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o laserových ukazovátkach namierených na mesiac  – autor výborného xkcd komixu začal písať “čo keby?” články; sú dobré

Herbert and Dorothy Vogel – zaujímaví zberatelia umenia (ako sa im to do toho bytu zmestilo?)

On the surface, Herbert Vogel and his wife Dorothy lived an ordinary life in New York. Mr Vogel, who died on Sunday aged 89, used to work nights sorting mail at the city’s post offices, and his wife was a reference librarian in Brooklyn. But over the years, the couple built up one of the world’s most unlikely – and most significant – collections of modern art, and bequeathed much of it to the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

ako sa robia bábätká

jeden z dôvodov, načo máme feminizmus 

A new study on violence against women conducted over four decades and in 70 countries reveals the mobilization of feminist movements is more important for change than the wealth of nations, left-wing political parties, or the number of women politicians.

google books – čo všeličo sa dá pozrieť, keď máte k dispozícii naskenovaných 12% všetkých publikovaných kníh


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