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pierko a bowlingová guľa vo vákuu:

what is the evolutionary benefit of having periods?

What this means is that the growing fetus now has direct, unrestricted access to its mother’s blood supply. It can manufacture hormones and use them to manipulate her. It can, for instance, increase her blood sugar, dilate her arteries, and inflate her blood pressure to provide itself with more nutrients. And it does. Some fetal cells find their way through the placenta and into the mother’s bloodstream. They will grow in her blood and organs, and even in her brain, for the rest of her life, making her a genetic chimera. This might seem rather disrespectful. In fact, it’s sibling rivalry at its evolutionary best.

somewhat related: Seriously, evolution, WTF?

“You know that elephant seal I made? The one with the awesome floppy nose?”
“Yes, evolution, that was a pretty good nose.”
“And you know how it kept getting parasites up inside it?”
“I heard that was an issue.”
“I fixed it.”
“You fixed it? What did you do, give the elephant seal more protective mucus? A better immune system? Stronger nose hairs?”
“Nope! That all seemed too hard. I just made a nose-picking bird.”
“A nose-picking bird.”
“Works great!”

Po návrate z Bornea, sme si museli po rokoch znovu pozrieť Magickú hlbočinu a viedlo to ku googleniu o športe, ktorý sa volá freediving – potápanie bez plynových bômb. Hĺbkový rekord je dnes niečo cez 200m, ale to je so “sánkami”, ktoré potápača stiahnu dolu a “balónikom”, ktorý ho vytiahne hore. Ale potom sú aj takíto:

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