Víkendové surfovanie

žena fotografuje, ako sa na ňu iní dívajú na verejnosti

tých robotov, ktorí sami zametajú dlážku, môžete použiť aj na umenie 🙂 (prvý komentár je super)

Robot kreslí

architekt vs záhradník (George R. R. Martin je záhradník)

demokratická diskusia vo vede je potrebná

there is no such thing as pro-life feminist

As far as I am concerned, feminism boils down to one fundamental principle and that is women’s ability to be independent. There are two fundamental preconditions to such independence: ability to support oneself financially and the right to control one’s fertility. To achieve the first, women need the education and training to be able to undertake work that pays well. To guarantee the second, women need safe and effective contraception and the back-up of safe and affordable abortion.

the kid should see this (toto ide do bookmarks!)

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