Že aké dobré vafle robím?

“Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up!” My sister Matilda was yelling into my ear. “Job complete Mom!” She yelled so loud, that I bet that she woke up even our neighbors. “Yes, I’m up, radio speaker” I mumbled, still half asleep. “You look like a bear that had just woken up from hibernation.” She said and went downstairs like a snail in slow-motion. I put on some clothes and unlike Matilda, I run downstairs like a race car on top speed, because I’m starving and Mom’s making waffles. You’re maybe thinking How do you know your Mom’s making waffles? Well, I have that thing called ‘Nose’ on my face in between my two eyes.

A while later- okay look, when I say while I mean a really short while. So, a short while later I was downstairs eating the waffles with maple syrup soaked into the waffles like water in a sponge, with strawberries sweet like sugar and with hot, fresh melted chocolate. The taste of the waffles is so delicious that I bet you NEVER EVER tasted ANYTHING so good as my Mom’s waffles. (Not that I tasted anyone else’s waffles but I just bet.)

Úryvok z Kubovej 4-stranovej realistic fiction story, ktorú písali nedávno v škole. 

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