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please hush, little baby

I’d had enough of this bedtime gone awry. I was done with singing. Done with cuddling. Done pointing out the same red boots on the same picture of the same board book for the thousandth time. And I was done with my reckless, chattering child. My fraught web of emotions reminded me of something Adrienne Rich described almost 30 years ago in “Of Woman Born”: a “suffering of ambivalence” between my consuming love and near murderous rage toward my child. My heart was tender with love for him. My mind was seething with fury. My body was tense and trembling, wedged as it was between these contradictory feelings.

The FBI’s top negotiator shares his best tricks for getting what you want

Humans need to be a multiplanet species

As Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (the father of modern rocketry) said, “The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in the cradle forever.”

Keď Zuzina píše o soľných pláňach alebo Macedónsku, to som schopná si len tak so záujmom prečítať… ale pri Iguazú a Torres del Paine zeleniem závisťou… nabudúce sa jej asi nabalím do batohu, keď niekam pôjde…

Leo Szilard – patentoval si jadrový reaktor, bol proti jadrovým zbraniam a vymyslel rádioterapiu na liečenie rakoviny…

Szilard’s colleague’s, many of them Nobel Prize winners or deserving of the award, thought him a brilliant and more importantly, incredibly original and independent thinker. Eugene Wigner (Nobel Prize-1963) wrote that if all that was necessary were ideas, Szilard could have done the Manhattan Project all by himself.

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