Vojna na Ukrajine, deň 10, od Bielorusky

Jeden z Kubových kamarátov je z Bieloruska. Narodil sa tam, s rodičmi sa sem prisťahoval. Od jeho mamy:

Our family and all our friends are in Belarus. Unfortunately, since 2020 our country has been an occupied territory. People live like in a concentration camp. They are afraid of everything, they go to jail for protests, for comments on the internet, for example, yesterday a teacher was arrested for wearing blue-and-yellow elastic bands in her hair. But it is especially painful for most Belarusians that Putin and Lukashenko use our land to invade Ukraine. People are against this war. We stand with Ukraine, try to help as best as we can. This war is a big tragedy. 

We have possibilities to communicate with our family, at least for now. But we don’t know when we will be able to see them.

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