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fotky z Burning man… je to dosť ťažko popísateľná týždenná akcia v Nevadskej púšti

novel writing month – tento rok to nepôjde, možno ten budúci

phdcomics – statistics

a data scientist is …

Data science is statistics on a Mac.
A data scientist is someone who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician.

vďaka Renči za linku na video:

Priložili sme ruky k dielu

A spravili sme si rodinný “portrét”. Visí u detí v izbe.


Akryl na plátne :)



kyvadlá (od Milana):

Why the U.S. chills its eggs and most of the world doesn’t – ja som sa s tým prvýkrát stretla na jednej farme práve v USA (v Colorade). Vojdem do špajze a tam tri kýble vajec. Po pár opatrných otázkach som sa dozvedela, že kým sa nezačnú chladiť, tak sú (relatívne dlho) ok aj bez chladničky…

The Corrs unplugged:

perfektné obrazytento mi už visí doma a dva v teplých farbách som si objednala do obývačky. Odporúčam.

teach for Slovakia

instead of TV you should watch…

Film Microbirth

Svetová premiéra bude 20. septembra, na Slovensku sa bude premietať v októbri.

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the day of the condom

The Effects of Menstruation on Attitudes Towards Women

Participants interacted with a female confederate who ostensibly accidentally dropped either a tampon or hair clip out of her handbag. Dropping the tampon led to lower evaluations of the confederate’s competence, decreased liking for her, and a marginal tendency to avoid sitting close to her.

Relational Self Portrait

The universe has not been built to scale—
everything is bigger or smaller than
it seems: the sea, the hole, a ship, a sail,

your line, the hook, your heart—that’s where the nail
of desire drives deep. Sorrow can span
a universe that is not built to scale

demon core

On May 21, 1946, physicist Louis Slotin and seven other Los Alamos personnel were in a Los Alamos laboratory conducting an experiment to verify the exact point at which a subcritical mass (core) of fissile material could be made critical by the positioning of neutron reflectors. The test was known as “tickling the dragon’s tail” for its extreme risk. It required the operator to place two half-spheres of beryllium (a neutron reflector) around the core to be tested and manually lower the top reflector over the core via a thumb hole on the top. As the reflectors were manually moved closer and farther away from each other, scintillation counters measured the relative activity from the core. Allowing them to close completely could result in the instantaneous formation of a critical mass and a lethal power excursion. Under Slotin’s unapproved protocol, the only thing preventing this was the blade of a standard flathead screwdriver, manipulated by the scientist’s other hand.

Kde sú tie hubíky?

Ja sa stále sťažujem, že toto leto nebolo nič moc. Akosi sa mi zdá, že som nemala dosť slniečka a že stále pršalo. Objektívne to asi nie je celkom tak, nejaké leto bolo, ale pravda je, že teplo s takouto kopou dažďa znamená, že hubom sa darí. A tak po počúvaní z rôznych strán naookolo, kto kde už bol na huby, sme sa odhodlali aj my a vybrali sme sa včera hľadať do lesa. Bolo tam kopu takýchto krásnych:


Ale tie sme nezbierali :) Našli sme kopu suchohríbov, zo dva dubáky… akurát sme nemali košík, iba plátenú a deravú tašku:

Kika s taškou

Kika to viac obkecávala (Kde sú tie hubíky?) a nosila, čo jej do taštičky prispeli iní, Kubko viac hľadal a svoje úlovky si pyšne nosil sám v taške na pleci.


Potom prišiel čas obeda a opekačka:

pri ohníku


Spoločné foto:


A doma hubová polievka:

bude polievka

hubová polievka

Mali sme aj praženicu a zatiaľ všetci zdraví, takže sa nepotvrdili Mišove obavy, že čo všetko si to strkáme do tých tašiek…


Yes, men are better writers – toto by som sem najradšej skopírovala celé… takže, ak si otvoríte len jednu z týchto liniek, nech je to táto

Recently, I received an email from a literary publication asking me to comment on why ‘women are underrepresented in major publications’. Since I’m a single mother, working six days a week, and I wasn’t going to be paid, I didn’t respond. But I thought I’d reply here, soOverland will give me cash.

It’s simple, really. Men are published more than women because men are better writers than women.

Do I need to say that there are great female writers? Maybe I do, because you don’t know me, and I might just be a misogynist arsehole. And do I need to say that there are boatloads of very bad male writers? No, you can just go to your local bookshop and peruse the new releases to prove that to yourself.

‘Good writing’ does not emanate from the penis but it does emanate from material conditions. Writing takes time – great swathes of clean, empty time, unsullied by children or housework or deep worry about money or skincare routines. To be a writer is to be selfish enough to grab time and spend it churning words around, even though you are not getting paid very much, hardly anybody cares about what you’re doing, and even fewer people think that it’s any good.

How to trick the guilty and gullible into revealing themselves

very short stories

We’ll be brief: Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) and is said to have called it his best work. So we asked sci-fi, fantasy, and horror writers from the realms of books, TV, movies, and games to take a shot themselves… Sure, Arthur C. Clarke refused to trim his (“God said, ‘Cancel Program GENESIS.’ The universe ceased to exist.”), but the rest are concise masterpieces.

Longed for him. Got him. Shit.
– Margaret Atwood

The baby’s blood type? Human, mostly.
– Orson Scott Card

Bang postponed. Not Big enough. Reboot.
– David Brin

Naša prvá balkónová úroda


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when patients read what their doctors write

Since I started sharing notes with my patients, they have made dozens of valuable corrections and changes, such as adding medication allergies and telling me when a previous medical problem has been resolved. We come up with treatment plans together. And when patients leave, they receive a copy of my detailed instructions. The medical record becomes a collaborative tool for patients, not just a record of what we doctors do to patients.

toto nie je diskriminácia, to len nefunguje

Isaac Asimov: Silly Asses

scientists and the social network

Woman legally forced to give birth by caesarian after being denied abortion

I liked everything I saw on Facebook for two days. Here’s what it did to me

Fieldsova medaila po prvýkrát pre ženu

Dostala ju Maryam Mirzakhani z Iránu.

The Fields Medal is given every four years, and several can be awarded at once. The other recipients this year are Artur Avila of the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics in Brazil and the National Center for Scientific Research in France; Manjul Bhargava of Princeton University; and Martin Hairer of the University of Warwick in England.
The 52 medalists from previous years were all men.

While women have reached parity in many academic fields, mathematics is still dominated by men, who earn about 70 percent of the doctoral degrees. The disparity is even more striking at the highest echelons. Since 2003, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Abel Prize, recognizing outstanding mathematicians with a monetary award of about $1 million; all 14 recipients so far are men. No woman has won the Wolf Prize in Mathematics, another prestigious award.


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