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Yuval Noah Harari: Lessons from a year of Covid

Even if all our data is accurate and reliable, we should always ask: “What do we count? Who decides what to count? How do we evaluate the numbers against each other?” This is a political rather than scientific task. It is politicians who should balance the medical, economic and social considerations and come up with a comprehensive policy.

Three basic rules can go a long way in protecting us from digital dictatorships, even in a time of plague. First, whenever you collect data on people — especially on what is happening inside their own bodies — this data should be used to help these people rather than to manipulate, control or harm them.

Tínedžeri o roku v izolácii

Radšej na každodennú otázku, ako sa mám, odpoviem “dobre“ namiesto toho, aby som im povedala, že mám úzkosť z rozprávania na hodinách, že len prázdne scrollujem Instagramom alebo Tiktokom a zabíjam tým čas. Že niekedy už nemám chuť ani písať si s kamarátmi. Že nám všetkým utekajú najlepšie roky života. Nerobím to len preto, lebo sa niekedy nechcem rozprávať. Nechcem ich s tým zaťažovať, pretože mi aj tak nijako pomôcť nedokážu.

Getting Sick for the Sake of Advancing Medical Research

Bernot was participating in a human challenge trial: a kind of study in which researchers infect participants with a pathogen, often for the purpose of testing a new vaccine or treatment. Over the years, challenge trial volunteers have been bitten by malaria-infected mosquitoes, drunk water contaminated with typhoid-causing bacteria, and inhaled various strains of influenza. They have been given whooping cough, cholera, parasitic worms, and even gonorrhea.

How Pfizer Makes Its Covid-19 Vaccine



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The Ponzi Career

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On The Experience of Being Poor-ish, For People Who Aren’t

When someone is telling me they are or have been poor and I’m trying to determine how poor exactly they were, there’s one evergreen question I ask that has never failed to give me a good idea of what kind of situation I’m dealing with. That question is: “How many times have they turned off your water?”.

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