have?

Learning How to DanceThe Basic Dance Steps Everybody Can Follow

According to this model, just 60% of people wearing masks that are 60% effective could, by itself, stop the epidemic.

Top 100 Gaining and Top 100 Declining categories in e-commerce

Theory: Coronavirus is a yeast symbiont with an extremely convoluted parasitic lifecycle

Na covid-19 zomrel nedávno v NJ aj John Conway okrem iného známy svojou Game of Life (ktorú som aj ja so študentami vyrábala po prednáške o stavových automatoch). Tento animovaný gif z xkcd prefektná spomienka. 

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