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97% vaginálnych pôrodov v Žilinskej pôrodnici je s nástrihom (najviac na Slovensku) – údaj za rok 2011 (2012 ešte nie je dostupný), z tohto článku, ku ktorému majú lekári prístup cez Slovenskú lekársku kniznicu… mne je z toho zle… údaje o všetkých slovenských pôrodniciach si môžete pozrieť v tejto elektronickej knižke

projekt môjho bratranca Milý Ježíšku… – ak môžte, pomôžte, ak nemôžte, aspoň prosím, šírte ďalej

z úúúplne iného súdka – čo píšem inde

did any famous women die this year? Margaret Thatcher bolo meno, ktoré napadlo mňa

140 ročná mama so synom

perfektné Lego obrazy (zdá sa, že niekedy naozaj nepotrebujeme veľa pixelov)

Rubikova kocka vo veľkom (video)

the solution to patriarchy? Be strong and shine

why aren’t we rude to grown-ups the way we are rude to kids?

I’ve done these types of things myself all too often. I’m impatient. I’m exasperated. I’m tired. I predict the worst behavior and then react to it before it happens. I’m not saying that the tutor or the teacher or the swimming instructor or the mom are bad people. Hell, there’s a better-than-even chance that they’re kinder, more patient people than I am. Some other guy is probably wrapping up another blog post right now based on something awful he heard me say to my kids. For one reason or another, it just really struck me today, for the first time, that even the most well-behaved kids get talked to this way every single day. Our collective inability to treat kids with basic respect provides one consistent message: you’re irritating and in the way.

Parfém Helvetica

Helvetica has gone on to become arguably the most ubiquitous and widely used typeface in history.

It is in this spirit that we have created the ultimate Modernist perfume – a scent distilled down to only the purest and most essential elements to allow you, the content, to convey your message with the utmost clarity.

Air. Water. You.


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