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deťom sa páčilo: Former Teacher Creates Terrifying Makeup Illusions

The New England Journal of Medicine: The new stability

The morning you die, I don’t want to be there — like most mornings now, when I rise against my whole will and crawl dejectedly into scrubs. I don’t want to be a plague doctor or a hero on TV. Now on the news, White men hold guns and signs that say “live free or die” to protest the lockdown. I imagine what they will look like dying on vents in ICUs staffed by doctors lacking sleep and proper training, soaked in moral fatigue. I imagine what their wives will sound like on the phone as they cry and say “Do everything.” I wonder if these wives will thank me or tell me to be safe.

Women researchers are publishing less since the pandemic hit

the rage of research

I’ll read a sentence like ‘Entropy expresses the number Ω of different configurations that a system defined by macroscopic variables could assume’.

And then, the rage will set in. 

Stage 2: pure, adulterated rage

Something about explanations like the above – a sentence so obviously incomprehensible given no other context – sets me off on a complete emotional tangent. But why????? my brain will scream. Everything will get blocked out. I can’t click another thing or read anything else until I understand what this is actually saying. What does a state mean, how do you know here are a finite number of them, what actually is a macroscopic variable, how does all of this fit in to literally anything else. 

timeline of science-fiction ideas


Ever wondered which of the 100,000,000 chocolate chip cookie recipes online–half of them claiming to be the best–is TRULY the best? Me too… In each bake off, I test anywhere from 8-16 recipes against each other (yes, usually I make all or most of the recipes myself on the same day!) and invite as many people as possible over to be my taste testers to judge and rank each recipe. Then I analyze the data to determine the crowd favorite.

v duchu mojich aktuálnych myšlienkových pochodovyour school district’s reopening survey

This model will combine the key elements of in-person instruction (see above) with remote learning, which we hopefully perfected this spring. Your child will be divided into a cohort (A, B, AB, BC, CC, XVY, MCXLVII, and Depeche Mode) based on careful consideration of his or her learning style, social-emotional needs, friendships, and an algorithm our intern designed this summer. You will need a reliable Internet connection, a work schedule that follows no concrete pattern, a forgiving supervisor, independent wealth, or a Xanax prescription. Please contact our school nurse for the latter.

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