Víkendové surfovanie

laboring under illusion – telka vs skutočný pôrod:

a ešte dve o astronautoch:

tu (zvýraznenie je moje – wtf? Keby bola podmienka, že musia mať deti, lebo rádioaktivita vo vesmíre výrazne zníži ich plodnosť, aj to by bol podľa mňa trochu problém, ale toto??):

The two female astronauts, whose identity will be released before the launch, were selected from 15 women who must be married and have given birth naturally, Space International magazine under the China Academy of Space Technology said yesterday. They also must have no scars nor body odor… Xu Xianrong, a professor with the General Hospital of the PLA Air Force, said the female astronauts must be married and have given birth naturally because that ensures their body and mental condition are mature enough.

a tu:

In the past few years, about half of the astronauts aboard the international space station have developed an increasing pressure inside their heads, an intracranial pressure that reshapes their optic nerve, causing a significant shift in the eyesight of male astronauts. Doctors call it papilledema. Female space travelers have not been affected.

a jedna o vesmíre:

OK, I know. At first glance it doesn’t look like much, does it? Just a field of stars. However, here’s the important bit: I had to take the somewhat larger original image and reduce it in size to fit my 610-pixel-wide blog. So how much bigger is the original?

It’s 17,000 x 11,000 pixels! If you happen to be sitting on a T1 line, then you can grab this massive 250 Mb file. And I surely suggest you do…

There are over 200,000 galaxies filling this image!

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