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the good, the bad and the ugly – na klasickej gitare

Your Own Harriet – The tremendous power of life choice representation

I like kids. The primary reason I don’t have them is because our society is incredibly hostile to mothers and working mothers in particular — a fact that many blind themselves to out of necessity until they find themselves in that position. The other reason is that I am also very happy without kids. I understand this is not true for all people without kids, but it is true for me. I don’t grieve a lost chance at motherhood. I grieve that our society still pretends that it loves mothers, or even loves children, when all indicators suggest that it merely fetishizes “parenting.”

Codex – začiatok je pomalý, ale keď sa to rozbehne, tak wow. Keď som sa snažila dopátrať, ako správny je kód, ktorý Codex napíše, tak zatiaľ vraj okolo 37%. Je priestor na zlepšovanie, ale aj tak, wow:

divergent association task – People who are more creative tend to think of ideas with greater “distances” between them.

Two Olympians Decided To Share A Gold Medal

According to the rules, they could either settle it with a jump-off or share the gold. NBC video from the competition shows an official trying to explain just that when Barshim cuts in.

“Can we have two golds?” Barshim asks the official.

Before the official can even finish explaining, Barshim reaches out to Tamberi to shake hands, and the two — and the crowd — go wild.

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gradually, then suddenly

dobré ženy sa do čítaniek nedostanú, problémové áno

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