CJ Heck: Now I’m Three and I Know …

I know never touch fire, that’s hot,
but I can touch ice, ’cause it’s not,
and puppies are soft and kitties are too,
(so’s most of the stuff moms and dads give to you).

I know never tell people they’re fat.
(It will hurt them, if I do that)
and rocks aren’t for throwing at others
but it’s OK to throw pillows at brothers.

I know daddy says swears I can’t say,
and I have to wear clothes out to play,
… ’cause one time I went outside naked and Mrs. Johnson saw me and she called Mommy and Mommy came outside and got mad (sniffle) and she yelled at me (sniff) and I had to sit in a chair for a time out and …

I know cookies smell better than cheese,
and to get one, I have to say please.
I know how to go pee in the potty,
but not in my pants, ’cause that’s naughty.

I know flowers don’t needs any feet,
no dessert if I don’t eat my meat
and I got to blow boogers in tissue,
and don’t wipe off where ladies kiss you.

When I wake mommy up, never holler,
pennies are not more than a dollar,
and scissors are never for cutting my hair,
(the barber does that, but I hate going there).

I laugh ’cause it’s better than cry,
and you can’t squeeze a worm, it will die.
I know Daddy will laugh when I burp,
and Mommy’s kiss helps where I hurt.

I know SO many things, now I’m three
and it helps me be a good ME.
I know lots more than I did when I’m two,
all the stuff that I can and I can’t do.

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