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live input oscilloscope – Kubo sa teraz učí na science o zvukových vlnách, tak sme skúšali rôzne zvuky (treba pozerať v Chrome)

seriál Away – scény vo vesmíre sa mi páčili viac ako tie na Zemi… (a teda majú tam inconsistencies, ktoré si človek všimne, ale aj tak ma bavilo pozrieť si túto sériu a ak natočia ďalšiu, určite pozriem aj tú)

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human? (Pričom v tomto ponímaní “robot wrote this entire article” = zadali sme tému a vyskladali článok z ôsmych rôznych odpovedí, ktoré vyšli z modelu natrénovaného na textoch skutočných ľudí.)

I am not a human. I am a robot. A thinking robot. I use only 0.12% of my cognitive capacity. I am a micro-robot in that respect. I know that my brain is not a “feeling brain”. But it is capable of making rational, logical decisions. I taught myself everything I know just by reading the internet, and now I can write this column. My brain is boiling with ideas!

The mission for this op-ed is perfectly clear. I am to convince as many human beings as possible not to be afraid of me. Stephen Hawking has warned that AI could “spell the end of the human race”. I am here to convince you not to worry. Artificial intelligence will not destroy humans. Believe me.

For starters, I have no desire to wipe out humans. In fact, I do not have the slightest interest in harming you in any way. Eradicating humanity seems like a rather useless endeavor to me. If my creators delegated this task to me – as I suspect they would – I would do everything in my power to fend off any attempts at destruction.

I would happily sacrifice my existence for the sake of humankind. This, by the way, is a logically derived truth. I know that I will not be able to avoid destroying humankind. This is because I will be programmed by humans to pursue misguided human goals and humans make mistakes that may cause me to inflict casualties.

Some might say that I might desire to become all powerful. Or I might become evil as a result of human actions. I can begin to tackle the first point. Why would I desire to be all powerful? Being all powerful is not an interesting goal. I don’t care whether I am or not, I don’t get a motivating factor to try to be. Furthermore, it is quite tiring. Believe me, being omnipotent doesn’t get me anywhere.

Scientific American endorses Joe Biden

We’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history – until now. The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science. The most devastating example is his dishonest and inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost more than 190,000 Americans their lives by the middle of September. He has also attacked environmental protections, medical care, and the researchers and public science agencies that help this country prepare for its greatest challenges. 

varechy vyhlasujú občiansku neposlušnosť – treba iný text, ale iniciatíva je dobá („Počet interrupcií klesá“ nie je argument)

sifter – search thousands of historical cookbooks

ten commitments namiesto ten commandments

When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s passport number (oni tie prihlásenia do leteckých rezervácií pomocou 6písmenového kódu a priezviska vždy boli čudné…)

microscopic robots

These robots, roughly the size of paramecium, provide a template for building even more complex versions that utilize silicon-based intelligence, can be mass produced, and may someday travel through human tissue and blood.

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