Harari o učení

Čítam Harariho 21 Lessons for the 21st Century a je to veľmi, veľmi zaujímavé, strašidelné a myšlienko-štartujúce, takže nejaké pospletané dojmy k tomu určite časom napíšem. Ale dnes som tam natrafila na toto v kapitole 19: Education: Change is the only constant:

… the last thing a teacher needs to give her pupils is more information. They already have far too much of it. Instead, people need the ability to make sense of information, to tell the difference between what is important and what is unimportant, and above all to combine many bits of information into a broad picture of the world.

[liberal education] assumed that as long as we give students lots of data and a modicum of freedom, the students will create their own picture of the world, and even if this generation fails to synthesise all the data into a coherent and meaningful story of the world, there will be plenty of time to construct a good synthesis in the future. We have now run out of time.

If this generation lacks a comprehensive view of the cosmos, the future of life will be decided at random…

So what should we be teaching? Many pedagogical experts argue that schools should switch to teaching ‘the four Cs’ – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Most important of all will be the ability to deal with change, to learn new things, and to preserve your mental balance in unfamiliar situations… Unfortunately, teaching kids to embrace the unknown and to keep their mental balance is far more difficult than teaching them an equation in physics or the causes of the First World War.

Due to the growing pace of change you can never be certain whether what the adults are telling you is timeless wisdom or outdated bias.

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