Víkendové surfovanie

winning the peace

So you want the Chinese to oversee the peace process, to oversee the armistice, because that’s the only way you can get Putin to keep his word.

Your body is never not killing cancer:

fun space elevator

how big is Mexico?

the age of average

So, this is your call to arms. Whether you’re in film or fashion, media or marketing, architecture, automotive or advertising, it doesn’t matter. Our visual culture is flatlining and the only cure is creativity.

podcast škrty: neviditelný penis trhu

Terra Nil – jedna z Netflix hier, ktoré majú predplatitelia bez ďalšieho poplatku – sa mi páčila (iritovalo ma len, ako často padala)

celé Tarkovského filmy voľne dostupné na YouTube

foreign mothers, foreign tongues

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