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ako bude vyzerať križovatka v dobe áut bez šoférov (video)

“There would be an intersection manager,” Stone says, “an autonomous agent directing traffic at a much finer-grain scale than just a red light for one direction and a green light for another direction.”

Because of this, we won’t need traffic lights at all (or stop signs, for that matter). Traffic will constantly flow, and at a rate that would probably unnerve the average human driver.

chaty a prístrešky a tá adresa 🙂 (fotky)

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povinné čítanie na tento týždeň – o mamách a o deťoch

… what Hrdy finds is that a supportive network of caregivers is an evolutionarily stable strategy, ensuring children have many attachment figures. Patriarchal society isolated mothers by creating an environment that immured them from the social support that has long been the hallmark of our species. The image of the mother as “an all-giving, totally dedicated creature who turns herself over to her children”, says Hrdy, is not one that “takes into account the woman’s perspective”.

aké ľahké je ukradnúť (vlastný) bicykel v New Yorku

Meryl Streepová uvádza Hillary Clintonovú (video)

xkcd: Pickup Artist

Pick-up artist


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